salut everyone! I hope toi are doing well, but I was wondering do toi want to have a Season 8 fanfiction contest??

1. toi can only write one episode.
2. When toi reply back to this, post it as an article with the episode name for example: 8.01 - The places we have come to fear
3. have fun, and make what toi want to happen.

If toi want to do it, the contest will end October 31, 2008

Have Fun, and make what toi want to have!!

Here is mine:

Rory opens her eyes suddenly, totally awake! She closes her eyes tightly and puts
a hand on her forehead as she had a headache, but obviously the pain is not
coming from there. She sits on the bed, turns on the light.
"Why I'm feeling so sad?" she asks herself! "I'm beginning a new life;
which is so exciting, this is just what I was hopping for!"
"Just a few hours il y a everything had appeared so easy"! she murmurs!
Flashback: Rory and her Lorelai are talking! Lorelai is wearing brown dress pants, and a
brown veste with from what we can tell a white lacy undershirt, her brown hair falling
on her back and her chest! Rory has a pair of jeans and a light veste on, with
a black chemise on Underneath.

Lorelai: are toi sure that's exactly what toi want to do?
Rory: Yes! I'm sure! toi know écriture online is like a freelance job, I can
do it whenever I want. And I did learn a lot when I was écriture about
Barrack's campaign…
Lorelai: Yes that's what I mean, toi know. When the Democrat Party
nominated him, Hugo gave the job to someone else! How
do toi know that… that the magazine in Washington won't do the same thing!
Rory: In that case, I'll work for toi at the inn!
Lorelai: Don't make a fool of yourself. But that's life, to do funny things. To take
Rory: And as I a dit before, I can still write articles as a
freelancer, Hugo gave me many contacts. toi know, I was a bit
disappointed at first, when he dumped me… But that's the job. I can
understand that. He wanted someone that was plus experimented than me,
and who knew perfectly the world of politics. Jim is forty eight, he
has contact in Pentagon, in both chambers, and even in many black
communities too, there's no comparison with me… And I have this job

Lorelai sighs, she has her face of bad days, when she's anxious! But
she shrugs! Her little girl wants to try her own wings!

Rory: And toi know, the campaign is not finished yet, perhaps the
WIM will let me write articles about the presidential campaign! It's
so exciting! I can't wait!

But there still is a plea in Lorelai eyes. Rory feels guilty.
Rory: This is best for both of us!
Lorelai: I don't see why!
Rory: If I stayed around toi couldn't help to mothering me for ever!
Lorelai: That's not true; I never prevented toi from doing anything!
Rory: Perhaps, but I have!
Lorelai: I don't understand!
Rory: Except for dad, which was not a true marriage, why are toi still single?
Lorelai: That's not the point, and I’m not single.
Rory: Perhaps, but toi were so devoted to be a good mother to me that
toi left all those good occasions that came across your life dead away,
until it became an habit.
Loudspeaker: This is the boarding call for flight 22 going to Washington.
Lorelai and Rory Look at the ceiling.
Lorelai: I did not make a hab…….
Rory: wait did toi say toi weren’t single??
Lorelai: yes I did.
Rory: oh yeah, I forgot about your big stuffed Garfield I don’t know how I could
Have forgotten about him.
Lorelai: no not Garfield, I dumped him ages ago.
Rory: poor Garfield, he never saw it comeing, but if not Garlield then who? William Holden??
Lorelai: oh William I forgot all about him, I wonder what ever happened to good
Rory: he’s dead remember, but that’s not the point toi a dit toi weren’t single?
Then who do toi have??
Lorelai: Luke.
Rory: oh so toi think that par toi starting to eat there again that toi are back together. Maybe I shouldn’t go, cause toi seriously have Lost your marbles.
Lorelai: hmm….. What will I do with toi my child.
Rory: I don’t know mom.
Lorelai: I know when your really rich and famous, and live in a mansion you’ll
Invite me to your house, and there we will make toi run for PRESIDENT!! How’s
That sound?
Rory: sounds like a plan, that if I fail I still have to do.
Lorelai: right!
Loudspeaker: This is the final boarding call for flight 22 to Washington.
Rory: well I guess I better go.
Lorelai wiping tears from her eyes: toi better believe it.

Rory starts walking down the longs hall and suddenly remembers she forgot
Something she turns and runs back and Lorelai looks there confused.

Lorelai: toi can’t back out of it now, toi haven’t even tried it yet.
Rory: no, no, I’m still going, I just needed to say I l’amour toi mom.
Lorelai says with tears in her eye‘s: oh kid, I l’amour toi too.
The Girls Hug Each Other.

The gate man starts to close and Lorelai screams.

Lorelai: WAIT HOLD THAT DOOR!!! toi got to go.
Rory: okay, I’m gonna miss toi too.
Lorelai: I’m gonna miss toi too, but I’m not gonna be able to miss toi if you
Are still here in Stars Hollow working at my Inn now am I? So COPPER BOOM.
Rory says with one tear rolling down her face: yeah, mom copper boom.

The camera is now in the plane and Rory is sitting, par a little girl looking out the
Window and waving back at her mom, and the little girl looks at her Rory and says:
hi, I’m Amber, this is the first time I’ve ever left my mommy, and I’m scared.
"It absurd, how I feel now, suddenly as if I was that little girl on that plane leaving
Her mother, I‘ve went college and left her, I‘ve been on many of trips."!

"Wake up", she told herself reproachfully! "I'm not a child anymore. I
almost married Logan".
She shouldn't have thought about Logan… Her eyes suddenly are full of
tears. She tries to put herself together again, but she can't, it's
too much, and she burst out sobbing.
Where back at Washington DC.
Rory is thinking about the meeting! Why did she
refuse Logan's proposal! She doesn't know! Perhaps it was too early,
as Lorelai said. She feels so young, so many things to discover! Yet,
she could have seen the world with Logan! She loves him, but
something's missing, she feels it deep inside her! But she can't put
her finger on it! "I'm not ready", she uttered.

Suddenly, it seems that there is only one thing in the room! The
telephone. She is wavering, and then she moves on, she picks it up and
begins to dial! But she stops!
"What will I say?" Taking a tiny voice: "Mommy, mommy!
I want to come back! I want to go home! I need you!"
Lorelai is lying on the sofa, a sleep it looks as if she has been there a while.
The lights are still on, as is the TV. She wakes at the same moment! She
looks at the phone! She knows, she hopes, she waits, and then she hugs
a cushion.! Looks at Paul Anka

Lorelai: I miss her Paul Anka, I really do.
"What I have done! I left my mother, I couldn't go with Logan, and now
I'm alone here among strangers!"
Tears appear again in her eyes.

"I must be courageous! I made my choices. I must get up!" She said!
Only five o'clock. She goes to the fridge. Open the door! There's only
an pomme in it. She had no time to do the shopping.

"That's better than nothing she mutters shrugging!
Then she crunches absentmindedly.
She is thinking back again!
We see her when she was about to go to Chilton Academy and while she
met Dean and pretended buying something in the boutique in order to see
"Funny, she uttered, I hadn't thought about him for months"…

But she is still thinking back farther! As if she was trying to find
strength deeper in herself:
We saw her as a little girl, around seven years old. She's taking a
dance course under the direction of Miss Patty. Little Rory is very
serious, trying to do her exercise the best she can! She proudly
raises her hands and chest and the she smiles and her smile sends
Out a very beautiful shine…..
Rory's smiling:
"I hadn't thought about dancing for years” she says.
Then she's doing three ou plus dance steps… However, she stops and
tries to do some stretching exercises!
"Not too bad!" She tells herself, "I need exercise, but I'm still flexible".
And this time, she laughs.

We see in her eyes and face that the pain is still there, but she has
somehow managed to get the situation under control now. But she's
puzzled; she doesn't know what to think!

She shrugs, and looks herself in the mirror!
"What a mess!" She exclaim.
Lorelai still sitting on the canapé still hugging The same coushin,
and watching TV, she is flipping through the channels And finds “The Simpson’s”
Lorelai sighs: Rory would never approve.
She starts flipping again and she finds the 2 fat ladies, she stays and watches
We see tears building up in her eyes.
Lorelai: everything I do, everything, I see, and everything I watch on TV reminds
Me of her.

She turns the TV off and goes to her bathroom she looks in the mirror and says to
Her self, “I could use a cleaning up.”
She takes a shower, takes a towel.
Rory’s fully dressed. She’s wearing a classic women suit.
The fabric is black! Then she combs her hair, we can hear the
creaking of the spark while she brushes. Then she finishes preparing
herself with a touch of make up! She lightly applies to her lips a very light
Shade of pink. "Not that bad! At least, I won't frighten any children!"
She takes her bourse, sac à main and goes out! She gets into a bus.
Lorelai is going through her closet, she Finds a chemise that she knows isn’t
hers she pulls it out, and it says “Give buisson, bush a Weggie” she looks at it takes
a deep breath and then hugs it.
Jackson tenderly kisses Sookie and gently stroke’s her womb.
Jackson: It moved! I felt it!
Sookie: Yes! I felt it’s feet too!
But we see that she's very happy! She takes a look at the room! Messy
as always! But now she has a worry face!
Sookie: It's not that I'm not happy to have another little person running around to
love! But how are we going to make it?
Jackson: Don't worry; I'll take a seconde job!
Sookie: Yes but when! You're already working forty eight each day!
Jackson: Don't worry, well make it. Will find a way! What's going on!
Sookie: I think that toi must get me at the hospital!
Jackson leads her carefully outside!
Mrs. Kim: Daddy will be back boys.
Grandma totally nuts about the twins always taking care of them during the day. So Lane works at the boutique now. Lane looks through the window and she sees her husband
wearing a uniform and going to work. She smiles with satisfaction!
Mrs. Kim: God made a good boy out of him!
Lane: Yes mother, he did!
Mrs. Kim: But toi shouldn't listen too much of those rock songs, it's not good
for the twins!
Lane: Of course not…….. (under her breath) not here anyways!
Mrs. Kim: Humrf!
The time goes back again: We see Rory and Lane in the shop, so long
ago! Both are laughing!
Lane sighs, she looks sad:
"We were so young then! Now, I've a husband and two children! I'm a
grown woman!"
At the same time at Washington Rory is in front of a huge building.
She reads huge letters: "The WIM! Here I am!"
Her chest is moving plus rapidly, she's nervous!
She enters the building, crosses a big hall, takes an elevator crowed
with people, and left it at the eighth!
She enters the redaction room! Thousands of computers are working.
Probably for a deadline.
George: Ah, here toi are! Rory isn't it?
Rory: Yes. Rory try’s smiling shyly!
George: Here's your desk, here's your computer, and here's your files. Good
luck, and good job!"
Rory: wait what’s your name?
George: it’s George, and toi better remember, it cause I’m only telling toi once.
George leaves her without adding anything.
There's a young man suivant to her desk! He's fair, not really good
looking, wearing glasses and has acne! He has the look of someone who
has done nothing else than study and doesn't do enough exercises. A
kind of mother son! Max is printed on a sign on his shirt!

Rory notices he has a pocket protector, and try’s not to giggle, but she can’t help
It, a giggle slips out.

Max: Yale, I guess!
Rory: Yes!
Max: I’m from Harvard, you'll never make it!
Rory: How do toi know!
Max: Because they give around the same article, and they choose the best!
Mine is often the best! I've already seen three before you!
Rory: Yes, but they were perhaps smart enough to go somewhere else, and
toi are still hanging here!
The young man accuses the chock!
Rory sat on her bureau and looks at her assignation!
"No, it can't be that!"
She reads it again!
"Dogs, here the files, try to make out something of it." About one
thousand characters!
That all! "So long with interviewing diplomats, politicians, and so
on!" She muttered…

"Dogs my party!" a dit Max! “All my family have dogs! I have a dog! Have
toi got a dog?” “No, I don’t have a dog!”

Then Rory is thinking! She has an idea!
"Yes it can be done! Who knows where this maze may lead!"
She takes her purse, and goes outside. We see her questioning people
running their dogs. Later she enters an aesthetics saloon for pet! She
sits and watches, takes note, asks some question, then goes back to
the WIM!
Miss Patty: Lorelai, darling how are toi doing??
Lorelai: oh well toi know, I’m not dead, so…..
Miss Patty: umm…… okay, well how’s Rory doing?
Lorelai: I don’t actually know, she hasn’t told me yet.
Miss Patty: okay, well tell me when she has.
Lorelai keeps on walking to Luke’s.
After having made some researches on the Internet, Rory
beginning to type! Max is standing in her cubical.

"Dog that’s friend of men!" Yes, but what next?
"No, this is not the right tune! But why do I have to do that!"
She looks at Max!
"I can't give up"
"Dogs our Friends for immemorial times. Now for many reasons a
political issue…"
Yes that sounds good but what next!
"Yes chiens and economics" Yes the economics issue, but I have to do
some research.

"You're the new one!" a voice suddenly interrupts her!
"Yes, I am!"
"The boss wants to see you! Hurry up! And take your notes, she may want
to see them!"
Rory notices that Max is following her, and someone that she has not yet met!
They enter a big room, with a big desk, and a big chair.
Ellie: montrer me your paper.
Max gives its first!
Ellie: Not bad, not bad! toi must do some corrections, but it's better than
the one last week!
Then Rory gives her paper! Ellie frowns! She looks as if he
doesn't like it at all!
Ellie: Hmm, It's a draft?
Rory: Yes!
Ellie: toi still have to work on it! But we can make something out of it!
The other guy (Casey) hands her his paper while Max and Rory leave the room.

When Rory gets alone, she smiles!
Casey: toi shouldn't!
Rory: What!
Casey: toi shouldn't smile!
Rory: Even if it's none of your business, why?
Casey: Because, whatever toi do, she'll give it to a true journalist that
will rewrite it and put his name on it!
Rory: That's unjust!
Casey: That's the way everything works here!
Rory: But won't she do the same thing with yours?
Casey: Perhaps, but I've already published three papers under my name!
Rory: What is your name?
Casey: Casey. And yours I may ask?
Rory: It’s Rory.
Casey: Nice to meet toi Rory.
Lorelai enters Luke's diner!
"How's Rory!" he ask!
"I don't know, she has not called yet!"
"And how are you!"
"I don't know either! toi know it's my little girl and I feel like if
I have Lost something, but I don't know what. Yet she's following her
way, she always wanted to be a journalist, and now she works for one
of the most powerful magazine in the country, yet I don't feel she's
Luke considering Lorelai carefully!
"What about coffee, toi haven't asked for coffee today!"
Lorelai with a tiny voice: "It's not coffee I want. It's my little girl back again!"
Luke: But isn't it the same when she was with that journal campaign?
Lorelai: Yes and no! I knew it was only for a few months, and she was
écriture online, so when she didn’t have an assignment, between meetings I’d say,
she was there! So it looked like if she was still at Yale! But now
it's a fix job! She may not come accueil for months!
Luke taking a sudden decision!
"That's all folks! le dîner, salle à manger is closed!" he a dit in a loud voice!
Kirk complaining!
"Have toi noticed that I haven't finished my breakfast? The breakfast
I paid for. toi know…"
Luke losing his temper!
"Yes, and toi may have to pay for some surgeries too…" Say’s Luke.
"Luke, That's not a way to treat a……” Luke grabbing a frying pan
Kirk: yes; yes I’ll go, but the tip…"
"What are toi doing?" Lorelai asks obviously surprised!
Luke: Never mind, follow me!
Lorelai: But Wait.
Luke is écriture something, and then he sticks it on the window!
"Close for a couple of days! Those who don't agree go elsewhere!"
Then he takes a couple of things and put them in the lit of his truck.
Then they drive to Lorelai’s house!
The house appears sad, as if something was missing. Inside, walls
echoes the sounds of the steps as if the house was empty! Light seems
as subdued.
Lorelai shudders, and then takes a couple of things, and when ready
slams the door behind her.
Lorelai holding a phone to her ear,
Lorelai: Hello Sookie!
Jackson: Who’s this?
Lorelai: Barbie! She say’s sarcastically, “Who’s This?”
Jackson: it’s Ken. He say’s in an annoyed voice.
Lorelai: salut Jackson, where’s Sookie?
Jackson: It’s good to talk to toi to Lorelai, She's at the hospital
Lorelai: "Oh my God!" She's…
Jackson: "Not yet! Only nervous contraction, toi know! She's worrying about
money, and all that economics recessions! toi know!
From the loudspeakers
"Attention please…"
Jackson: "But where are you?"
Lorelai: "At the airport! But I must go now, take care of everything! Tell
Sookie I'll call her!"

Michel: Dragon Fly Inn, Michel Gerard speaking!"
Emily: "I'm Emily Gilmore, and I would like to speak with my daughter
Michel: Oh Emily, how nice to talk to toi again for the fourteenth time today.
Emily: Let me talk to Lorelai please.
Michel: "Yes, but that's impossible madam!"
Emily: "Don't be silly, ask my daughter to come! Where is she?"
Michel: "How can I say where she is, for she never tells me anything?
Emily: "I don't understand what toi mean!"
Michel: To put it in your perspective, I have no idea where your daughter is.

Emily putting the telephone down with rage:
Emily: "That's man is crazy!"
Then struck up par a sudden decision. She made a new phone call!
This time the phone rings at The Gilmore’s home! A maid picks up the receiver!
"Gilmore residence speaking!"
"How about the works!"
"Plumbers have finished installing everything, but electricians are
still working Madame!"
"Thank you!"
And Emily hangs up!
Then she takes the elevator, stop at the eighth,
traverser, croix a corridor, enter her suit at a hotel.
"Why are toi such in a hurry?" asks Richard!
"And what are toi doing?" comes the answer!
"Oh, toi know a business trip!


Casey: So toi got that paper finished.
Rory: no. I’m working on it.
Casey: well toi know it has to be done par tomorrow right?
Rory: yes I know, and I have an idea, of how to get it done, in twice the time
Then I am now.
Casey: and that would be?
Rory: if toi left me alone and when 5 minutes have come again toi don’t come
Over here and remind me that my paper is due tomorrow.

Casey walks away. Max walks over.

Max: so you’ve met, my step brother Casey……… he’s a real treat.
Rory: oh toi could say that again.
Max: hey, if toi need help with your paper, I could help with it, I don’t know
If I could give toi all the information toi need, but I could fill in the little…….
Did I say little I mean a lot of the blanks toi do have. He says’ sarcastically.
Rory: no thanks, I want to take credit for what is mine, not yours.
“That girl over there asked me to put that on her note," a dit a
waiter giving Logan a Scotch.
Logan considers the sculptural and gorgeous creature molded in a red
dress that has a beautiful smile, and blonde hair, As he turns his head…………

That’s the end of the episode.