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 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
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 Forget Ginny Weasley - Hermione is the one for Harry!
Forget Ginny Weasley - Hermione is the one for Harry!
Harry and Ginny are like James and Lily? Certainly not!

All Harinny supporters l’amour to tell us how Harry and Ginny are a replica of James and Lily.
“Ginny and Lily share common traits” they say. Ask them to montrer a liste of evidences – toi wont find anything beyond “Both have red hair.”
Oh wow! What a big proof! Now this is why Ginny is Harry’s soulmate – she has red hair. So hair colour is enough to make her Lily? Hermione can dye her hair red guys – don’t forget that there is a whole range of colour dyes available. LOL!

Hermione is the one who is plus like...
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