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After the general debacle of the précédant three ou four episodes (the fact that episode one had been my favourite of the series prior to this a dit quite a lot about what I thought of it) I didn't come to the Thrones finale with any sense of hope of seeing a good 90 minutes of écriture ou drama. And I guess in that sense, I was pleasantly surprised...

After messing up the Night King storyline in episode three and then Dany's storyline, Jaime's arc etc etc in the précédant episode, the final episode of GOT really did the best that it could with it's ruined and once great empire. The first half hour...
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To sum up my thoughts after watching the culmination of nine years of storytelling: ''Oh no.''
I guess the signs had been there all along. The montrer had been losing it's way. The ancient prophesies and visions of fans that had begun as long il y a as during season 5 had come to pass. The fan theories about Benioff and Weiss becoming the ''mad writers'' had finally been proven correct. And it all began with their attack on George R.R. Martin and his army of fans. After a précédant assault par the show's writers on the book lire faithful, they chose to swoop in once plus and deliver their final piece...
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Ok, here we go. Needless to say SPOILER ALERT!!

Last night's episode of Game of Thrones provided us with some of the most terrifying, awe inspiring and grand battle scenes yet seen on the show. But global, ensemble I will look back on this episode as being a mixed bag. How come? Read on...
So first the good points. As just mentioned, the battle for Winterfell was immense and incredible to watch. It really did feel like the culmination and spectacular finale of the White Walker storyline, as we got to see the whites relentlessly launch their assault on Winterfell and it's defences. From the beginning,...
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So here it is. Another of my once every few mois articles, because I'm bored of waiting for the suivant series of Thrones to air! This is a good one though (hopefully): My haut, retour au début ten predictions of who will ultimately win, come the end of the TV show. So here are my 10 most likely and why:

1) Jon Snow: The heir to the Iron Throne. He's returned from the dead and seems to be destined to sit on the Iron Throne. He's also the Show's hero figure. It would go against the grain if this was not to be.
2) Sansa Stark: She would be plus keen to rule than Jon and would be a good and just ruler. She would have...
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Contact: Theresa Guzman Stokes, Executive Director
Phone: 401.847.6832


NEWPORT, R.I., August 29, 2017—A Game of Thrones auteur George R.R. Martin will sign livres and receive an award at the Historical Writers of America's annual conference at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort in Santa Ana Pueblo.

Santa Fe auteur Melinda Snodgrass-—a étoile, star Trek screenwriter and executive producer on Martin's new...
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posted by TheHound1
Welcome to my review of GOT season 7 so far! In this exciting installment, I'll be reviewing episodes 1-6 of the season. Yes, where's episode 7, toi may ask? I'll probably do that suivant week. It just hasn't aired yet!
So the series started off with high hopes then, but for me episode 1 pretty much summed up the worst of Game of Thrones; Big ''surprises'' which weren't all that surprising (Arya wiping out the Freys), slow moving storylines - slowed down par unnecessary scenes (Sam cleaning out chamber pots in Old Town) and a flash of the show's ego (thinking that giving Ed Sheeran an all to obvious...
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posted by StarkStark
End of GOT

Well, this is purely based on theory . And the Azor Ahai legend .
I think Gendre is the prince promised. I think he's going to forge the new lightbringer sword and thrust it into the cœur, coeur of his lover . In this case I think his lover ou wife will be Arya . So she could die. Gendre will be the ruler of the seven kingdoms . And being a bastard and a fella born in flea bottom, he will be a just good kind king .
He will probably give the north to Jon to rule as the king in the North , and Jon will continue to overlook the wall.
Turpin will continue as hand of the king as he does enjoy this position .
Dani will go back to Essos and continue her work to free slaves as she realises that that's where she belongs and her interest lies .

Cerise will be killed par Jamie as per the prophecy .

My own theories for now . Please do let me know what toi guys think and add
posted by amby0805
The crashing waves came and died
The howling winds swept across
The lashing drops fell with fury,
But she stood still, all through time.

With her drapes of rocks, sand and mortar
She is a testimony of man's will and strength
Carrying tales of the empires long past their sunset
She stands with her feet in the black water.

She has endured the tips of steel and
The edge of the blood washed blades
She has witnessed the screams of the dying
And cheers of her victors;
She is immortality, she is might
She is inspiration, she is light
She is greed and she is pride
She is a gift and she is a curse
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I recently wrote an article which included my predictions for series 7. Because I've heard some very credible rumours (maybe even spoilers?) about series 7 since, I've decided to re-write my predictions AND include some for the final season. How many will come true? Probably none!:

Season 7:
1) Euron Greyjoy will form an alliance with Cersei, and attack Theon and Yara's fleet. Yara will be taken prisoner. Euron will then go on to attack the sand snakes in Dorne, and kill at least one of them, before Theon eventually saves Yara par killing his uncle. BUT Theon will be fatally wounded in the process....
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posted by Windrises
Notes: Credit goes to the creators and owners of Game of Thrones. This fan story is meant for comedy so please don't take it seriously.

Sansa Stark walked outside the kingdom. It was late in the morning, but she was already tired.

Tyrion walked to her and a dit "How's it going?"

She a dit "Bad and I won't tell toi why." Tyrion could tell she was in a bad mood so he walked away.

She felt like talking to nobody, but Jon Snow showed up. She growled.

Jon Snow a dit "I have sad news. Grand Maester Pycelle got killed."

She sarcastically a dit "I'm going to miss that creepy old guy."

Jon a dit "Sister...
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 Sansa, ice; Daenerys, feu
Sansa, ice; Daenerys, fire
DISCLAIMER! English is my seconde language, so I’m sure this article is full of mistakes. PLEASE! Feel FREE to commentaire and correct, so I can éditer this!! Thank you!

So, let’s start from the beginning…

A long time ago, Lady Lyanna Stark was engaged to one Rebelle and powerful Robert Baratheon, who happened to be her brother Ned’s friend.
Lyanna was (supposedly) kidnapped and raped par the evil Rhaegar Targaryen, who was married and had children with Elia Martell. (This is what Robert Baratheon thinks… there’s evidence that makes us believe Lyanna was not in l’amour with Robert; she loved Rhaegar...
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What an earth shattering episode ''Home'' turned out to be - plus like an episode 10 of the series instead of a two! There were various big scenes to reflect upon and here are my vues on them.

1) No family sentimentality for Ramsay:
This had been coming for a long time, but I was surprised par the swiftness and brutality of it all. Ramsay didn't even hesitate in doing away with his dad once he heard the news that Lady Walda had donné birth. Although I half expected it, I still found myself shuddering at Ramsay's steely and purely evil expression as he did away with his father. After that, what...
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Game of Thrones season 6 is tonight (9:00) for the lucky ones, and tomorrow for the less lucky ones (like me :p).

What are your expectations for this season ?
What do toi really want to see ?
What do toi not want to see at all ?

Deaths, resurrections, new characters, couples, fights ?
Give us your opinion on this article !
(No spoilers please and respect everyone's opinion !)

Airdates :
"Home" April 24, 2016     
"Oathbreaker" May 8, 2016     
Episode 3 May 15, 2016     
Episode 4 May 22, 2016     
Episode 5 May 29, 2016     
Episode 6 June 5, 2016     
Episode 7 June 12, 2016     
Episode 8 June 19, 2016     
Episode 9 June 19, 2016
Episode 10 June 26, 2016
Hi everyone! I'm new to this club but I have been on fanpop for a while - I was active in the Disney Princess club for a time and it was interesting seeing a myriad of different discussions and opinions which emerged from that.

I hope to grow this club to become plus active, like the Disney Princess club and to see plus input and opinions as we discuss Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, especially in the lead up and (when it comes) the aftermath of Season 6. I hope to write plus articles in the future however I am in my final an at school so they might not be too regular...

Today I...
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Hi, I made a liste of GOT characters ^^
This is base on how many fans they have on Fanpop, I did go around and chercher a bit.
Here toi go:

1. Daenerys Targaeryn

2. Jon Snow

3. Sansa Stark

4. Arya Stark

5. Tyrion Lannister

6. Robb Stark

7. Jaime Lannister

8. Eddard "Ned" Stark

9. Sandor Clegane a.ka The Hound

10. Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart

And here is the haut, retour au début three couples/pairing on fanpop :)

1. Daenerys and Drogo

2. Arya and Gendry

3. Sandor and Sansa
 The haut, retour au début 20 Game of Thrones characters as voted par you.
The top 20 Game of Thrones characters as voted by you.
For this article, I used a simple system. I'm gonna explain it briefly so none of toi think I just made this liste up :P
Anyway, assuming your liste was this:
1. Jon Snow
2. Robb Stark
3. Arya Stark
Then I would give Jon 10 points, Robb 9 points, Arya 8 points and so on. The lowest someone can score is 1 point, which a character gets from being in the 10th rank.
There were a few ties, but I figured it doesn't matter. It only allows me to include even plus people in the article.
P.S. I would have given...
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HBO has just released a slew of new character posters for the forthcoming season which will debut April 6, 2014. It's tough waiting for the season premiere to drop but let's check out the new posters and remind ourselves where we left off with these characters at the end of season 3!

The posters all feature the quote "Valar Morghulis" which means "All men must die" in High Valyrian. toi may remember that these were the parting words of Jaqen H'gar in season 2 (he was the man who granted her the 3 deaths).

[all images courtesy HBO]

Joffrey Baratheon
King of Westeros (at least in name though we all...
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posted by shasoc
Just recently I finished lire ADWD and simply loved it. It got me thinking about probable end games for SOIAF and the mind truly boggles at the posibilities:). The characters can be divided into three tiers based on their importance:

Tier I
Dany, John, Aegon, Stannis, Arya, Bran, Tyrion, Cersei, Sansa, Jamie

Tier 2
Tyrells, Dornes, Barristian Selmy, Melissandre, Littlefinger, Varys, Blackfish, Griff, Stoneheart, Rickon, Asha, Theon, Victarion, Brienne, Davos

Faith, Easterosi (Mereneese, Yunkai...), Wildlings, Other ironborns

Little knowns (as of date):
Others, Rhilor, PTWP, Artifacts such...
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I asked people that voted to rank their favori Game of Thrones characters, and they commenté with their ranks. A total of 23 users took part. The ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. The scoring of the ranks was done par a total point score (combined points to each character from the lists of all of the people that participated)! For example, if somebody had Ned Stark as #1 on their list, then Ned gets 10 points. If another person has him as #2, he gets 9 points and so on. If Ned is not in ranked in the haut, retour au début 10 on somebody's list, he gets no points.

So here are...
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posted by Laurynite
I began lire the game of Thrones livres many years ago. I recently re-read the first 5 and can't wait for season 3 of Game of thrones to start!

So far the Game of Thrones TV series has followed the livres pretty closely. There have been some differences but they have been minor and have not affected the global, ensemble storyline so far.

However, I feel the epic tale is really only beginning and season 3 will make ou break Game of Thrones. I think this because if the montrer continues to follow the livres there will be a lot plus bloodshed in the 3rd season.

Please read my link to see what's coming suivant for the cast and characters of Game of Thrones.