H2O Just Add Water H2O lockets found!

bronwynr1 posted on Nov 27, 2011 at 03:25AM
on ebay finally check them out!
search h2o lockets for more results :D

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il y a plus d’un an zikkifan4ever said…
Theres lots! But none are Rikki's!!! O: im still gonna have to get one at sterlingsilverart.com...
il y a plus d’un an beckstar said…
I don't suggest getting one either. I just received one, it was $100 for me. The chain is EXTREMELY SHORT and my mood stone didn't change any other colours apart from light blue and a yucky light green (with a bit of purple sitting at the bottom of it!)

The locket will be long enough to go around your neck, but it's not exactly comfortable. I found my necklace actual 'stuck' to my chest a lot. I don't know why this is....

I like having a necklace that I can adjust. It does sit in a nice place though, just on your chest and not around your breast or tight around your neck. Mine still felt uncomfortable though!
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il y a plus d’un an beckstar said…
BE WARNED! There also seems to be glue stuck on the back of the mini pics of the girls or on the back of the locket. If you want to stick a pic in of the girls, make sure it's the one you REALLY want there. I'm not sure where the glue came from...at the back of the locket? I don't know. Just be careful whatever pic you put in there..h2o girls or not...it's probably going to be stuck there for good! Unless you want to damage the photo itself.

I got a mini pic of Rikki they included and stuck it in. It is now PERMANTLY stuck there! We can't get it out! It is stuck in with glue we didn't even know was there! We tried getting it out, but the pic is now wrinkly and damaged and we can't remove the pic. I was just testing out the pics they included and thought I'd try Rikki, luckily I like Rikki and didn't put Bella in, otherwise I'd be stuck with her.

Just thought I'd warn you if you want to buy one of these. If you want a good H2O locket, you are better off buying something that isn't licensed by the show itself. It is going to last longer and probably not have the 'cheap' appearance mine does. They look great on Ebay with the packaging and everything, buy once you get it...it's not really THAT fantastic.
They are selling like hotcakes on Ebay because people are thinking they are great, but just be warned they are 'costume jewellery' (like the seller told me and I should've listened to) and will probably break easily. The snap part of it that shuts the locket also seems to be loosening and I just got it today! 'Costume Jewellery' means they are not intended to last very long and not made of nice metal, but well...budget metal.

I thought I'd risk it anyway. If you like the show and don't intend to wear it a lot..then it's ok. But if you are a MEGA fan and want to wear it a lot, then I don't suggest it. I also wouldn't suggest being too rough with it either and definitely avoid dropping it or stepping on it and things like that. I don't think it will withstand it, it will probably shatter

If you want to take a risk and buy one anyway, go for it. I just wouldn't suggest it. The people selling them are getting raving reviews. I wonder if they have actually tried sticking a pic in yet...

I will take a photo of the actual locket in person if anyone is interested. You can see the short chain and quality of it. The
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il y a plus d’un an h20love said…
The german lockets are nothing like the one the girls wear. The official H20 Lockets are avaialble at our site for $14.95. you can contact me if you have any questions at amy@world-alive.net here is the link to buy the product online; link