"Well, that was interesting." Krista said, slipping her hands into her pockets. Grace could tell she was fighting in that aswell, as her hands were covered in paint.
"Indeed it was, my friend." Nick said, bumping his fist lightly against her shoulder then leaning on it casually. Grace stretched her arms upwards. Unexpectedly, she then flipped over and stood on her elbows for about a minute. Within that minute, everyone stared at her, confused.
"Grace...what are toi doing?" Earthen asked, walking out of the fort she had made earlier.
"Teaching my pet éléphant to tap dance, WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING, toi IDIOT?!" she snapped, flipping back over par teleporting. Earthen backed away a bit, not wanting to be kicked in the jaw once more. That bruise was bad enough as it seemed.
"Anyways, Reddie, my mate, how's life?" Grace continued, walking over to her traumatised friend. He appeared to be shivering with wide eyes and a blank expression.
Grace slapped him.
Reddie woke up out of his little, weird world of 'oh god'. He straightened his veste and tried to look like he knew what he was doing. Ula, just behind him, slapped her forehead. She knew all too well how much of an idiot he was.
    "Right, I guess we'd better be leaving." he suggested, tugging the bands of his backpack that still lay over his shoulders. Kouh rolled his eyes, dragged up his and walked out of the small front garden to the gate of the inn. He seemed pretty sick of running into weird people and things who wouldn't stop trying to kill his students.
"Well, it was nice knowing you, Krista, Nick." Grace a dit her final goodbye to the demon and human. "Maybe one day, I'll meet toi guys again. For now, see ya."
"BYE! IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU!" Krista called as Grace ran to catch up with her team.
"HAVE FUN IN THE AFTERLIFE!" Nick called after his friend. He was then elbowed in the stomach par Krista. "Things never go very well with you." she sighed, adjusting the casquette, cap on her head.
"Lol, it was going so well." he snickered, giving her a slightly evil smile.
'SHUT UP, toi DEMON CHILD!" she snapped at him. Nick only burst out in laughter.