Have toi ever found yourself desperately wishing toi lived a different person's life? ou lived in a different person's world? I am guilty on both charges, and ready to fess up. Yes, I dream of living in New York's Upper East Side, where drama and designer are seconde nature, and Gossip Girl rules the roost.

I've been told many times that I wouldn't want to live in such a place, but how could I say no to the town where little work and lots of play are the norm? While I struggle desperately to make it into my dream college, for Upper East Siders, the Ivy leagues are almost handed over on silver (more like platinum) platters. The great debated there is Yale ou Brown, a dilemma I'd pay to be presented with! Of course, if I did live the life of a New York Upper East Sider, I could pay for that, ou practically anything at all. Money is never the issue (unless your father is the Captain), it is simply the means for getting what toi want - whatever toi want. And the drama? I'm told it would be a burden, but I live in a state where blé, maïs is the claim to fame, and a little drama would be appreciated. Then of course, there are the relationships. A few tears and tussles along the way would be well worth a rendez-vous amoureux, date with Chuck Bass!

Well, I can't magically teleport myself into the Gossip Girl scene (Believe me I've tried), so I've attempted to find the Upper East Side in my life. I am a high school girl, just like those famous few at Constance Billard right? Well, yes I am a high school senior girl, but at a public high school of over 2000 students, where people ride a bus, not a limo. And when I go to school, it's actually still dark outside. When I have breakfast, it's a poptart, not a gourmet meal. Leave campus for lunch? As if! I am lucky to leave school at all. And of course, the teachers automatically give A's just so we can get into the college of our dreams! Not so much. An A is earned fair square, as many late nights of homework and studying have proven. So maybe school isn't my most Upper East Side aspect of life...what about the social scene? I go to parties too, just like the Upper East Siders. Well, minus the alcohol, drugs, drama, expensive food, expensive entertainment, and famous socialites. I can already tell I won't have much luck finding Gossip Girl-esque similarities in this area. Then perhaps the fashion? We've got some pretty populaire stores here too, just like Bendel's. Well...very inexpensive versions anyways...known as American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Old Navy. salut but don't even get me started on all the fashion shows we have here. Seriously, don't...because we don't have any.

Alright, the truth is my life is obviously quite far from Gossip Girl, which brings me back to my wish. I thought I would l’amour to live the Gossip Girl life, because it is so far from everything I know and have. It is the life I've always dreamed of, the life I've never lived. But now, as I think about it, I guess there is some truth to what I've been told about that dream. Sure, I may complain about the lack of drama, excitement, and luxury in my life, but I guess I'm pretty happy how I am. I've got stability, a sûr, sans danger happy family, and a refreshingly uncomplicated social life - things those Upper East Siders strive for, often without success. So yes, bring on the corn, the school buses, the hip-happenin' movie nights: it's all a part of my happily dull life, and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

A limo with Chuck basse, bass inside? I'll reconsider.