Story: 'You make me feel funny'

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Blair is determined to never get involved with a man again and she was successful until she met her new boss. He annoys her since the first jour and she really doesn't know why she feels like she’s high school girl again around him. Still she knows she can't give up as she has a secret that would make someone like Chuck basse, bass run away the seconde he found out. AU

Sorry, it took me two weeks to update but school’s really busy now. I have a lot of tests and a looong historic novel for suivant week so there’s not a lot of time left for writing. Still I managed to get this done for toi so I hope you’ll enjoy.

This chapter is just a lot of fluff but I hope there’s plus fluff fans than me outside there :)

It was some time after Chuck left Blair in the living room and he was now sitting with a small Waldorf on his bed, watching ‘Finding Nemo’. He chuckled inside thinking what any of his colleagues would think. Chuck Bass, the men everyone feared and with a good reason, watching a child’s movie and quite enjoying it. Maybe not the movie so much but the company for sure.

Like he predicted, Christopher turned out to be a great kid and what he would never admit, an adorable one for that matter. And to his greatest surprise, he seemed to like him what Chuck feared a lot would not happen. After all he has never been around children before.

But after falling for Blair and finding out she had a son, he wanted them in his life even plus so he came. And he could say he didn’t regret it for sure.

‘So, toi really like fishes?’ Chuck asked with a smile after a while.

‘Yes. I have a lot of plush fishes but the Nemo is the best! Thank you, Chuck.’ Christopher replayed with a grin, moving his new toy closer to him. It was so big that he couldn’t possibly hold it in his lap as it would cover the screen.

‘You’re welcome, little man. toi know, my last name is Bass.’ He said, hoping to get few extra points.

‘Really? Like that fish?’ The kid asked with big eyes.

‘Exactly like it.’ The older answered with a smirk.

‘Wow. That’s the best thing ever!’ Christopher yelled with an amazed expression and Chuck chuckled. Who knew his name could come in handy for something else than getting everything he wants?

‘Thanks, kid. Do toi like to swim like these in the movie too?’ He asked. He really wanted to get to know him better.

‘I’ve never done that. I wanted to, once when we were at the sea but mom a dit it was too cold to get in the water.’ He then seemed to think about something so Chuck stayed quiet and waited. Then he apparently found the words and started again. ‘Besides she always says I’m too young to go swimming in the pool. But toi know I’m not a baby anymore, right Chuck?’ The little one asked with hopeful eyes.

He really wanted someone to see it finally! His mommy, Aunty Serena, Jenny and even Uncle Nate always a dit he was too little to do many things. Like going swimming! His Friends from park had already done it. But when he had asked Grandpa, he only a dit that his mom didn’t want something happen to him.

‘Sure, little man. Who would thing you’re a baby? You’re definitely a big boy and I promise to try to convince your mom to go swimming, ok?’ Chuck told him, noticing he didn’t mind being called ‘little man’ as it was man, not boy. He shook his head with a smirk at the logic of a four an old. ‘I have a pool in my hotel, maybe if your mom agrees we could go there.’ He added, thinking he has actually never been there to swim, only to pick up some women in skimpy bikinis.

‘Really, toi have a pool in your apartment?’ He asked with a curiosity.

‘No, but there is one in the Palace. I live in one of this hotel’s suites. We could close it for a few hours so no one would interrupt us.’ Chuck explained.

‘I would like that.’ Christopher a dit with a smile. ‘But I don’t know if toi can convince mommy. No one ever can, she’s really no convincing.’ He told Chuck with a frown. He didn’t know how to say there’s no easy way to convince Blair so he used ‘no convincing’, fortunately Chuck understood perfectly.

‘Truest me, I know.’ He replayed with a laugh.

They then returned to the movie as it was Christopher’s favori moment.

When the titles started running on the screen, Chuck left Christopher to play with his new toy and walked out. He searched for Blair and found her in the seconde room he checked. She was working on her laptop and didn’t notice him at first. He walked up to her and kissed her head form the side.

‘Back already?’ She asked closing the computer and turning to him.

‘Already? I’ve just sat through almost two hours of animated fishes.’ He answered, pretending to be annoyed with it.

‘Well if toi plan on being around, toi should get used to it.’ Blair a dit pulling him on the lit and getting onto his lap.

‘I should guess with your obsession with Tiffany’s.’ Chuck replayed putting his arms around her. ‘So… what’s the answer?’ He asked s’embrasser her afterwards.

‘Answer to what?’ She finally made out after taking a minute to calm her breathing from their kiss. God, he could Kiss her all jour with these lips of his.

‘What will it take.’ He stated calmly.

‘God, Chuck. Just say what toi want to say and stop with these games.’ She a dit pissed as she didn’t have an idea what he was going on about.

‘I asked toi before when toi a dit Christopher loves me because of the Nemo toy.’ He replayed, trying not to say these words.

‘Oh.’ She murmured, realizing what he was talking about.

She was stunned when he a dit it earlier but then decided to brush it off since Chuck was known from joking around. And now it seemed he was serious, in which case she really didn’t know what to say. She knew she loved him for sure, plus than anyone besides Christopher but should she tell him?

‘Well, just so toi know Waldorf’ he interrupted her thoughts ‘you don’t have to bribe me with anything. I’m already in l’amour with you.’ Chuck ended with a small smile.

Inside he was plus nervous than ever but he knew he should tell something when she was silent for a while. He had surprised her earlier, not really thinking about what he was saying and it has honestly just slipped. But then he decided that after everything that happened during these almost two months he knew her, he could manage to tell her.

He had never told anyone before that he loved them. But he knew he did, for the first time in his life he did actually l’amour someone. So he decided to just risk it all and say it. Now he just had to wait and see what she will say.

Blair was again stunned par Chuck basse, bass in that moment. He always managed to surprise her and he’s just done it again. She surely hadn’t thought she will hear these words from him so fast. Then again a lot of things she hadn’t expected happened in the last two days. After taking it all in, she almost jumped from happiness but instead laughed and kissed him hard.

‘I l’amour toi too, Bass.’ She whispered against his lips and noticed with delight his big grin.

Just then the door opened and the little Waldorf ran in. They broke apart in a moment, just to see his satisfied smirk.

‘I knew Aunty Serena was right! Chuck is your boyfriend!’ He yelled with excitement as he really got to like ‘Mr. Chuck’.

Blair momentarily blushed and Chuck just chuckled, picking the boy up and throwing him on the lit getting a happy shriek in return.

A week later was the first Christmas time they spent together. On Christmas Eve the three of them: Chuck, Blair and Christopher had dîner with Harold and Roman as Chuck didn’t have any family he could invite.

It was Christmas morning now and the couple was laying in Chuck’s bed, s’embrasser softly from time to time. Chuck couldn’t even describe how happy he was. For the first time since his father’s death he wasn’t alone on Christmas.

Sure, Serena and Nate have always invited him but he never wanted to go. Whatever they said, he knew they just pitied him inside and besides he would feel uncomfortable with their families, like an introducer.

Also, for the first time in his life, he felt happy that it was Christmas time. Even when his father was there, not always literally in the same place as Chuck, they never had true Holidays. There would be a quiet, short dîner if Bart was in town but that’s it. No ‘Merry Christmas’ ou even a Christmas tree.

So this year, when he finally got someone to share it with, he’s made sure everything was perfect. He proposed that they’d spend Christmas break at his place and after she’d agreed, ordered his stuff to decorate the suite. There was a big, colorful tree, one Chuck secretly always dreamed about and a lot of other decorations in every room.

He also took care of his guest room and turned it into a bedroom for a boy. It had now blue walls with the paintings of the Nemo’s fishes on them and all furniture in the same sea style.

There were a lot of toys there, plus than any kid in New York had since Chuck went to pick them out himself and got a little carried away. He just wanted to get him everything he ever dreamed about as a kid and what his father never bothered to buy him, leaving picking gifts to his nannies who often confused him with a little girl when it came to toys.

He remembered precisely the moment he showed it to them.

He walked with them to the room, covering Blair’s eyes while Christopher was in his arms and covered his own with his small hand. He took a deep breath and removed his palm from Blair’s vision, in the same time telling the boy to déplacer his hand away.

He heard Blair’s gasp at the sight but before he could look at her, a small arms hugged his neck tightly with a laud ‘It’s great, Chuck! Can I stay here?’

‘Of course, toi can. It’s your room for when toi visit me.’ He answered with a laugh and put the boy down. He immediately ran away to the toys laying in the corner. Chuck watched him with a smile for a moment before turning to Blair.

‘Chuck, toi really shouldn’t…’ She started, still in shock. She didn’t expect this. Sure, they were going to stay with her boyfriend for a few days but all of this made her think, he really cared a lot. She just hoped she was right.

‘Why not?’ He interrupted her. ‘I l’amour toi and I really l’amour Christopher too. He’s an amazing kid. I’m really happy to have the two of toi here and I hope you’ll be here a lot more.’ He added with unsure voice.

‘I’m glad to be here too. And the room is awesome Chuck.’ She a dit with a soft smile.

‘Good.’ He replayed and grabbed her hand to Kiss it with a grin.

So, yeah. This an was definitely a good one.

‘He will wake up soon.’ Blair a dit nuzzling against his chest.

‘Mmm.’ He murmured s’embrasser her head.

‘Are the gifts put out yet?’ She asked, raising her head to look at him.

‘They are.’ He confirmed, s’embrasser her lips lazily.

Their moment was broke par a fast knocking on the door. Blair chuckled and pushed his boyfriend out of the lit so he would open. She made sure to teach her son that coming in without letting know was not okay anymore. God knows, what he could walk onto.

‘Santa came last night!’ They heard as soon as he opened the door. They didn’t have time to say anything as the suivant moment Christopher was running away to the living room with a laud ‘Come on!’

They laughed and left the bedroom after putting the bathrobes on. He was already par the arbre looking at the pile of presents.

‘Can we open them now?’ The boy asked excited looking at the adults. He got attached to Chuck now after they spent all last week together and really loved him like Aunty Serena ou Uncle Nate. It was really easy to get such a little child to truest somebody and Chuck just hoped he would never break this trust.

‘Sure, we can little man.’ Chuck replayed with a smile and handed him his boxes. There were four of them. One from S and Nathaniel, one from his mommy and two from Chuck.

He quickly started to tear the paper apart and Chuck turned to his girlfriend. He handed her a small, wrapped box with a smirk.

‘Merry Christmas, Blair.’ He whispered and kissed her cheek.

‘Thanks, Chuck.’ She answered and took it with a grin. Then she gasped when she saw a diamond bracelet with small butterflies. ‘It’s beautiful.’ She a dit in an awe and kissed him passionately.

‘Not as beautiful as you.’ He replayed and put it slowly on her wrist. They smiled at each other before looking at the little one. Chuck felt warmness inside and let himself be an optimist for once, thinking he had finally found a family.


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