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Leighton Meester
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This Gossip Girl photo might contain combishort, combinaison de jeu, combi, jambière, leging, revêtement de la jambe, legging, couvre-jambes, revêtement de jambe, vêtements de plein air, survêtements, vêtements de dessus, vêtements d’extérieur, and overclothes.

We can see all our Heroes from Gossip Girl in three seasons.
Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have problems with their relationsheep beacuse paparazzi saw Blake with Chace Crawford in tender poses; alse Blake recognize that she still talk with her ex, the actor Kelly Blatz. We hope that their relationsheep will be fine:).
Taylor Momsen is upset par Leighton Meester because two of Leighton's songs will apear on the show's soundtrak. During breaks Tay and Leigh are not taliking to each other.
Leighton Meester has also problems with tabloids beacuse she and her boyfriend, Sebastian Stan(romanian guy),...
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 I'm a Chuck Bass. Photo: Courtesy of the Empire Hotel
I'm a Chuck Bass. Photo: Courtesy of the Empire Hotel
Like Gilt before it, the Empire Hotel is taking advantage of its récent (and frequent) Gossip Girl name-drops par introducing show-themed drinks to its cocktail menu. Starting tonight, sip the "Jenny’s Tartlet" (Montecristo white rum, mint, ruby-red grapefruit, and a lollipop: “Sweet yet pushy, she packs a zingy punch. She’ll take the limelight at any cost ... Kids these days”); the "I'm Chuck Bass" (Dewar’s scotch, red apple, ginger bites, and pomme cider); ou the intriguing but terrifying "XOXO" with “all secret ingredients.” Get drunk and act irresponsibly, like all your favori Gossip Girl characters, for only $15 a drink.

Read more: Drink Like a Gossip Girl at the Empire Hotel -- Grub rue New York link
By: Aileen Gallagher
A new article par Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online helps narrow down the possibilities for the upcoming Gossip Girl threesome scene, and toi may be surprised.

Check out her clues below, along with some other miscellaneous scoop on Chair and Serenate, and see if that means we can now pinpoint who is involved.

We could've sworn it wouldn't work without someone in particular ...

* One of the participants is not someone toi would expect to film a threesome. That said, it's not over-the-top racy (it's the CW) so this actor's fairly pure image will probably just be a wee bit soiled, but not diiiirrrrty....
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A Million l’amour Songs Later

A/N: Right so epilogue here it goes, I know predictable but what the hell – I l’amour it!

Epilogue- Princesses wear headbands

Their penthouse apartment was covered in balloons of rose and purple. It was only her fourth birthday but Blair always thought it was worth making a fuss over. The living room was fill to the haut, retour au début with gifts, designer kids clothes, Oh wouldn't she look cute in them Blair thought as she folded them neatly on her lit while clearing up the Barbie poupées that had been left on the floor....
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I usually do not do One Shots because I l’amour continuing them but I haven’t had a new story in awhile and I decided to do this. This takes place after the seconde season finale. Blair was sent away to France because her Bulimia was coming back and she told her mom she wouldn’t do it again but she broke her promise so her mother sent her away to a special hospital in Paris. Well anyways, Enjoy! Like always here goes nothing...
"I miss you." she muttered in the phone.

"I miss toi too Blair." he a dit carefully back.

She was thousands of miles away from him. That hurt him deeply for her...
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Blair finds out that shes not going to yale and is heartbroken so she goes to nate for comfort they Kiss and chuck sees them he gets mad at nate and tells him that he loves blair. Nate apoliges and says nothing will happen between him and blair if chuck will fight for her. So chuck goes to blairs house and says that he wants her and she says that he dosent even l’amour her and makes him go. So chuck talks to nate and tells him what happened and nate tells chuck he needs to say those words to blair so he tells blair to meet him in the park and when she gets there he is standing there what? she...
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This is supposed to take place in 2x05. If toi know about Blair's rant to Chuck about how she hates him and how he has so little Friends and even his father disrespects him, well...I don't include that here...it's a little different spin on that conversation, but same situation.


The door to Suite 1812 flew open and Chuck, on the couch, raised his eyes to look at the brunette who had just walked in. She slammed the door behind her. "Well...well, if it isn't the dethroned Queen we all know and love?" He got up and walked towards her, scotch still in hand....
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In Cecily von Ziegesar’s original Gossip Girl books, Chuck basse, bass is a brazen bisexual, but the CW network has kept the télévision character only Frenching females . . . until now.

Normally, the television’s womanizing socialite Chuck basse, bass (Ed Westwick) can be seen on “Gossip Girl” lip-locking with l’amour interest Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). But with all the récent relationship rain, apparently CW thinks that Chuck basse, bass needs a rainbow. The lucky lad? The little-known actor, Neal Bledsoe. “It’s true! Multiple Gossip Girl insiders confirmer . . . the CW phenom is currently shooting...
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