"Emily, we should tell them tonight..." Richard trailed off as he ran a hand against her forehead. She sighed and leaned back against the pillow.
"How am I supposed to say this to them when I can barely believe it myself?"
Richard moved to lay beside her and gently stroked her hair.
"You need their support through this...and I keep feeling like I'll fall apart any minute." He a dit softly. She looked up at him and kissed his cheek.
"This is a lot to keep secret, I know..."
"And they should know what to prepare for once it happens...they shouldn't be blindsided." He a dit as he closed his eyes trying to supress his tears.
"Tonight it is." She finally stated and leaned against her husband.
"So, I told Luke that rose would look great in the nursery but he really wants lilac. I'm thinking about doing one mur in each color that way we're both..."
Richard couldn't help but to shed a tear as he watched his wife from across the table. Lorelai and Rory were both stunned into silence.
"Emily, toi should..."
Emily, straightening up, took a deep breath, and placed her drink on the table.
"Girls, I have recently discovered that I...(Emily paused with a grimace and placed a hand on her abdomen), well, I have...ovarian cancer."
Rory let out a gasp. Lorelai closed her eyes tightly for a moment and then opened them to reveal watery eyes.
"Mom, how are you...what does the doctor..."
"Grandma, did they catch it early?" Rory asks as tears stream down her face.
Emily smiles sadly at her granddaughter and leans over to touch her hand.
"No, dear....I have six months."
Rory let out a stream of tears as her grandmother continued to stroke her hand. It was then that they heard a deep gutteral cry come from Lorealai's direction.
Emily looked over at her only child and was taken aback. Lorelai promptly got out of her chair and hugged her mother tightly not willing to let go. Soon Rory and Richard followed in the hug. Emily was encircled in this family embrace and for the first time since she discovered the fatal news, she sobbed.