Say It Can Be

“Wicked,” chorused fifteen-year-old Fred and George Weasley while they eyed Jade Chan, thirteen, practicing her magic in the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was getting to be quite good with her spells. For one, her Lumos Maxima spell, which was a part of her Charms homework, was getting lots of practice. And then there was one spell that was her favorite: Finite Incantatem, which was the General Counter-Spell. She was practicing that one every chance she got.

Expelliarmus!” Jade said, and the spell knocked Ron back off his feet. But he was grinning anyway as he got to his feet.

“Not bad, Jade,” he said. “You’re doing quite awesome, if I may say so myself.”

“Thanks, Ron,” Jade replied while smiling herself.

“Too true, kiddo,” a dit Fred as he and George picked Jade up and set her on their shoulders.

“We knew toi could do it. With our help and tutelage, toi are quite the student, especially in magic, and, with Fred and myself, mischief,” added George.

“You guys aren’t going to let me forget this, are you?” Jade queried.

Grinning still, Fred and George a dit as one, “Never.”

“Cool” was all Jade could think of to say in reply to that.

She had three older brother figures, and they saw her as a little sister, as well as (in Fred and George’s case) a student when it came to mischief, at least in their eyes.

What plus could I ask for?