A one-shot Harry Potter fan fiction..

What was Ron thinking when he received his prefect badge? What if Molly never showed up when Hermione was 'trying' to congratulate him?

It is from Ron's POV. Set is before 5th an when he received his prefect badge. Some actions will be similar to what JKR wrote but some will be different.What would've been Ron's reaction if Molly never showed up? End will be different from what JKR wrote.

Is It Worth Crying?

Prefect Badge?

In his letter?

He's shocked beyond point when he came to know that Harry hadn't been made prefect; but what he was feeling now can't be explained.

He was a prefect?


Better. Why?

He's mediocre student... but so does Harry!

But Harry got O in defense. They do consider grades while choosing prefects, don't they?

Above all, Harry is the-boy-who-lived!

A loud gasp noise brought him, Ron Weasley, out of the train of thoughts.

He jerked his head to the source of gasp, to George, who snatched the letter from his hand.

George was now watching at the badge as if checking it's real ou not?

He glanced at badge, then at Ron and finally at his twin who seemed to be copying what George was doing.

Ron turned his head to Harry. He could've sworn that he saw jealousy evident on his face before he broke into smile; a forced smile.

"This can't be possible." Fred was the first to break the silence.

"Yeah, we all assumed that it would be you, Harry." replied his twin.

'Me too', Ron thought to himself.

"We thought Dumbledore is bound to choose you", Fred continued talking still staring at Harry.

"Ickle Ronnie being prefect-"

"-it's kind of-"

"-UNEXPECTED", both finished together.

Ron rarely paid attention to what twins thought about him, but he would be lying if he a dit it didn't hurt.

Harry took the badge from his hand, perhaps to make sure it's genuine.

Suddenly the door flew open and Hermione entered with an envelope in her hand.

Ron was too occupied in himself, it hadn't occurred to him that there was a girl-prefect too... Hermione.

"Did you- did toi get-"

She looked at Harry's hand and shrieked.

"I knew it! Me too Harry, Me too!"

That's it! She's thinking that Harry's prefect. Well, no surprise there. She always think that he's unable to achieve anything.

But; it hurt him to no end.

"No, It's Ron, not me"


"Ron's prefect"

Her jaw dropped.

BINGO. He expected the same reaction.

"But- are toi sure-"

Harry thrust badge back into Ron's hand.


"Ron! Err... Wow!... Well done Ron... It's really-"

"Unexpected? Yeah!", interrupted George.

"No, I mean he'd done a loads... he's-"

It's enough for Ron. He was sure that the hurt expression was clear on his face. She couldn't say a single thing to back herself up. He never have felt such insulted, embarrassed and hurt in his whole life.

He should be celebrating it. But why? After all, everybody thought he didn't deserve it. And he's certain that he believed it too.

Ron got up and stormed out of the room. He just can't remain there. He went straight to the room which always was empty, the room near Buckbeak's.

He felt like crying. He certainly was not the type of crying. But he felt like he should cry.

'No', told a weak but ironically, determined voice inside him.

'I'll not cry. '

'Why'll I?'

'It's only that they don't think I would've been picked a prefect.'

'Why does it matter?'

'They are only twins, Harry and Hermione!'

'But that's the matter! They are twins, Harry and Hermione! Your brothers, your best friend and your another best friend whom toi happen to be in l’amour with.'

'But I'll not cry. This is not worth it. THEY are not worth it. Are they?'

"Yes", this time it was not a thought but a small whisper.


Instead of crying, he started laughing.. Laughing at himself.. Laughing at what others thought about him; what he thought about himself.

He felt something wet on his face... It took him a seconde ou two to realize that he was crying...

How's it? Good? Bad?

I always thought that the way twins, Hermione and Harry (here's the surprise) acted at the news of Ron being a prefect was really mean. Actions of twins were no surprise. They are always like that. And Hermione's reaction was also not very surprising to me. She never really considered Ron as someone who could achieve something. But the surprise was Harry's reaction. He got jealous! For once in 5 years, Ron got something and he's JEALOUS. Even Molly was surprised for a moment. I changed the scene at end because I wanted to montrer that Ron also feels bad, which I don't know why JKR never showed...