- at school out side at lunch- it was a nice jour out side so we had lunch out side and it was a friday .. -
Erin: sitting alone - i wish greyson was here - crys -
Skyler: salut Erin i need to tell toi something
Erin: yeah skyler ?
Skyler: Greyson is my cousion
Erin: WHAT!!!! awesome! toi know where he is??
Skyler: hes on tour
Erin: :( and he dident tell me D:
Skyler : he a dit he called toi but toi did not awnser
Erin: Oh - crys-
Skyler: don't cry please
- it was time to go home-
Erin: sighs - i miss Greyson - starts to cry-
Greyson: calls Erin-
Erin: awnsers phone while Crying- Hello?
Greyson: salut Erin! whats wrong?!
Erin: Greyson!! i miss toi
Greyson: i miss toi to :( i wish toi where here - sighs -
Erin: i wish toi where here with me :(
Greyson: can toi tell my cousion skyler i a dit hi?
Erin: sure
Greyson: ok see toi soon ;)
Erin: okay :)
Greyson: bye ;)
Erin: bye :(- hanges up-
Skyler: knocks on door-
Erin: hi and my boy friend / your couison a dit hi
Skyler: okay and i got toi something ;) - gives envelope-
Erin: opens - :O OMG thanks skyler - there where Greyson chance tickets -
- at the greyson concret-
Greyson: sees Erin- ;)
Erin: :) - blushing and mouths the words i l’amour you-
Greyson: :) sings California sky -
- he concret and tour was done.. at back stage-
Greyson: ERIN!!! - walks in slow mo with hes arms open wide about to hug me-
Erin: GREYSON! - Hugs Greyson - i l’amour toi Greyson
Greyson: i l’amour toi Erin!
Erin: i l’amour toi :3
Greyson: kisses Erin-
Erin: kisses Greyson-
Greyson: your the best thing that ever happened to me
Erin: and your the best thing that happen to me - blushes shyly-
Greyson: kisses Erin-
Erin: kisses Greyson -
Greyson: i l’amour toi alot i will never let toi go
Erin: blushing and crying of happiness- I l’amour toi
the end should i do a part 4!?