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Caroline took her livres she needed for the suivant few classes and closed her locker. Elena leaned against the lockers and looked at her. She saw the red underneath Caroline’s eyes. “Hey, have toi been crying?”
Caroline shook her head. “No” she a dit with a small voice. She swallowed and forced a smile. She sighed and looked at her friend. “No” she repeated a little steadier. “I saw Tyler at the Grill today”
“Oh” Elena blinked. “And how was he? Did he tell toi what happened?”
Caroline shook her head again. “Not exactly. He…said it’s none of my business what he does...
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“How could she do that?” Daphne cried. Martin was sitting on the grass, letting her let it all out. “She a dit it was my fault. She a dit I had to divorce Roland and when I told her I was pregnant she a dit it was a devil’s child and I had to kill it”
“She was jealous of the bond we have” Martin explained.
“But why did she have to take my baby? She was all I had left” Daphne cried.
“She wanted toi to think she’s all toi have left” Martin said.
“She put me in a clinic!” Daphne yelled hysterical. “I started drinking, because I felt guilty about your death and because she...
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Cas walked out of the room, while the nurses tied Daphne onto the bed. He leaned against the mur and felt his cœur, coeur beating in his chest.
“It’s my fault” he heard Zoey said. She was leaning against the opposite wall. “I told her toi only stayed with her because toi feel sorry for her. And now look what she’s done to herself. What kind of sister am I? I know she’s not well and yet I leave her alone?”
Cas walked towards and lay his hand on her arm. “It’s not your fault, Zoey. toi did the best toi could”
Zoey shook her head. “I can’t do this anymore. It’s too much”...
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Stefan looked up when he heard the door open. Damon and Katherine entered, but they were alone. “Where’s Elena”? Stefan asked, looking over Katherine and Damon’s head.
“She’s in the car with Caroline…and Bonnie” Katherine added grumpy. Stefan looked outside to see the car.
“The car that’s still on the road” Damon cleared up.
“Ah” Stefan said.
“Where did that treacherous chienne go?” Katherine tried to be neutral.
“You mean Amber?” Stefan said. “I don’t know. I thought she was right behind me, but I only turned around when I was here and par that time she was gone”...
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Meg was hiding in the guest rest room of the hospital. She should be resting, but first she needed to calm down. Who the hell did Cas think he was to lash out on her like that. He had begged her to get help. What was she supposed to do? Let him suffer? Thinking of it now, she realized she should’ve done exactly that.
“Have toi heard anything I a dit last night?”
Meg looked up in the mirror and saw the reflection of the young girl that had practically saved Cas’ life.
“I told toi he’s sick” the girl said.
“In his head, right” Meg snapped, without turning around.
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Thought toi would like this, sweetie.

Everybody knows par now that the riveting "Dear John," on Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now, is about John Mayer. But did toi know there's also one other song on the album we can now say with certainty is also about Mayer?

The seconde Mayer number of which we speak, "The Story of Us," is the song everybody thought was about Joe Jonas. Which is not to be confused with the one that really is about Joe Jonas, "Last Kiss." ou the numbers about Taylor Lautner ou Owl City's Adam Young.

Photos: Dramatic looks for Taylor Swift

A lot of these little confusions and mysteries...
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Overal ter wereld sterven mensen aan Death par Boredom.
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dieren des doods
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Bonnie stared at her nails. They had bits of Damon’s flesh underneath them. “Damn it, I just had my nails done” she muttered. She looked at Damon’s hurt face. “I hope toi understand I have to do this. I could’ve taken down all vampires, but instead I focused on toi only. toi should be grateful for the rest of your kind”
“Thanks” Damon mumbled sarcastic, but it was good enough for Bonnie.
“Hmm” she said, plus to herself than to Damon. “Stefan left me some vervain to help me keep toi in check”
Stefan, Damon thought, when I die (he was certain he would) I will haunt you...
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Elena felt how someone caressed her cheek. She smiled and took the hand. She opened her eyes and her smile faded away when she looked in Stefan’s brown eyes. She blinked and scribbled back until she hit the edge of her bed.
“Oh” she let out. “It’s you” she said. Stefan laughed. “Well, of course it’s me. Who else did toi expect?” he asked rhetorically. He took Elena’s hand and pulled her out of bed. He took her face in his hands. “I’m sorry for being such a jerk yesterday. I was… awful. I almost got toi killed” he a dit soft.
“Oh, well, I’m still alive” Elena...
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Damon walked into the living room, finding Bonnie going through her cupboards. “That chienne really got me. Look at my neck” she a dit bitter. Damon grabbed her arm and forced her to turn around. All of the fear he had felt since she jinxed him was gone and now all she could read on his face was fury. “Let go of me, Damon” she a dit with a cold voice, though she couldn’t hide the tremble. Damon brought his face to hers and looked her straight in the eye. He wasn’t going to compel her, he knew he wasn’t strong enough. “What have toi done to Elena? toi a dit toi wouldn’t hurt her”...
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Damon was lying on Elena’s lit as Elena was going through her jewelry, looking for some bracelet ou collier she didn’t like anyway.
“I think your wiccan friend might be an issue” Damon said. “How’s that?” Elena asked distracted without turning around. “Well, she and I are not the best friends, toi know. I doubt she’ll invite me in, in her magical little house” Damon replied. “So?” Elena shrugged. “You can wait outside, we don’t need toi to do the spell” Damon frowned his eyes angry. “Well, then I suppose I can go back home, so I can play with Katherine,...
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