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le choix des fans: No, ale is just fan Character
le choix des fans: No, FLIPPY AND FLAKY FOREVER!!!
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Flippy and ale mur

cartoongirl57 a dit …
Well at least it's better than fxf posté il y a plus d’un an
xrayana a dit …
ale is a fanmade character created par a 10 an old fangirl obsessed with Flippy. This couple is not real. ale is not real. Get over it.

Flippy x Flaky posté il y a plus d’un an
SarahAngle commenté…
i agree i really hate ale x Flippy they look like not supossed to be together... il y a plus d’un an
Edvine2 commenté…
Not even FlippyxFlaky. I'm plus biased towards CuddlesxGiggles. il y a plus d’un an
UMAD654 a dit …
I'm sorry but to me
I don't like OcXMain character
Lemy would be nice with her though posté il y a plus d’un an