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poets of the fall
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Taylor Swift
cold as toi
De vader van actrice Lidsay Lohan bevestigt dat zijn dochter een revalidatiecentrum wil openen. Lindsay bracht zelf nog niet zo lang geleden 90 dagen in een afkickkliniek door. De jonge actrice is momenteel bezig met haar eigen reality montrer over haar herstel en haar comeback. Die zal uitgezonden worden door televisiezender OWN van Oprah Winfrey. Volgens haar vader speelt ze daarnaast ook met het idee om zelf een eigen revalidatiecentrum op te richten. "Het gaat veel beter met Lindsay. Nu wil ze mensen die het nodig hebben gaan helpen," zegt Michael Lohan website HollyScoop.com. Lindsay zou daarom met wat welgestelde vrienden gepraat over de mogelijkheid een kliniek te openen. (Belga / Belga)
Jeremy entered the building and walked straight to the training room. He found Veronica, talking with someone on the phone.
“Jack, you’re going to be so proud of me” she a dit with a slightly trembling voice. “I promise that when toi get here there will only be humans left”
Jack a dit something in return.
“Of course I’m careful. I’m not going to fall for anyone. They took away the only person I ever cared about and they will pay for it. And anyone who’s trying to stop me, will go down with them…I have to hang. I will see toi real soon”
She hung up, turned around and gasped,...
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One week later.

Damon was only half dressed when he heard footsteps. Knowing better he hoped it was Elena. But it wasn’t, obviously.
“You’re an idiot” Caroline a dit reproachful.
“That doesn’t even come close to cover it” Damon a dit turning around. “You want some?” he asked waving his glass of Scottish Whisky.
“Please” Caroline nodded and Damon gave her his glass which he had already refilled.
“Yeah, just take it” Damon insisted when Caroline frowned. “I’ve been drinking way too much already”
Caroline accepted the glass and took a sip. “Well, like I said, you’re...
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Meg opened the door of a motel room and helped Cas inside. She guided him to the single lit and put him down. She gently pushed him down and he opened his eyes a little. She walked to the bathroom and dampened a towel.
She walked back into the room and sank down on the bed. Unlike Meg’s Cas’ clothes hadn’t been restored. Meg opened the ruined and bloodstained hospital chemise and dabbed his wounds with the towel.
Cas groaned from pain.
“You don’t have to do this” he a dit weak. “I will heal eventually”
“I know” Meg a dit absent-minded. She stared at Cas’ body. Even with all the cuts he still looked…jumpable.
“But thanks for the gesture” Cas a dit with a weak smile.
Meg continued nursing his injuries. “You know” she said. “If I was still human, I’d fall for you”
Cas gave her another weak smile, before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
“You’re too kind”
Even if his current state Damon found the strength to be sarcastic. “Can I ask toi something? Why did toi have to bring Stefan into this?”
“Oh, Stefan. Good, old Stefan” Bonnie sighed. “It’s not like he was involved right from the beginning. When Katherine pretended to be Elena and Stefan brought her to the hospital after taking some sleeping pills, I told Stefan there was a way to bring the real Elena back instead of waiting for it to happen”
“And that involves torturing me?” Damon asked.
“No, that’s just for fun” Bonnie a dit shameless.
“And me...
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As she walked outside she bumped into Dean. “Oh, you’re back” she noticed indifferent. “He’s awake” she filled the brothers in. “He’s your problem now. I’m out” She pushed Sam aside and walked away.
“Are we allowed to go in?” Sam wondered, pointing at the door. “I mean, all of us?”
“Why don’t toi two go first, then I’ll go find Meg” Jo suggested.
“Why?” Dean asked.
“Because she seems upset” Jo answered obvious.
“So?” Dean shrugged uncaring. Jo rolled her eyes. “Some guys…” she muttered between her teeth, before taking off.
Dean opened the...
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