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posted by FreeAwesomeness
"Keep your torso up, like this..."
"But wouldn't toi want the momentum to pack plus of a punch?"
"They're pretty close to you."
"Oh, OK."

Grace was teaching Krista some of her martial arts she had taught herself over the years. They looked easy when a professional demonstrated them. Actually trying to learn them was extremely hard.
" this?" Krista asked, holding the position. She had her legs two shoulder-widths apart, one hand over the opposite shoulder, the other in a fist pointing somewhat forwards.
It was basically a mix of form one and form two of Kung Fu.
    "Your legs need to be further apart." Grace corrected her. She bent down, grabbed Krista's left ankle and pulled it away from the right one. Her legs were far apart enough, however, from the front, she was walking down a catwalk.
"If your legs are too close together in width-way, you'll fall over." Grace said. "Then an attacker can indeed kill you."
"Oh, that sounds great!" Krista a dit sarcastically, a few blue lines appearing on her face. "Well, Nick could always revive me."
"You feel for him, don't you?"
"Whenever you're near him, your face is slightly pink."
" it's not!"
"Not like toi have a mirror with toi at the time."
Krista's face became a dark hue of bright pink. She fell out of the position and gave Grace a look.
"I am not into him!" she denied, crossing her arms. "He's, y'know."
"So is Charlie."
"Very dapper though."
"What's a dapper?"
"It means of a man, formal, and rather attractive."

Krista stared at Grace. Grace stared at Krista.

"Yo, dudes, what's up?" Reddie mused, walking into the scene. "You two having a staring contest? Krista, Grace is gonna win for sure! She's UNBEATABLE!"
Grace sighed irritatedly. "We're not having a staring contest, idiot." she said, slapping her forehead. "Krista and I were just discussing...things."
"Oo? What kind of things?" Reddie queried, leaning into Grace and staring into her eyes.
"We're talking about how much glacière Nick is than Charlie." Krista replied. Grace twitched. "Nick isn't as dapper as Charlie." she argued, giving Krista a look.
"How? It's just a word."
"The definition of it is weird!"
"I like it."
Reddie felt like numerous different question marks were spurting out of his head. "Who's Charlie, par the way?" he asked, confused. He had met Krista and Nick last night while running down the hallway, and promptly into them.
"Charlie's a ghost who entered my mind last night." Grace answered, turning back to him again. "Apparently he's Krista's mortal enemy and she despises him greatly."
"Well...not always, he just knows how to get on my nerves every now and again." she corrected, tapping her fingers together awkwardly. "We are friends... sometimes...just not usually."
Grace shrugged. "Let's finish up practice here. Team KRUGE and I have gotta get moving." she said, slipping her head into her pockets. With that, she made her way towards the inn again to find the gang.
"KOUH! YOU'RE STILL NOT READY?!" she screamed at him, kneeing him lightly in the back of the head. "YOU'RE OUR TEAM CAPTAIN, SET A BETTER EXAMPLE!"
Letting her fingernails glow in irritation, she extracted all the stuff off the floor and into her captain's backpack.
"Honestly, learnt to do things quicker!" she snapped, walking out as she dragged him par the ear. She continued to do that until she reached Ula, Reddie, Earthen, Krista and Nick.
"Sorry we're late," she apologised, smiling innocently. "Cappy here's got some issues with his packing skills."

Practically everyone rolled their eyes.

"Right, shall we head off?" Ula said, gripping the straps of her backpack. "AWAAAAAAAYYYYY!" Reddie cried, starting to run off without everyone else. As he attempted to do so, something whizzed right past his ear, leaving a tiny trail of someone else's blood on his cheek.
Everyone became silent.
Slowly and cautiously, Reddie turned around to face the gang. He noticed Nick, all the way at the back, had a tiny scratch on the right side of his face. Whoever threw that...thing...that turned out to be a knife...was behind Nick.
And invisible.

"CHARLIE!" Krista yelled, ducking as yet another couteau flew over her head at lightning speed.
"Oh shitaki mushrooms, not this guy again!" Grace complained, catching the couteau that just whizzed over Krista's cap. She caught several plus par extracting them as they made their ridiculously-fast way towards all the other team members.
An deep, evil laugh sounded out from the middle of nowhere. Despite not being able to detect where it was coming from, it sounded like it was all around.
"How cute, trying so pathetically to defeat us!" Charlie's voice came. He appeared floating in front of Grace. She held up a hand and placed it randomly on his face.
ou tried to, because her hand just went straight through him.
"I take it toi might have some sort of solidity-switch toi can turn on?" she mused, giving him a suspicous look. He nodded.
"Turn it on then," she ordered, taking her hand out and wiping it cautiously on her coat. "This fight will be fair, whether toi like it ou not. Turn on your solidity. Teleportation is allowed. However, if toi kill anyone, I won't be able to forgive you. I'm not the sort of person toi want on your back."
Charlie shrugged as a girl of about Krista's age (only maybe a few months/years older) came into view. She was rather beautiful. However, Grace knew all too well that beauty can be used to fool the gullible into their death.
"Charlie, you're stealing all the spotlight!" she wined, landing down beside him and slapping the back of his head. He made a strange complaining sound and rubbed where he had been hit.
"Just getting everything started!" he answered swiftly, attempting to hit her back. She grabbed his wrist before he could do anything.
"How rude of you, to try and hit a lady!" she growled, pulling has arm down to his leg. "Don't try it ever again!"
"Em...are toi two just gonna...y'know, do your thing?" Ula asked, giving the two a questioning look. "So, can, go now ou something?"
Kaelin turned to Ula with a blank look. Letting go of Charlie's arm, she walked up to her. Everyone could then see Ula was a few inches shorter than Kaelin.

Then Ula had to duck, because Kaelin attempted to kill her.

Then the real fight started.