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Warning: This is quite long.

Before I begin, I would like to say that this is my personal opinion along with evidence to support my opinion. toi are free to disagree with me, but please, no hating. Also, please do not accuse me of not lire the books. I have read each of the novels in the Twilight "Saga", from Twilight to Breaking Dawn. I have also read all of the Harry Potter livres (numerous times), from Philosophers Stone to Deathly Hallows.

It annoys me enormously, hearing people say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I personally believe that Harry Potter overshadows Twilight in every area, in every way, shape and form. I look at reasons why Twilighters think that Twilight is better than Harry Potter, and here is what I see:

-Because Edward is so hot! Harry is ugly!
-Twilight is plus realistic!
-Twilight has plus love!

I do not think that a book is amazing just because a character is gorgeous. In fact, I think that the fact that all the good guys are beautiful in Twilight is really arrogant and reflects very poor things about Stephenie Meyer. In Harry Potter, toi have some good guys that are beautiful and others that are not so nice looking. For example, Luna Lovegood and Cedric Diggory are supposed to be very pleasant to look at, but characters such as Mad-Eye Moody are... not so nice looking. Yet Mad-Eye is still, undoubtably, a very good character.

Twilight is par no means plus realistic than Harry Potter. Yes, I know, Harry Potter has magic, Twilight takes place in a real setting. First thing: the "logic" in Twilight is embarrasing. It is clear that Meyer did as little research as possible, not really thinking things through before deciding what happens. Harry Potter, on the other hand, does not need logic. It's magic! Secondly, the characters of Harry Potter are a lot plus realistic that those of Twilight. Besides being well developed, the characters of Harry Potter are not passing for "perfect". Each one has flaws and strengths, and each reacts appropriately for different situations. Twilight, on the other hand, is extremely unrealistic when it comes to character reactions. For example, Bella is one of the least likable characters of all time (I will get to her later on, though), yet everyone seems to l’amour and ADORE her. In fact, anybody who does not l’amour her either changes their mind later on ou is viewed as a bad guy, a bitch, ou extraordinarily shallow. Also, did toi notice that in Forks High School, there are only two cliques? The populaire Folks and The Vampires? Not to mention, the two groups merge into one in the end. At Hogwarts, toi have Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, Slytherins, Quidditch Players, Pranksters, Extreme Studiers, Dumbledore's Army, fan Girls, Rich Folk, Death Eaters To Be, Bullies, Outcasts, the liste goes on.

Another thing: Twilight does not have love. Bella does not l’amour Edward. She would never have even looked twice at him if he weren't oh so gorgeous. It is pure lust. Same goes for Edward. If she didn't smell so wonderful, do toi think he would have cared? If he could read her thoughts, he would be repulsed. As for the whole Imprinting thing? It is an excuse, an easy way out, a way for Meyer to make Jacob fall in "love" with Renesmee without looking like a pedophile. In Harry Potter, there are all different types of love. There is romantic l’amour (Ron and Hermione are the cutest couple on the face of the earth! And there's failed relationships, look at Harry and Cho. Haha), l’amour of Friends (Harry would die for his friends, and they would do the same for him), unrequited l’amour (if toi weren't touched par Snape's story, toi must be heartless!), motherly l’amour (Lily dying to save Harry, Molly Weasley killing Bellatrix for her l’amour of Fred and Ginny), and all sorts of things. If toi want to talk romance, though, let me tell you; Ron and Hermione fell in l’amour slowly through the years. They didn't know each other for, what, one week? then say "Oh, I am eternally in l’amour with you! toi are my one true love!" They are in love, not overpowered lust.

Let's talk about Bella, now shall we? She is the definiiton of a Mary Sue. Self insert is evident to an extreme, and she is supposedly "flawless". All of the characters l’amour her, despite all the horrible things she does to them. I mean, how can Jacob still like her after all the things she's done to that poor guy? She is also a slut. She goes off and kisses a guy who isn't her boyfriend, leading him on every other page, then doesn't hesitate to dump him and break his heart, even though she "cares" so much about him. She abuses all of her friends. Can toi really blame Jessica for not wanting to be Friends with Bella anymore? She saw that Bella just uses her Friends when it benefits her, then dumps them like trash, not caring one bit about them ou any of their problems ou anything, and still has the nerve to expect them to remain loyal to her, and if they don't, they are "bad friends". Abusive, much? She is also extremely selfish and unbelievably whiny. She complains about how "horrible" her life is, when really, she is just extremely ungrateful. All she does is whine, that is, when she isn't rambling endlessly about how pretty her boyfriend is.

Now I want to talk about Edward. People say they l’amour him so much, but let me ask toi this: how many fans would still l’amour him this much if he were ugly? I would say, oh, maybe .001% at best? Of course, Bella wouldn't even spare a seconde glance at him if he weren't supermodel gorgeous, so there would be no story, but that is beside the point. Edward is also abusive. I know, he's never hit her. I mean he is emotionally abusive. He toys with her emotions to get his way. He dominates her, controlling who she can and cannot see, what she can and cannot do, where she can and cannot go. He is also a stalker. He follows her around and breaks into her house at night to watch her sleep. That is just creepy. Of course, he is hot, so that must mean he's in l’amour with her, right? Um, not so much.

Let's get Harry Potter back into this. I would like to point out that Harry Potter, unlike Twilight, actually has a plot. It lasts through all the books, the main theme being to defeat Voldemort and his followers, with subplots in each book. In fact, there are sub-subplots, even sub-sub-subplots. There are details that seem minor ou irrelevant that all turn out to be of extreme importance in the end. Twilight? What is the main plot of the first book? Talking about how beautiful your boyfriend is is NOT a plot. The whole thing with James and his "dangerous" clan seems to be plus of an "oh, whoops! I forgot to add a plot! Let's just throw this thing in quickly, and we'll call it a plot." Very quick and lazy, with little detail and a resolution that comes far too easily. seconde book? She sulks around for the majority of the book, and the plot seems, once again, to be a forgotten thing thrown in quickly. In Eclipse, toi could argue that there is a plot. Victoria wants revenge on Bella and Edward. The problem is, the plot goes nowhere until the very end, where it is, once again, resolved way too easily. The Cullens went into their big fight knowing they would all come out alive and well, and that is exactly what happened. No risks, no sacrifice. In Breaking Dawn, there were two different plots. The first was having the baby, Renesmee, who shouldn't have existed in the first place. The suivant plot is extremely disappointing. They build up to the huge climax, and what happens? Their ultimate battle ends in conversation. The Cullens don't give up anything, and it's way too much of a happily ever after. Pretty pathetic, if toi ask me.

Let's address the anti-feminism of Twilight. It is extremely anti-feminist. Bella can't do ANYTHING for herself, and she always need Edward ou Jacob coming to the rescue. Edward and Jacob are both extremely strong and fast so they can control her. Why are the female vampires unable to have babies, while male vampires can if they mate with a human? Besides being illogical, it's anti-feminist. Even Alice, who's supposed to be a good fighter, depends completely on her abilities. If they are taken away, she has nothing. The male vampires, however, can still fight without their powers. Also, she goes into super-depressed mode when her boyfriend dumps her. That's understandable. But how long does she stay there? Over four months. That is ridiculous. And the only thing to raise her out of her depression is having another guy obsessing over her. What is this constant need for a man in her life? Even on her free time, what does she do? She happily cooks and cleans for her father, who sits on the canapé watching football, drinking beer, cleaning his gun. How is this not anti-feminist? In Harry Potter, however, Hermione is very capable, and Harry and Ron would not have made it to the end of the series if it weren't for her. They depend on her just as much as she depends on them. Ginny is also a very capable girl. She can fight for herself, she doesn't need a man constantly looking after her. In fact, all the Harry Potter females are just as capable as the males are. Also, when Ron leaves Hermione in Deathly Hallows, she becomes very upset, but she moves on. She never really gets over it, but she moves on with her life. She realizes it is not the end of the world, and if she hadn't gotten her act together, Voldemort may not have been defeated. When Harry leaves Ginny, she is upset, but doesn't go suicidal about it. She moves on, she continues to treat her Friends right, she moves on.

One final note now. I want to go over messages. In Twilight, there are no good messages. If there are, please name one and then use evidence! Do not just make claims. But as of this point, I have not found one single good message of Twilight. And no, "stalking is hot" does NOT count as a good message, and neither does "if toi do not have a man in your life, there is not point in living". "Pedophilia is okay as long as toi have an excuse" doesn't count either. In Harry Potter, there are good messages weaved in all over the place. There are messages about what fear can do to people, how fear can easily turn into hatred ou ignorance. There are messages about how l’amour is the most powerful thing in the world. There are messages about friendship, about life, about death, about working hard, about greed, about loss, and especially about growing up.

I could go on, but I'm getting tired now. I think I've made my point. Remember, this is just my opinion. I backed up my opinion with evidence so that it could become a strong argument, and anyone is free to disagree. Just no hating please. HARRY POTTER RULES!!!!!!!! XD
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Many Twilighters l’amour to say how "Edward and Bella l’amour each other sooooo much!" I'm afraid I have to disagree on this point. Their relationship is pure lust, not love.

Here is my reasoning.

How do Bella and Edward decide they are in love? Well, Bella moves in to Forks. Her first jour of High School there, she looks across the cafeteria, and she sees a totally gorgeous guy! He catches her attention immediately and she decides right then and there that he is the only man in the town who is good enough for her, despite the fact that she has never spoken to him once in her life. She swats off the...
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