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 I l’amour toi Taeyeon! <333
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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD photo might contain portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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It's only my opinion.
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Since SNSD's anniversary is in 10 days, I decided to do a countdown, reliving 5 major moments of each member (since I couldn't come up any more), with a special article on the jour of their anniversary! I'm so excited about doing this, so without further ado, let's get started with the oldest main vocalist, Kim Taeyeon!

Introducing the then-19-year-old leader with the innocent baby face, it's Kim Taeyeon! This will probably be on everyone's article. I mean, come on? It's their debut!

Ah, the famous nickname that she'll always be branded with. If you're new ou just never knew...
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some of the gals chant a christmas song for the fans :D (there's also beg and other people haha)
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It looks like I am écriture it for myself...but still I have to make this clear,I l’amour Sunny and that is the purpose of écriture this article.

Sunny, also known as SNSD’s “energy pill” is probably the cutest female in K-Pop. Everything from her small, bunny-like appearance, to her gross perfect aegyo, to her sincere cœur, coeur make Sunny a treasure. We find that many people actually like Sunny; they respect her I-don’t-care-how-I-look personality, her bravery and her good-hearted nature. One of our favori Sunny moments is when Taeyeon was kidnapped on stage par some fan, and Sunny was the...
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So here is my rankings and why I chose them,

1. Jessica, I know a lot of people think Taeyeon is the best singer but I like Jessica's higher pitch (if that's the right word to describe it). Also, she is an amazing singer.
2. Taeyeon, Of course, Taeyeon has to be somewhere near the top. Originally, I always considered Taeyeon to be the best singer...until I listened to them individually sing. As in, I focused on what they were chant not just the song overall.
3. Sunny, She's a good singer and she sings in a higher pitch like Jessica.
4. Seohyun, She is very good at chant also.
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