Thought of this while we were eating dîner and desert this evening. It is similar to the RL version..

[3 days later at the orginal Geller home. It is Jack's birthday, his son, daughter, grandchildren and in-laws came]

"Hi daddy and mom" Monica says giving her parents a hug, "Hi sweetheart how's the baby" Judy asks her daughter. "It keeps on kicking me so much and making me throw up" Monica complains. At that moment, Ross, Emily, Ben, Heather and Isabella all enters and the kids run to their grandparents to see who gets to who the fastest. "Hey don't trample each other" Ross tells his children. C&M's kids give their relatives hugs also, "I'm so happy toi are all here" Jack says. "Why would we miss your birthday daddy" Ross asks in a girl like voice, "Me and Daniel are gonna play video games in your old room. Right Dan" Ben tells his dad while giving each other a nudge on the shoulder. "Sure go ahead. It's not like I've played in there in a long time" Ross tells them.

[20 minutes later. The laundry room is right near Ross's old room. Judy comes out of there]

"You fucking bastard" Ben yells at Daniel as the Geller's hate to lose, "Hey salut boys no cursing alowed in here" they can hear their grandma tell them. "We aren't cursing grandma" Daniel tells her.

[The cake is out]

"Why is there two candles on here. I wanted one" Jack asks eyeing the birthday candles, "Honey we can't put the 68 candles on there. It won't fit" Judy tells him.

[The candles are blown and 'Happy birthday' is sung]

"Should I smear out my name on the cake" Jack asks, "No dad don't do it. It's bad luck" Ross tells him. "I'm gonna do ot anyways", "Okay fine but don't come crawling back to me if toi get cursed"