I X Serena
I have be an avid fan of Gossip Girl from its pilot episode where I clearly remember when Serena van der Woodsen stepped into the airport in tune with the “She’s Back” slogan. But lately, Gossip Girl and Serena are getting on my nerves. Why do I have such a beef with Serena’s character?

First of all, I have a serious problem with someone who does not learn from précédant mistakes, but habitually makes decisions that are based on lies and cover-ups. Serena is a serial liar. She lies to everyone about everything. Serena has lied to Nate, Blair, Dan, and her countless other boyfriends and friends. She has lied to her mom about…well everything, including college and jobs. One thing that the writers of Gossip Girl should keep in mind is that it is fine to create one of those “tragic hero” types so that WE the audience can relate to the character more. toi know, the one that has ups and down, makes mistakes, but manages to overcome them and learn how to be a better person? So…when is Serena van der Woodsen going to get the revelation? I am tired of waiting for the episode when Serena stops talking about changing her annoying ways and actually does it. There is a point in time when the tragic heroine has screwed up (and screwed around) so many times that redemption at this point is laughable. I wish Serena van der Woodsen would do something to help alleviate the stereotypical role of The Blonde, but she does nothing to disprove it.

My seconde debacle with the lovely Serena is that she is a slut, a whore, a wanton woman…or whatever toi call it in your country. Um, how many boyfriends/lovers/hook-ups should one young female have when she is only between the ages of 16 and 19? Let’s count shall we: Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Pete (the coca addict), Aaron Rose (the artist), Gabriel (the con-man), Carter Baizen (St. Jude graduate), Trip Vanderbilt (the married politician), Colin Forrester (the professor)…that’s eight so far…but we’re still counting I guess. I am willing to overlook many things in this montrer (remember I DO l’amour THIS SHOW), like the glamorization and unreal lives these gorgeous young people live. But I cannot muster enough respect for a character that is so horribly shallow and oblivious.

I am so done with Serena’s character. For those of toi who adore her, suit yourself, but the only reason I can explain any fandom for Serena would be because of her beauty ou wardrobe…but nothing else.