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 Dumb Krum
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plus like Yum Krum! Yowzas. Sucks that his part was cut from DH :/
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This Harry Potter vs Twilight photo contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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Hey, I was originally going to put this in the commentaires section of a 'picks' question, but I realized it was too long so I put it here.

This is what I think, about the crap they call the 'Twilight Saga'. A book based on an author's wet dreams and hopes.

Twilight- Who? WHO FALLS IN l’amour AFTER SEEING A PERSON THREE TIMES IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE?! Plus, I'll summarize the entire book.

It's like-
Bella: Oh Edward, toi hate me.
Edward: No I l’amour you
Bella: toi l’amour me?
Edward: Stay away from me.
Bella: Stay away from you?
Edward: Just stay with me. I mean, it was obvious I wanted toi from the start, wasn't...
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Dear Stephenie Meyer,

May I first tell toi that your 'Saga' is complete and utter crap. I also would like to highlight the fact that your 'books' are an insult to literature and vampires.
When lire them at first, I thought that they were quite good, and for a while I was a Twilight fan, but your fanbase has gotten huge, along with your head. This is one of the reasons I don't like Twilight. I've read other points on why Twilight and the rest of the 'saga' are bad, and I fully agree with the points raised. The points that I have read about have made me realise how bad Twilight and the rest...
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All credits go to Das_Mervin's sporking of the Twilight series: link

I just wanted to cut out this snippet and paste it here because I completely agree here. There is no being that's invincible, no matter how unnecessarily overpowered toi make them.
Meyer thinks that humans are limited to two types of weapons: pistolets and slow-moving bombs. Oh, Meyer. toi silly, silly bitch. There is one thing that we humans have been consistently good at since we first picked up a rock and looked speculatively at that tortue hiding smugly inside of its shell:...
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Harry Potter
willy wonka
A funny DH spoof with Harry and Voldemort, XD
Harry Potter
Edward Cullen
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This article was NOT written par me. I found this somewhere else as a commentaire and thought it was great and that it should be shared. Don't give any credit to me. I just copy pasted.

First of all- Harry Potter isn’t just a childish bedtime story. Nor is it shallow. A story based off a single dream has no depth. Twilight fans will never what kind of man James was before he turned vampire. Rowling, however, spent 15 years planning every little detail. She created a world within our own for her witches and wizards. She has based their heritage off of real mythology and history. Their spells are...
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