La Reine des Neiges Anna and Elsa wardrobe countdown Round 10. Pick your LEAST favorite.

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Anna's summer dress
Elsa's Ice dress
Anna's winter dress (no cape)
Anna's coronation dress
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 WinterSpirit809 posted il y a plus d’un an
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WinterSpirit809 picked Elsa's Ice dress:

I also have a tiebreaker going on for Anna's winter dress and Anna's Frozen Fever dress which will go to the two elimination spots next round.

Round 1 Elimination: Young Anna's nightgown
Round 2 Elimination:9-year-old Anna's dress
Round 3 Elimination: Young Elsa's nightgown
Round 4 Elimination:Elsa's coronation dress (no cape)
Round 5 Elimination: 12-year-old Elsa's dress
Round 6 Elimination: Elsa's coronation dress
Round 7 Elimination: Elsa's coronation dress
Round 8 Elimination: TIEBREAKER
Round 9 Elimination: TIEBREAKER
posted il y a plus d’un an.