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posted by GGLover_1
A/N: Hey, I'm really busy with school right now, and I already got some of my grades down... but i really wanted to post the new chapter. But don't expect another until suivant week. xoxo

* Chuck was in his suite, going through his schedule and texting with Nate at the same time to know where he, Blair and Mario were going today: they were going to the city to shop.

(on the phone) C: salut Mandy, are toi free this afternoon. Great, I'll pick toi up.

*Later that jour in the city.
B: Wow, who knew Dubai could be this nice... outside the hotel plaza of course.
M: Actually Blair, I believe it's even nicer. toi get to see real people in real situations a totally different culture.
N: And look at those building, they're amazing. toi know one jour I wish I can do something like that, it seems do daring.
B: Oh come on Nate, like you'll ever become an architect. You're an Archibald remember?! Sailing is your future and maybe politics here and there.
M: toi know I don't get it sometimes. The way toi speak, he's an Archibald... he's a Bass... she's a van der Woodsen. To me they're just people with hopes and dreams. (Blair made a disapproving face, and looked at Nate)
B: That's because that's what they are... They not just people silly, they're someone. We're someone, we count... toi know? (Mario nodded)
M: And who am I? No one?
B: No, of course not. You're amazing.
N: Don't be upset, Blair's right, where we come from we're someone and someone always belongs with someone and is destined for something... Not that that makes any sense.
B: Of course it makes sense... I'm a Waldorf, I can't be seen with... with a Humphrey. I have high standards.
M: Maybe they're too high... ou am I up for it?
B: You're totally up for it (they kiss)
N: salut there's Chuck. Chuck!

C: Nathaniel, Blair, Mario, meet Mandy.
B: See my point Mario.
M: Hi, I'm Mario and this is my girlfriend (he's interrupted)
B: Blair, Blair Waldorf. Nice to meet you, Mandy (she winks at Nate)
Ma: Oh Hi ya'll, this is so great, I finally get to meet some of Chuck's friends.
N: I'm Nate.
C: We didn't know toi guys were here...
Ma: We're totally on a date!! Chuck is so romantic.
B: I bet he is.
M: So Mandy if you're dating a basse, bass toi must be someone... And I guess a basse, bass belongs with a (looks at Blair, but is interrupted)
C: Waldorf... A basse, bass belongs with a Waldorf.(Blair is shocked, but jealous at the same time)
B: Shut up Bass. Don't listen to him, he and Mandy must have hit their heads while having sex.
Ma: Why, don't be mean Ms. Blair. I absolutely agree basse, bass goes with Waldorf right Chuck?!
M: What are toi guys saying? Blair?
B: Yeah, Mandy what are toi saying?
Ma: My name is Waldarf, with an A.
N: Now that was unexpected. There toi go Blair, basse, bass goes with Waldarf.
C: Just as much Waldorf goes with Reyes, right Mario?
M: I guess. (he hugs Blair)
C: Blair?
B: Better than with a Bass, Chuck. I have high standards, remember??
N: Who's up for some ice cream?
C: yes
B: NO!

GG: Good morning people, here in Dubai things are certainly heating up. Waldarf vs Waldorf, who'll win. Careful B, you're ice cream seems to be melting. xoxo, Gossip Girl

(I know this was small, but it's so necessary and you'll see why in the suivant part)
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Five

He knew that he was never going to be able to get though the whole weekend with Blair and everybody else. He almost wanted to back out and not go just to see what her reaction would be. It was sure to get a rise out of her. But Chuck knew that he couldn’t do that, he had to try and save face in front of her.
He was also curious to see if she was had actually been serious when she had a dit that she didn’t want him anymore. He might have pushed her too far that jour on the camping trip and irrevocably broke what they might have had. Now that Blair had...
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posted by Yankeesam32935
Friendly Encounters- Chapter Twelve

“So, what are toi even supposed to wear to meet your boyfriend’s grumpy dad?” Blair asked Serena and Nate at school the suivant day. They were all sitting in the courtyard eating their lunch.
Nate let out a bark of laughter while throwing his arm around Serena. “That’s not really my deal Blair, but I’m sure Serena would be willing to help you.”
Serena smiled as she noticed Nate’s arm around her. He was so possessive of her and she secretly loved it. “You know I’m not the one that everybody goes too for style conseil around here but I’d be happy...
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