Hello Hans, we meet again!
Hi guys, I will be doing a comparison on these 2 characters, one of them is from The Sound of musique and how similar they are. Ready?

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles

He was a Prince who appears to be very charming and friendly towards Anna when we first met him, he even share a duet with her. His motives are mention in l’amour is An Open Door, planning to usurp the Arendelle trône later on. Unfortunately, his usurp and assassination attempt failed at the end of the film!


Like Prince Hans, he appears to be very handsome, charming and in l’amour with Liesl Von Trapp. They share a duet '16 Going On 17', talking about a sweet 16 moment! However, later on he was already brainwashed par the Nazis to be one of them.
Because of this, their relationship were broken because Captain Von Trapp does not support the Nazis and Rolfe came to resent him for that. Prompting him to break off his relations with Liesl, until the ending when the Captain says 'You'll Never Be One of Them!'. montrer Rolfe's cowardice.

Rolfe ou Prince Hans?

Who do toi chose? Rolfe ou Prince Hans? Do toi agree with the similarities between them?
I'm 16 Going On 17