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Lorelai sat down in her favori tabouret at Luke's. Kirk walked in behind her. "Hey!" he protested. "That's my stool. I told toi toi couldn't have it back, Lorelai!" Lorelai shrugged. "Oh, well. Better luck tomorrow, Kirk." Kirk glowered and sat down at a table.
"Heyyyyy, Luke," Lorelai a dit in her most flirty voice. " of the Flannel Shirt, King of the Spatula..."
"Coffee?" Luke asked.
"Yes, please," Lorelai smiled.
Luke leaned over the counter to give Lorelai a kiss. "No charge." he smiled.
"So what's April up to these days?" Lorelai asked.
"Well she just emailed me a few days ago..."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Lorelai said, holding her hands in front of her. "You get email?"
"Yeah," Luke said. "Last time she was here, April set it up for me."
"Okay, so toi have an e-buddy. Go on."
"She says she's really liking New Mexico. She's made a couple new friends, and she used the word 'bubbly' about a hundred times so she's good." Luke laughed.
"What?!" Lorelai gasped. "What happened to 'fabulous'?"
Luke shrugged. "It went out of style two weeks ago."
"Wow, I gotta catch up then. What do toi think the suivant word will be? Bogus? Sick? Freaky?"
"Why don't toi save it for the Dragonfly," Luke suggested.
"Insane? Deadly? Wicked?"
"Oh, wow, look at the time! You're gonna be late..."
"Or maybe something totally aléatoire like, 'What's up, Doc?' ou 'Hereeeeee's Johnny!!' ou maybe..."
"Okay, okay!" Luke begged, holding up his hands. "Here's a couple packets of extra sugar, and I promise to let toi know what the suivant word-of-the-minute in New Mexico is if toi just get outta here before I have to shut down my business!"
Lorelai grinned. "Deal."
Luke handed her her cup of coffee and gave her another kiss. "Are toi free tonight? I thought we'd get together and celebrate us back together."
"Ooh! Sounds fun. Where we goin'?" Lorelai asked.
"I thought we'd hit that Chinese restauraunt you've always wanted to go to," he replied.
"Zing's?!" she exclaimed. "Isn't it really impossible to get a reservation?"
"Not impossible," Luke disagreed. "I have my ways. Pick toi up at seven?"
"Sure," Lorelai agreed. "Now are toi going to watch me when I walk away?"
"Probably," Luke admitted.
"Good." Lorelai took her coffee and bourse, sac à main and started walking toward the door, swaying her hips back and forth. "Byyyyyyyyyye, handsome!"

"Hey, Sook!" Lorelai said, walking into the Dragonfly's kitchen.
"Hey, Lorelai." Sookie was chopping vegetables like mad.
"Whoa, whoa, slow down!" Lorelai exclaimed. "You'll chop a finger off, sweetie."
"Sorry," Sookie said, chopping at a plus normal pace. "I just feel so pressed for time, toi know? I mean, these vegetarians we're catering; they're just so demanding! One came in this morning already, to make sure the salade, laitue had no pestisides and that the lait was 'pure soy,' because just 'soy' apparently doesn't cut it for their type of vegetarian eating. What's the difference, anyways?"
"Ah, yes," Loreali replied. "The savage vegetarians. Well, toi know what they say: the vegetables that Sookie prepared soothed the savage beast...or something like that...anyways, I'm sure whatever you're making is amazing, Sookie, no need to worry."
"Do toi want to try it?" Sookie asked, holding a spoonful of nourriture near Lorelai's mouth.
"Yuck, no! toi know I don't eat anything healthy. If we cater some dessertitarians, let me know."
Lorelai took a cup of coffee with her out into the lobby.
Michel was busy helping a couple find a good activity for the afternoon.
"Bird watching?" he suggested, looking very bored.
"Oh, we don't like birds," the man said. "Noisy, dirty things."
"How about a trail?" he suggested, highlighting a line on the map.
"Are there pomme trees?" the woman asked eagerly. "We've always wanted to eat an pomme off a arbre and lie in the herbe while looking at the clouds."
Michel finally cracked. He threw the map in the air. "What do toi people want from me?" he demanded. "I have told toi about eevery actevety on zis map and toi shun zem all! If toi want to go ahead with your little fantasy, zen go ento zee kitchen, gwab an pomme from zee fruit basket near zee door, go outside and gwab a andful of gwass, and stick your faces out zee window in your room! Good-bye!"
Lorelai laughed.
"People are particularly stupeed today," Michel grumbled.

There was a knock at the door.
Lorelai's cœur, coeur sped up as she processed the sound. It had been such a long time since she had heard the familiar bang of Luke's fist on the door; she had missed it a lot.
"Coming, coming!" Lorelai chanted as she rushed down the stairs in her mini rose dress. She yanked on her heels and grabbed her bourse, sac à main from the table, tableau before opening the door.
There stood Luke. He was in a black tux with a white button-down chemise and pale gray tie.
"You look great," Lorelai said, appreciating his appearance. "So do you," Luke said, leading her to the truck and opening her door.
Lorelai smiled. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She checked the I.D. "Yay! Rory!" she flipped it open. "Hey, hon! How's the new job going? Where are you? Have toi made any Friends yet?"
"Hey, hey, slow down," Rory said. "I've got plenty of time. What are toi up to?"
"Oh, toi know, just hanging out with Luke."
"Really? Where toi going?"
"Zings," Lorelai grinned.
"What?!" Rory gasped. "No way! How come toi never took me to Zings?"
Lorelai shrugged. "I thought reservations were impossible, but I guess I was wrong."
"Quite a guy, that Luke."
"He is, he is. So how's it going so far?"
"Great!" Rory said. "I found the bus okay, and everyone's being really nice. We're at a Holiday Inn right now, and I've made some new friends...say hi, guys!"
Lorelai heard a chorus of 'hi, Lorelai's' from the backround. "Wow, who was that?"
"Alisha, Abby, and Melanie." Rory replied. "Alisha's my new roommate and Abby is Melanie's roomate; her room's suivant door for the time being. There's a staff party in a few hours."
"Cool! So I take it your boss is not a boring guy, huh? A staff party already?"
"Nope, not boring," Rory said. "He reminds me of you, actually; he keeps cracking jokes and he's really witty, too."
Lorelai smiled. "Well I'm glad you're having fun. Is New York way different from Stars Hollow?"
"Yeah," Rory said. "It's huge! I almost got Lost looking for the bus, but I bumped right into it eventually."
Luke pulled up to Zings.
"Oh! I'll have to call toi back later, Rory, we're at Zings now."
"Okay. Say hi to Luke for me and let me know how the nourriture is. I l’amour you, mom."
"Love toi too, hon," Lorelai ended the phone call and wiped her eyes when Luke wasn't looking.
It had been hard, losing Rory to her new job. She finally understood a little of how her mom felt when she left at age sixteen. Of course, Rory wasn't pregnant but still, she had left, it hurt, and Lorelai hadn't been handling it too well. She had Luke back now; he was her rock. He had to be. And he was doing a good job of it so far. He understood how she felt.
Without Rory, Lorelai needed Luke plus than ever.

Two Months Later:

Was that him?
No. Okay, was that him?
Oh, boy. It was definetly him.
How was that possible? It was a huge city; what were the odds of her bumping into her ex? Stupid karma...
What should she do? Going up and saying hi would be definitely awkward; especially after all they'd been through. But if he saw her and no one a dit hi, it would ruin the chances of picking up their future. If that's even what he wanted. Rory knew she did.
"Logan!" she cried, waving her arms.
He looked up. Wow, he looked good! Same as she remembered him, but different, too.
Ever since her new job had started, Rory had loved it. She had traveled to half the states in these past two months. She had done some great campaigning. But something kept tugging at her mind, bugging her, preventing sleep.
It was this boy who was walking towards her now.
Rory knew she had made a huge mistake, not marrying Logan. Her new job was great and all, but what was a good job compared to complete and total happiness? She loved him still, and she wanted him to start loving her again.
Logan stood right in front of her now.
"Rory Gilmore," he said, a small smile on his lips. "What are toi doing in California?"
"I'm traveling for my job," Rory said. "I'm campaigning for Obama. toi look, uh...well."
"Yeah, I'm doing alright," Logan said. He ran a hand through his hair, looking as nervous as she felt.
"Do toi want to get coffee?" Rory asked boldly.
Logan looked surprised. "I have a meeting in a few minutes about later tonight? I could pick toi up at your hotel and we could get dîner later..."
Rory nodded. "I'm in the motel on the corner of Hollywood Ave," she said. "See toi at...?"
"Uh, six."
"Six. See toi then."
"Yeah. Okay. Uh...bye."
They departed. Rory felt...good. She was seeing Logan again tonight and they could finally work this out. If he...if he wanted to. What if he didn't? Oh no...

It was 5:45 and Rory was hyperventilating.
"Calm down," Alisha instructed. "There's nothing to freak out about."
"I l’amour him," Rory said, her lips white. "I'm about to have dîner with my ex-almost-fiance because I'm still in l’amour with him."
"Well..." Alisha said. "He a dit yes, at least. That says something."
"Oh, no!" Rory moaned. "He could have a girlfriend!"
Alisha sighed. "No he doesn't." She'd been trying to calm Rory down ever since she had had this encounter with Logan, 2:00 pm this afternoon. All these horrible fantasies were running through Rory's head over and over. "He a dit yes to dinner--no he offered to take toi to dinner. He still has feelings for you, Rory."
Rory's breathing abruptly turned normal again. Alisha was never wrong. Maybe she was a fortune teller; maybe she was psychic, but Alisha always knew what was going to happen.
"You'll have dîner and talk," Alisha said. "The rest is up to you."
Rory rolled her eyes, getting plus normal every second. "You sound like a real fortune teller, toi know that?"
Alisha grinned. "You okay now?"
"Yeah." The phone rang. "Gah!" Rory jumped a foot.
Alisha sighed. "Hello? Yeah, okay. Yup, sure. Bye." she hung up the hotel phone. "Logan's here."
Rory fought the urge to throw up.
"You're fine," Alisha said. "Now toi need to be honest with this boy. No lies. If he asks toi a question, tell him the absolute truth. No hiding your feelings. toi want this to work, so... Make. It. Work." she shoved Rory out the door.
The elevator ride only took a millisecond, it seemed, though they were on the twelfth floor. When Rory stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, Logan was there in a black suit.
"Ready?" he asked.
"Yeah," Rory said.
Logan took her outside, where a limo was waiting. Of course there was a limo. Rory almost laughed when she realized how little she knew about Logan now. She'd sort-of forgotten he was rich! Small talk wasn't hard to master when she realized this.
Later, at the restauraunt, Logan asked, "So what made toi approach me today?"
No lies, Alisha's voice echoed. "I couldn't stop thinking about you," Rory confessed. "I...I wanted to see you."
Logan opened his mouth to say something, but Rory stopped him. "Just hear me out!" she pleaded. "I know toi probably hate me right now, and to tell toi the truth, I'm not sure what we're doing here right now. This is strange, meeting up again after all these months, and even stranger that I just thought we could pick up where we left off..."
Logan's eyes popped open wide. "Rory, I..."
"But I l’amour you, Logan. I always have and I always will. You're the right guy for me. No other can compare to the interest I have for you. I was stupid to wait; I just figured, with our careers taking off, that it could never work. But I was wrong. We could make it work. When I first took the job, everything was great, but then I started thinking plus and plus about you...well pining, actually, and we are. And I bet toi have a girlfriend, but I just thought toi should hear my side of the story."
Rory took a deep breath.
"Done?" Logan asked, a smirk on his perfect lips.
"Not even close," Rory said. "But if toi have something to share, go ahead."
"I don't hate you; I l’amour you," began Logan. "And you're right in saying that we could make it work out, I want it to. I don't have a girlfriend, and I l’amour toi plus than my own life. You're definitely not stupid in thinking that it's silly for us to pick up where we left off. I've been dreaming of this very moment since I got to this stupid place. I missed toi horribly; when I moved into my new appartment, I was afraid to unpack, because so many of the things had 'you' stamped all over them. The silverware, the plates, the coffee maker--" he chuckled. "Everything's still in boxes over there."
"So...what does this mean? Can we pick up where we left off?" Rory almost gnawed her lip off, waiting for his answer.
Logan's face broke into the smile that Rory had dreamed of seeing for the past three months. "Yes." Amazingly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the velvet blue box. "I kept the ring. I hoped toi would change your mind and find me." he smiled, then stood up from the table, tableau and got down on one knee. "Rory, will toi marry me?"
There was no hesitation, no indecision. "Yes."
Logan smiled, then took Rory into his arms and kissed her. Rory truly felt wholly happy as she kissed him back. They went back to his apartment later, where Rory helped him unpack. The suivant morning she quit her job.
The Gilmore Girls were the happiest they had been in a long time. Lorelai had Luke back, and they were taking it slowly, testing the footing of their relationship and each other, before jumping into marriage plans again. Rory and Logan, on the other hand, were back together, in love, and picking right up where they had left off. To the minute, almost. Their relationship was steady, firm as a rock. But no matter the situation, Lorelai and Rory were finally getting what they deserved: total happiness from their Friends and the special men in their lives.