ajhalecullen posted on Jan 16, 2010 at 06:58AM
Hello everyone! This website is dedicated to getting a 4th season of the show Greek. The show returns January 25th at 10 pm on ABC Family so you can first do your part by tuning in and helping with the ratings.

Secondly, we are creating a campaign called the RED CUP-ATHON! This is where we are asking any fans to send those all too familiar red cups to the president at ABC Family to tell them how much we LOVE the show! Our hope is to bombard them with cups and letters and postcards....whatever you can let them know how amazing the show Greek really is!

Here is the address:
Paul Lee
3800 West Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91505

And just an FYI....if you don't support the campaign that's fine, no one is forcing you to. But please don't leave mean messages on the guestbook or in my e-mail. It's not going to get you anywhere and I'll just delete them anyway. Thanks!

For anyone outside the US who would like to send a note or letter but is unable to: email me at and I will put together your e-mails and send them off to the network in one big mailing with lots of cups :0)

Be sure to check out the links page and join the facebook group!

Anyone around the world can participate in this campaign!!! Even if you watch Greek online, you still have a voice to be heard so it's not cancelled.

Just think of this quote:
"One man who speaks his mind will always have more power than 10,000 men who say nothing."

We can all ban together and help the show out everyone! Let's get Greek a fourth season!

Here are some ideas of how you can send your cup(s):
**Send a box with 1 or more red cups
**Send a squished red cup in an envelope
**Send a picture of you with a red cup or your friends with several red cups
**Send a picture of just a red cup
**Send a picture of yourself in Greek wear
**Send a letter explaining how much you love Greek and don't want to see it cancelled
**Send a postcard explaining how much you love Greek and don't want to see it cancelled (see below for details on how to send a FREE postcard)

While we can't know what everyone sends we did set up a little survey that if you could just click on and let us know that you sent something we would appreciate it so we can get an idea of the impact this is having: link

Other ways you can help promote Greek so more fans will watch:
**Tell your friends and family to watch the show Monday nights on ABC Family starting January 25th
**Write ABC Family on their feedback page: link
**Send an e-mail to Ausiello from to tell him to mention Greek in his blog: link and click on the link to ask him a question or comment.
**Send an e-mail to people magazine to encourage them to write about Greek:
**Send an e-mail to Kristin from Watch with Kristin at link and click "e-mail Kristin"


Here is the link: link

This website is a FREE way to send postcards. You can send 10 free postcards a day. They pay for printing and postage. There is a small ad on the bottom corner of your postcard that pays for the shipping. Companies sponsor the site to have their ad printed on the postcard and that is what pays for the printing and shipping of the postcards.

Most likely there are new sponsors every morning and a certain number of postcards that can be sent so it's best to try early in the morning before they run out. If it asks you to purchase a postcard, that means the cards the sponsor donated for the day are all gone.

You can upload any image you want to send on the postcard so we can send lots of Greek pictures so the executives at ABC Family know what show we are fighting for. I may post some images here for people to use if we have any great graphic designers among us who want to make a specific graphic that may say 'save greek' or something like that on it.

I think this is a great idea for those people who don't want to send something. It's easy and doesn't take long to do so even if you don't want to send anything give this a try so we can increase the number of things sent to the network.

Here is the address again just in case:
Paul Lee
3800 West Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91505


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