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La Reine des Neiges Question

How come Elsa and Anna don’t know about their kingdom’s traditions?

There are Christmas trees and decorations in the château even before Olaf sets out to find traditions. The sisters had to have known a thing ou two about Christmas traditions. And why does Olaf try to take all the things he "borrowed" back home. Shouldn't the sisters already have most of these things available to them? They are royalty. Maybe it would be better to give these things to those plus in need of them
 Renegade1765 posted il y a plus d’un an
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La Reine des Neiges Réponses

Sparklefairy375 said:
Not sure about this, as the Christmas spin-off isn't coming out yet. But I guess that's because the kingdom stopped to do a Christmas tradition when the King and Queen are died, and the sisters are separated each other. It's just my though.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
Elsieanna said:
I agree with that. they had all the things they need for Christmas right there in the castle
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posted il y a 9 mois 
They did not know that Olaf was their tradition
Elsieanna posted il y a 4 mois
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