The team had booked an inn for a night. Of course, naturally, it would cost money, but Grace had done some, well...ahem...'talking' to the inn keepers. For the night, they could stay...until they got kicked out in the morning...ja.
    Well, Grace was just about to go and have a douche and was organising her small load of stuff when someone knocked on her door. From the vibrations they gave out with their knuckles tapping against wood, she could tell they were female from body structure. Throwing a towel over her shoulder without her coat, she opened the door. "Can I help you?" she asked the two people in front of her. One was a girl of about twelve ou so, looking rather excited and happy as she held a blue sketchbook and a pen.
That girl had long, brown hair that came somewhere down her torso over her shoulders. She wore a white and blue casquette, cap with a blue pine arbre on the front. her short sleeve t-shirt had a white drawing of a fox-pirate with a rather creepy look on the front. Attached to her ceinture was a paintbrush and two pistols. Around her torso was a sash with numerous weapons hitched onto the back. Behind her purple-rimmed glasses, bright blue eyes shone with excitement.
"Are toi Grace Gamma?" she asked. Her accent was similar to Grace's; American, but much lighter. Grace almost sounded like a guy. In Clang, she actually did.
"As a matter of fact, I am." Grace replied. "What can I do for toi and your demon friend?"
The boy standing just behind the girl twitched slightly. He also had glasses, but he wore a hooded jacket.
"Hey, wait, how can toi tell he's a demon?" the girl asked.
"Weird thing about Renya, what I am," Grace answered "We can detect any species, despite their appearance. Anyways, he reeks of demonic havoc."
The boy twitched again.
"Oh, well, could I please have your autograph and draw you?" the girl continued.
"No problem," Grace said, taking the sketchbook and pen. She scribbled down her name and handed it back. "Your name might be, par the way?"
"I'm Krista." the human girl replied. "Krista Cole."
"I see. Come in."
Letting them into her inn-room, Grace copied one chair into three. She sat down in one and took her position. The boy and Krista stared for a moment, not sure whether to trust those chairs ou not.
"They're perfectly safe," Grace said, pulling on her manteau again. "They won't bite...unless..."
Krista and Nick gave her a very distrusting look.
"Nah, they're just chairs, they can't do that." Grace joked, tossing the towel onto her lit a metre away. Nick sat down in the chair suivant to Krista's. She opened her sketchbook to a new page, yanked her paintbrush out of her ceinture and began to draw.
Wihtout paint.
With a paintbrush.
Seems legit.

As she drew, the bristle of the brush lit up and emitted bright colours. They shone and sparkled as they danced throughout the room. The sketchbook had also illuminated itself, as if to unite with the paintbrush to create whatever Krista was painting. Reds, blues, greens, greys, blacks, whites, yellows, browns, all sorts of things traveled through the air and then settled onto the page. Every now and again, plus colours would spurt out of the paintbrush, hover in the air for a moment, then land onto the page in the correct place. After a few minutes of watching this mesmerising phenomenon, Krista slipped her paintbrush back into her belt. She turned the sketchbook around in her hands and gave it to Grace.
Taking it, the redhead inspected it, studying the details of her portrait carefully. It was a good drawing. The tones and everything were absolutely perfect. Handing it back, Grace smiled. "Man, and I thought I was a good drawer." she said. "That's really cool. Tomorrow, I want to see plus of that. For now, toi two should go get some rest."
Being escorted to the door, Krista turned to Grace. "Thankyou for letting me draw your portrait." she said. "I'll be sure to give toi a copy if toi like tomorrow."
Despite the fortunate meeting of the girl with the magic paintbrush, Grace had a restless sleep. Once again, she saw that same girl with the long, reddish-brown hair that she had herself. That girl wore a long dress of a leafy pattern, outlined with or thread.
"Katherine..." Grace mumbled. The girl didn't bother to turn and reveal her face. "Can toi not hear me?"
Nothing happened.
Grace knew who this girl was. What she didn't know was what was going on. images flashed before her eyes. Disturbing images of what had been done to her before she lived in Korham. Eluka... Anotohma... Jhan... Jade... Opal... Ahht... Dyuvrah...


Waking up, Grace saw nothing but ceiling. Checking her alarm clock on her bedside table, she saw it was already fifteen past nine. Rushing out the door after dressing, she pulled on her manteau to find Reddie.
On the way to his room, she ran straight into Krista. Renya aren't good in the mornings.
"Sorry! I can't see well at this time of day!" she apologised, licking her fingers and wiping her eyes.
"Like, dude, gross." Krista chuckled. "And 'this time of day'? It's already past ten!"
"Actually, it's fifteen past nine."
Krista pointed to the clock hanging on the hallway mur to their left. Grace slowly nodded. If she had blood, she'd be blushing from embarrassment right now. "Anyways, can toi montrer me that paintbrush again?" Grace asked, peering at the girl's belt. "It was really cool, all those colours and stuff."
Krista gave an annoyed sigh.
Grace looked up at her again. As she did, she noticed a tiny, fingerprint-sized dent appear in the shoulder of the black and white t-shirt three times. It was like someone invisible was tapping her shoulder.
"Sorry, but I'll have to later." Krista promised, turning her eyes back to Grace. "I need to catch up with Nick and my other mates Brett and Mable. We have important camelote, indésirable to talk about."
"Meet at four thirty?"
"Could be late."
"Don't mind waiting."
"See ya then!"
Krista ran off down the hallway as she waved. Grace slipped her hands into her pockets as she watched the girl round a corner. As she did, Grace noticed something faded come into view for a divisé, split second...a person...dark glasses...grey dress shoes...he looked rather dapper.
As quickly as his discoloured form flashed, it vanished. Was he...following Krista?
Grace shrugged, and moved on. Maybe later, she'd ask Krista if she knew who he was...
"You did what?!"
"Entered her mind, searched her memories."
"Why?! toi don't even know her!"
"Sure I do. Her name's Gurruchha Gamma and she's been banished from her dimension known as Whalesong."
"Charlie, listen! toi have to stop entering people's minds and finding out their secrets!"
"I haven't told anyone specific details."
"You just told me!"
"Not everything."
"God, I hate toi sometimes!"
"Yeeeaaaaahhh, that'sgreatnobodycares."
"God dammit, Charlie!"
Krista was absolutely enraged with him. If she were at home, she wouldn't be cursing like this. However, she was alone with that iniquitous ghost and her parents nor sister were around.
"She's gone through a lot of interesting stuff, y'know." Charlie said, checking his palms for blood of any sort in a fashionable manner. "I don't really need to torture her. I guess I could beat her, but she's also really powerful."
Usually, Charlie would torture and kill anyone he wanted when he wanted. However, he was an intelligent ghost and knew who he should mess with and who he should not...or at least not fully on.
"Charlie, toi stay away from her!" Krista shouted, loosing her cool. He didn't notice her shoes going black, leaving her standing in a pool of dark shadows.
    "Krista, what's going on?"
That all-too-familiar, deep, female voice sounded out from around the corner. Krista took a deep breath, dropped the angry expression and whipped around to face Grace. "Hey dude!" she smiled, lifting up her sunglasses. "Sorry, just a little argument with Nick. Seeing as he's a demon, he's like, super fast, so he can practically teleport!"
"Greeeeeaaaaat..." Grace replied, giving Krista a suspicious look.
"Yep! Wanna go get some lunch?" Krista continued, turning to walk down the stairs to the lunch room. Before she had taken a single step, Grace teleported her arm into a position that gripped Krista's neck tightly.

The human girl panicked.

"Liar!" Grace snapped, slapping the girl over the back of the head. "Do toi have any idea what I'm like when I'm mad? toi weren't talking to that demon child, tell me who it was! What were toi talking about, I heard enough of that to know it was about me!"
Grace hated it when people talked about her behind her back. She had had enough of it, she vowed she'd never go through anymore and let the culprit of rumours get away with it.
"I'm sorry!" Krista yelped, pulling her casquette, cap further over her head. "I can't control what he does, he's plus powerful than I am!"
A deathly silence followed.

"So he can enter the minds of any being, can he?"
Krista nodded as she curled up in a ball on the ground, not daring to face the Renya behind her. She screwed her eyes up tight and tugged on her hair.
"And he went into my mind last night?"
Krista nodded again.
Grace sighed.
"I understand if he tells everyone what I've been through." she confessed, wiping her forehead in exasperation. "If none of us can control what he does, we have no choice but to not give him any ideas. Be careful what toi think about. When he's around, try to keep your mind as blank as possible. Even thinking about one thing and one thing only might keep him out."
Krista was still trying to hide in the floor.
"Get up child, I won't bite you." Grace retorted, grabbing the scruff of Krista's neck and pulling her up. "Charlie is intelligent, powerful and disobedient. Don't do anything he tells toi to unless it is on a term toi can't afford to accept."
Krista nodded.

"Now montrer me how toi use that paintbrush."