Chapter 4:
Marshall Lee walks at the market at the morning, he saw Marylyn buying fruits;
Marshall Lee: salut Marylyn, how are you?
Marylyn: Marshall Lee? You’re my childhood friend right?
Marshall Lee: Yup, toi don`t forgot me!
Marylyn: Of course and I`m fine!
Fionna: Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Hey!
Fionna: Who`s this?
Marshall Lee: That`s Marylyn, she my child capuche, hotte friend Fionna!
Marylyn: Hello, nice to meet you!
Fionna: Hello Marylyn? Anyway I am going now!
Marshall Lee: Ok! salut Marylyn, Come on in my house, princess vampire!
Marylyn: ok and thanks a lot!
===================================================================================================================================Marylyn: Nice house Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: thank you! Are toi eating red?
Marylyn: what red?
Marshall Lee: A blood!
Marylyn: Yes and of course! I am a vampire!
Marshall Lee: So, Try this wine.
Marylyn: Ok, Wow amazing I l’amour it!
Marshall Lee: Of course, that`s my blood!
Marylyn hugs Marshall Lee tightly then after that, Marylyn go home.


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