01 ♥ Because he will always be the one for her.
02 ♥ Because she saved his life.
03 ♥ Because they met in a strip club.
04 ♥ Because they met playing paintball.
05 ♥ Because we still don't know were they actually met
06 ♥ Because she moved in a week after they met.
07 ♥ Because their relationship is like an addiction.
08 ♥ Because their relationship is like Vindaloo curry.
09 ♥ Because he spent plus than five years pining for her.
10 ♥ Because he couldn't stand the thought of losing her again.
11 ♥ Because he opened up to her.
12 ♥ Because he knew when she was smoking.
13 ♥ Because they had sex in an MRI machine. (Extra-scene from "Honeymoon" Script)
14 ♥ Because she thinks he's brilliant, funny, surprising and sexy.
15 ♥ Because she cheated on her husband with him.
16 ♥ Because he likes to see.
17 ♥ Because he gave her the crucifix. (Extra-scene from "Honeymoon" Script)
18 ♥ Because she always wears that crucifix.
19 ♥ Because she would bet her husband's life on House´s medical judgment.
20 ♥ Because he has a special smile reserved only for her.
21 ♥ Because they have a pet called Steve McQueen.
22 ♥ Because Dr. Mandingo says so.
23 ♥ Because they like Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward.
24 ♥ Because her name in Indian means "The Woman Who House Used To Live With." (Season 1 Finale)
25 ♥ Because he trusts her.
26 ♥ Because she trusts him.
27 ♥ Because he is sorry for her being miserable.
28 ♥ Because she is sorry for causing him so much pain.
29 ♥ Because he ironed his chemise for her.
30 ♥ Because he knows Paris is her dream city.
31 ♥ Because she shot him.
32 ♥ Because he a volé, étole her file.
33 ♥ Because cleaning dishes looks like having sex.
34 ♥ Because they like cleaning dishes together.
35 ♥ Because he would give up his leg to save her life.
36 ♥ Because even relationships are irrational, absurd and crazy they go through them because they need the curry.
37 ♥ Because Woody Allen supports them.
38 ♥ Because he is her soulmate.
39 ♥ Because he induced a migraine headache on himself to forget her. (Season 2 Episode 12)
40 ♥ Because she is the only woman who House a dit "I l’amour you" to.
41 ♥ Because Wilson supports them.
42 ♥ Because she couldn't stop thinking about a gray horse. (House read it in Stacy's file. It a dit "Greg House" not "Grey Horese". House was joking)
43 ♥ Because she hit him in a really fiery way.
44 ♥ Because she missed him after all those years.
45 ♥ Because after a quick climb up Mt. Gregory she would doze through a joint, joint d’étanchéité hunt. Clubbing, shrieking…
46 ♥ Because he tried to win Stacy back par killing an animal.
47 ♥ Because he broke into her house when Mark wasn't there.
48 ♥ Because he was going to Kiss her but Steve McQueen interrupted them.
49 ♥ Because they were going to have sex but the ducklings interrupted them.
50 ♥ Because he cheered her up when she was pissed for arguing with Mark.
51 ♥ Because when the patient hit him she was concerned.
52 ♥ Because we know her concern wasn’t purely legal.
53 ♥ Because he is taller than Mark.
54 ♥ Because he thinks she is very convincing.
55 ♥ Because he knows how she likes her coffee: Double milk, no sugar.
56 ♥ Because he hadn’t been on the roof in five years.
57 ♥ Because he hugged her when she was depressed for Mark being sick.
58 ♥ Because she didn’t tell her old Friends she was coming to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.
59 ♥ Because some part of him wanted Mark to die because he wanted to be with her.
60 ♥ Because he gave Mark the cocktail to set off an attack because she told him to do it.
61 ♥ Because Cameron thought he was too screwed up to l’amour anyone until she realized he loved Stacy.
62 ♥ Because she is not over him.
63 ♥ Because he is THE GUY.
64 ♥ Because he didn’t want to end up like Chase, caught up and kill her. ("The Mistake" - Season 2)
65 ♥ Because he knows that when she's angry, she gets sarcastic. When she's annoyed, she's funny, but when she's frustrated, she gets pissy.
66 ♥ Because I say so
67 ♥ Because she realized it wasn’t a medical question when he asked if she was cheating on Mark, but because he wanted to have sex with her.
68 ♥ Because even though Mark seemed to be healthy he took his case for her.
69 ♥ Because he didn’t want her to leave.
70 ♥ Because he has never put down his guard as much as he did with Stacy.
71 ♥ Because he wrote her a prescription for her cœur, coeur condition. (Metaphorically)
72 ♥ Because she is the only one who calls him Greg (besides his mother).
73 ♥ Because she is still the only woman who he hugged back.
74 ♥ Because she does what's necessary for her client.
75 ♥ Because he got a reservation at a little place near the harbor to have dîner with her.
76 ♥ Because she knew when his flight was leaving.
77 ♥ Because he remembered when she forgot her traverser, croix that morning that their pipes burst and then she went back and waded through the flood to retrieve it.
78 ♥ Because she booked a room at the airport hotel for them.
79 ♥ Because she woke up one jour and thought: “God, I really miss curry.”
80 ♥ Because she borrowed him her cell phone.
81 ♥ Because she borrowed him her new make-up.
82 ♥ Because she gave him the phone charger.
83 ♥ Because she curled up asleep on the airport chairs using his manteau as a pillow, just being there for him.
84 ♥ Because he didn’t want to have a relationship with anyone until he fell in love, and he wanted that life.
85 ♥ Because he loved her enough to convince himself he could change.
86 ♥ Because they were flirting at the restaurant before Mark turned up
87 ♥ Because she picked House over Mark
88 ♥ Because after having sex he had 20 extra minutes since the patient was stable
89 ♥ Because he couldn't care less about the case in that episode. He was kinda busy with Stacy
90 ♥ Because he started to sang after having sex with her
91 ♥ Because she told Wilson that what had happened in Baltimore wasn't a mistake
92 ♥ Because he talked about Stacy when the patient asked him if he ever really loved someone.("Son of a come guy" - Season 3)
93 ♥ Because after 4 seasons there are H/S shippers
94 ♥ Because I don't care who is House going to end up with because in my world he and Stacy will live happily ever after
95 ♥ Because she admited she liked him, that "he was okay for a rat"
96 ♥ Because he would make her sleep like a baby
97 ♥ Because every time I hear the words "curry", "baltimore", "steve mcqueen" and "paintball" I freak out and think it's faith
98 ♥ Because this ship is that cool that it can be called in 3 different ways: Hacy, Stouse and Houcy
99 ♥ Because this ship has an obssesed fan like me who spent days thinking about 100 reasons
100 ♥ Because this ship has 100 reasons
101 ♥ Because this ship is that cool that has plus than 100 reasons
102 ♥ Because H/S could be House/Stacy and Hugh/Sela


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