I decided to toi use Nick Stokes and NOT George Eads as my subject cos to be very honest I don't really know loads about George Eads, even though I l’amour Nick Stokes.
I l’amour how he's a proper 'jock' type guy, but still has the 'geek' qualification to become a CSI.
His interactions with Greg Sanders are probably my favourite parts of the show, apart from being hilarious (sometimes touching) I think it's just because my two favourite characters are on the screen together! (Now just find a way to get Ryan Wolfe (CSI:Miami) and Det. Flack (CSI:NY) in the same scene and I'm a very happy bunny!!)
I think the fact they use his sensitive side, like the many times that guy has cried, ou nearly cried, is brilliant. He has empathy with the victims which drives him to solve the crimes.
I l’amour loads of the episodes, but I think Grave Danger (parts one and two) were spectacular, not only for Nick Stokes' part in them, but also for the whole story, connections, drama, shots, everything....just excellent!
I think I have rambled enough, though I do have one plus thing to say...Nick, that moustache....NO!!!