Logan remembers the jour his mom and dad brough accueil Hayden from the Hospital

It was on a beautiful Summer day,Logan was inside playing with his latest toy truck as his Uncle Finn watched.It was a red pickup the truck,the first toy truck he ever had.

He was racing it all over the carpeted floor of their accueil with Finn racing after him with a police car,His shrieks of pure joy filled the entire room.

Hours later Logan sat down on the floor,his gaze completely fixed on 'Spongebob'.Uncle Finn was in the cuisine whipping up some sandwhich for both of them to eat.

Suddenly the front door of the house opened up,letting the sunshine in.Quickly Logan darted towards a shaded area near the lamp.

Glancing over he saw two familiar figures standing in the door way;One with a weirdly shaped and gurling blanket,the other with a an umbrella in his hand.

Logan reconigzed the two as his parents:Fionna and Marshall Lee Abadeer.

"Mommy,Daddy!"He screamed running to them with open arms.

Finn at this time came out the kitchen,giving Fionna a hug and Marshall Lee a simple fistbump he exited from the seen yet again.

Fionna looked down at her two an old song,her eyes shining with happiness."Logan,we have a surprise for you..."She a dit trailing off

A million thoughts ran through his mind with possibilities of what his surprise was.Giving that his mother was holding a blanket quite protectively he guess his present was in there.

"What is it mommy,a new truck?"He asked,smiling up at the woman

Sadly,Fionna shook her head."Nope something even better than that."

Stumped Logan thought some more?What could be better than a toy truck.Then he got it,a mechanical toy dinosaur!

"A mechanical toy dinosaur?"He guessed again

"Nope not today champ."Marshall Lee spoke up

At this time the blanket decided to laugh and giggle,causing Logan to get scared.

"Mommy,daddy the blanket is alive!"He warned
Instead of reacting in screams of panic like he thought they would they just looked at each other and chuckled lightly

Logan frowned,he didn't like to be laughed at.

"Logan the blanket isn't alive."Fionna assured

"Then why did it make the sound?"Logan questioned.

"The 'blanket' is actually your new baby sister."Marshall Lee announced

Baby sister?This was his surprise that was better than a toy truck and a mechanical toy dinosaur?

"What does it do?"

"Well SHE doesn't do anything yet but she will when she's older want to see her?"

Logan nodded.

Bending down to be at his eye level Fionna presented him his new baby sister.

Peeping into the blanket Logan so a tiny baby girl with golden blonde hair and dark eyes that almost looked black.Almost instantly his happy smile was gone in it's place was a frown
"What's wrong Logan?"Fionna asked,concerned

"Don't toi like your baby sister."Marshalll Lee asked

"No."He stated bluntly,"Can we trade her for a dog?"