*This is not true*
So, after Greyson's little tiff with Bryce over Brooklyn, he had to explain his behavior to her. And on live TV.
"Well, um, I'm really sorry Bryce, and I did it only because..."
The crowd seemed to be closing in on him. "Because I have feelings for Brooklyn!!"
The crowd gasped, and they looked over at Brooklyn for response. She looked really surprised. Bryce looked confused.
"I um, am sorry Greyson, but I belong with Bryce," she said. "But we could do a duet sometime, if toi want!"
Greyson almost started crying. He mumbled an okay and ran backstage. He never saw Brooklyn again except for in this article.
He was hanging out at the mall with Cody Simpson. He figured all his best girl experiences have been here, with this certain person. He almost died when he saw Brooklyn, all alone, sitting on a bench outside of Victoria's Secret. She seemed to be crying. Then he saw Bryce, way off in the distance, walking away.
He approached the bench and sat down. "Are toi okay Brooklyn?" he asked, putting his arm around her automatically. He just couldn't help seeing her so sad... he felt that he needed to confort her.
"I'm, i'm okay..." she cried, but laid her head on Greyson's shoulder.
She cried for a few moments, but then wiped her eyes. "He just doesn't want me anymore," she explained slowly.
Greyson felt his cœur, coeur explode (not literally!!). He took a deep breath and stayed cool.
"Well, I do know someone who loves you," he said. "Someone who does want you."
She looked up at him, her brown eyes wide. "You?" she a dit in a small voice.
"Yeah," Greyson a dit smiling. He put his arms around her and kissed her on the lips.