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Honey, I Broke the House
La fête à la maison
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 DJ, Stephanie and Michelle
DJ, Stephanie and Michelle
On Wake Up, San Francisco, Danny and Becky have a special guest named Edna, an elderly yet feisty woman who, despite her age, still goes bungee-jumping; Edna invites Danny and Becky to jump with her.

While Danny declines, Becky accepts Edna’s offer, as she is inspired to add some spice to her own life with this new experience (which she sees as thrilling). But Jesse, who ironically has always been a bit of a risk-taker himself, hits the roof when Becky decides to accept Edna’s invitation and get the crew of Wake Up, San Francisco to videotape the jump.

Jesse does his best to talk her out...
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In this scene from The First jour of School, DJ comforts Stephanie when Stephanie feels sad over not having any friends.
La fête à la maison
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the first jour of school
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Full House Funny Clip - Danny Comes accueil Late
La fête à la maison