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Gossip Girl Season 5 | Hollywood PROMO!

Chuck and Ivy!

DAN/BLAIR: Our Love's The Perfect Crime (REVAMPED)

Serena & Blair | Battlefield

serena and blair [better off on my own] [DIVERSE]

Blair & Serena || " you're my Sister "

Serena and Blair (Keep Holding On)

There For You-Blair/Serena

blair & serena || pray toi through

Blair and Serena -Fuck toi


Serena/Chuck II Bloodstream [NEW!] (UVC)

Gossip Girl AU (Chuck/Serena/Blair)

untitled 1 | blair+serena

Blair and Serena - Bad News Blair - LEGENDADO

the way i loved toi (blair/serena)

GG Blair & Serena - All The Same

Gossip Girl- Blair/Serena- What's Going On

Blair and Serena- Girlfriend

Blair Waldorf - Bang bang bang bang

Blair Waldorf~Material Girl

Jenny || you're too young to be broken ...( Happy [ late ] Birthday Sharona )

Gossip Girl | Down

Blair to Jenny: Is It Worth It?

Angel - Jenny;Blair {Out of Time}

superstar (blair/jenny)

Blair/Jenny- Circus

Jenny & Blair

Backstabber || Blair & Jenny

It's Not Over [ Jenny / Chuck / Blair ]

Heartless [Serena/Chuck/Blair]

chienne - Jenny Humphrey

blair waldorf ♡ gratte-ciel

Blair|Serena. 'I need you'

lair & Serena.- Two Worlds Collide

Blair and Serena-Parachute

Serena; Blair - "...I cannot get toi out..."

Blair & Serena || I will mend your broken cœur, coeur [to Mina]

Serena And Blair - I Got toi

Got toi | Blair & Serena

Blair/Serena (Parachute)

all for toi blair serena

Serena & Blair // neckline

blair waldorf | It's not easy to be me

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep - ( Serena / Blair )

Blair & Serena | Everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Eight [Blair/Serena]

so sweet; blair/serena

Serena & Blair // what do toi want from me

Blair;Serena- Better Than Revenge

toi belong with me - Serena and Blair

Smile | Blair & Serena

toi Make Me Smile - Serena Blair

l’amour the way toi lie - (Serena/Blair)

All the thing she a dit • Blair & Serena

Serena and Blair: 'cause you're amazing just the way toi are.

Serena And Blair Gift of Friend!

serena|blair - the vision

Jenny humphrey - Liberty walk

Jenny Humphrey-Cherry Bomb

Everybody hates me..

Jenny Humphrey - Runaway

Tik Tok- Jenny Humphrey

Queen J

We R Who We R \\ Gossip girl

We R Who We R - Serena van Der Woodsen

Serena's lovegames.

Serena van Der Woodsen - Like A G6

Serena van der Woodsen - Still dirrty

Serena van der Woodsen [Queen S] - Bad Girl

So What [Serena van der Woodsen]

It's Only Life (Blair/Serena/Jenny/Vanessa)

Gossip Girl-Fashion(Lady Gaga)

Changes (Gossip Girl - Jenny/Blair/Serena)

LoveGame (Gossip Girl Remix) - Lady GaGa featuring Hilary Duff (Official Video HQ)

Gossip Girl Fashion

Fashion- Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Fashion

Gossip Girl Cast | Whatcha Say

blair/serena feud; all that i can take [FULL]

Gossip Girl Cast : What Are toi Waiting For

Blair/Serena Broken/ My Hands (Friendship)

Blair/Serena- Smile

Serena & Blair: I'd come for toi

i'd come for toi (blair/serena)

Blair/Serena - Save me

Blair & Serena | Wanna pretend you're a Superstar | AUDIOSWAP!

Gossip Girl-Serena and Blair 'Rich Girl'

while our blood's still young

Blair & Serena || Gift of a friend [to Elin]

Blair;Serena I Got toi

Blair Waldorf - Halo

better days (blair waldorf)

Blair Waldorf - Stand In The Rain

Blair Waldorf - Nobody's accueil

Blair Waldorf - Numb (Piano)

blair waldorf "my skin"

Blair Waldorf || I´m only human || Gossip Girl*

Blair Waldorf - Vanity

Blair Waldorf - Beauty From Pain