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 rejoindre the Death Eaters
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This Harry Potter vs Twilight photo contains feu, flammes, enfer, and inferno. There might also be cheminée, poêle, foyer, cheminée à foyer ouverte, feu, and concert.

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Twilight ou Harry Potter? That's all I see here. And here are some "reasons" each of us came up with.
NOTE: I'm a HP fan, nothing against Twilight though.

•Edward is hot.
ME: Umm...not really to me...wait..books ou movies?
•JK Rowling failed at love.
ME: Lily Evans gave her life for Harry, and lots more.
•It has a l’amour triangle.
ME: Well...HP has l’amour triangles too. Hermione, Lavender, Ron. Harry, Ginny, Cho. Cho, Harry, Cedric. Severus, Lily, James. And LOADS more.
•Harry Potter is only about a fairy tale. It has a boy who raises a stick in the air and never dies.
ME: Well...vampires...
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The Volturi and The Death Eaters have a lot in common. This article points out the features of The Death Eaters that the Volturi seem to have as well.
Before I begin, toi have to remember that The Death Eaters were here first – so the Volturi copied them, not the other way around. Now, the leaders of the Volturi are –unless I’m very much mistaken – Aro, Marcus, and Caius. The leader of The Death Eaters is Lord Voldemort.
The Dark Lord can perform Legilemency, which is rather like mind reading, whatever Snape says. Aro can read minds too. The Dark Lord needs eye contact, Aro needs a...
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While trying to tell a joke about the new Harry Potter movie coming out, Conan is shocked to find an excited asian Harry Potter in the audience.
Harry Potter
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