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posted by WaterLestrange
Is this ridiculous ou what? And will toi help?

( This is mostly for people who go on and have heard of the site called Fanfiction.net. My friend asked me to do this )

*This is not spam nor a joke

IMPORTANT: Fan-fiction is deleting
stories than contain yaoi, yuri, lemons, violence, stories based on songs, and any story on the site. My friend is organizing a Black Out Day. On June 23rd(according to GTM timing, so that we know we're doing it together), do NOT go onto fan-fiction. Don't read, don't review don't message your friends, don't update. If
enough people participate, then the site will notice, and will realize we take our stories seriously. Update. If enough people participate then the site will notice, and will realize we take our stories seriously. Please spread the word any way toi can, The devise is "Unleash Your Imagination."
How can we if we're being donné a LONG liste of what we cannot write.

(Again my friend asked me to do this. The question is do toi think what they are doing is wrong? and if toi go on this site will toi rejoindre the Black Out?)

Copy and paste this anywhere toi can.

To rejoindre the petition go to: www.change.org/petitions/fanfiction-net-stop-the-destr...net
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OK, so I saw that recently, a lot of people have been posting these "You know you're a potterhead when..." stuff. So I thought I'd put together some of the ones I'd seen people say ou post. I believe I have 50 ou so. Here they are:

You Know You're A Potterhead When...

...you get married and toi want to say "Always" instead of "I do"
...you wish toi could get married to another Harry Potter fan so that toi could beak Unbreakable Vows instead of regular wedding vows.
...you cry because toi don't get your Hogwarts acceptance letter
...you can't say "Honestly, don't toi read?" without sounding exactly...
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1. Dumbledore dancing with Snape:

2. Bellatrix s’embrasser Harry:

3. Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang laughing in the lake:

4.Harry with another Harry:

5. Harry and Draco giggling on broomsticks:

6. Harry as a young chap in costume with sunglasses giving the thumbs up:

7. Tiny Ron and Harry play fighting on set:

8.Whatever is going on with everyone suspended in the air:

9.heroes and villians smiling together:

10. Voldemort sticking his tongue out!!

11. Harry shrugging:

12. McGonagall chillin’ while lire a fake Daily Prophet.

13. Snape...
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Muggles are catching on to quidditch across college campuses. Greg Gumbel gives a play-by-play of a real-life match between Middlebury and Princeton.
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The étoile, star of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix gets candid with ReelzChannel.
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