Ch. 1

Fiona upper kicked the thief right under his jaw.

“Ah!” The thief groaned in pain.

“Fiona he’s getting away!” Cake yelled gesturing at a fourth bandit that was running for the hills, Cake herself couldn’t go after him since she had her long extended hands around
two bandits.

“Don’t worry Cake, he won’t get away. Not on my watch!” Looking at the thief she had just kicked and making sure he would stay down with another kick to the stomach. “Stay down if toi know what’s good for you.” And with that she took off after the fourth thief.

“Come back here Frog-thief!” Fiona yelled as she saw him reach the haut, retour au début of the colline and she was still halfway and her leg muscles were already complaining about the steep climb.

The thief only let out a cry and pushed harder with his long springy legs.

Putting her demon sword away so that she could maneuver better she put plus will power into her leg muscles and ran faster. “Oh no toi don’t!” she had reached the top. “Oh Glob.” She looked around. “Shoot!” She had Lost him.

All of a sudden she saw a shadow fall over her and long frog legs in her view when she felt something hard hit her on her temple and she felt herself falling face first into air until she was embraced par darkness.


Floating around the woods for his afternoon walk Marshal Lee came across a long forgotten scent. “Blood.”

His fangs started to itch with need to have a drink. This was no ordinary blood. It had been numerous centuries since he had had a taste of that delicious blood.
Moving quickly he searched for the source of the scent.

There! under a tree.

He hissed.

Under the arbre in a cover of shadows and dirt and leaves was a bundle of blue clothes.
Moving closer he saw…bunny ears? Why would a bunny smell like a—

“Ohhh.” The Bunny moaned and moved slightly.

Leaning down he saw it was only a hat. And the face peeking out of a disarrayed bunny hat and hair was a human…and also the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

The blood was definitely coming from the girl. She was full of scratches and wounds all over her battered body. He looked up. Had she rolled down the colline and hit herself on the trees on her way down? That could be possible especially since some of the trees did have thorns. But there was a lot of blood coming from her temple.

"Try to ignore it Marshall. She can't be your dinner. toi only drink the color red remember?" Pep talking himself.

“N-no…stop…thief.” She murmured in between pauses, her fist weakly connected with empty air before it limply fell beside her.

“Whoopsie daisy.” Marshal put his arm under her knees and the other behind her head. “You need help…and I better take toi before I change my mind and indulge in your blood.”

Floating to his cave he had to dodge a couple of flying fist every once in a while.
“Feisty aren't you.”