Glee Have toi signed the Twitition ou bought Billionaire on iTunes in hope of making TPTB change their minds on Chord Overstreet not being a regular?

Pick one:
I&# 39; ve only signed the Twitition!
I've only signed the Twitition!
I&# 39; ve only bought &# 39; Billionaire&# 39; (for this reason)
I've only bought 'Billionaire' (for this reason)
I&# 39; ve done both!!!
I've done both!!!
I haven&# 39; t gotten to do either (yet)
I haven't gotten to do either (yet)
Can&# 39; t do either, but I would if I could
Can't do either, but I would if I could
Don&# 39; t plan on doing these
Don't plan on doing these
Didn&# 39; t know until now!!! ;)
Didn't know until now!!! ;)
 CrimeDramaBee posted il y a plus d’un an
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