Marshal Lee flew through the early afternoon air, umbrella in hand and his bag and axe basse, bass slung over his shoulder. He never looked up, down ou sideways. He kept his eyes forward, his face without a single trace of emotion on his face. "Did I pass it?" Marshal thought. "I should have seen it par now…" As if par cue, a mass of land came in through the clearing. He slowed down as he came closer to the mass and landed once he saw a sign. The sign was old and withered with age. Marshal traced the surface and was able to interpret the writing. "Star Hill." He barely whispered. "I finally made it." Marshal didn't fly up to the top, he walked. The apex of the colline seemed to look higher than it really was, overlooking the massive field and forest in its wake. A arbre was at the edge of the top, the branches perfect for climbing and lying on. Marshals walked to the base of the tronc and noticed a pile of smooth plain stones. He bent down and picked them up, one par one. He eventually saw a small leather parcel at the bottom of the pile of stones. Lifting it up, he uncoiled the thread around it. Inside were two items. There was a pocket sized photo of a man with light brown hair, smiling warmly. Marshal turned it over and there was écriture on the back. It a dit "Marshal, I know toi think it's your fault on what's happening right now, but believe me when I tell toi it's not. I l’amour toi no matter what happens. Take care of your mom for me. ~Luke"
Marshal's face was a solemn expression. He set the picture down suivant to him. reaching back inside the leather parcel again, he pulled out the seconde item: a dagger. Its sheath was made of a durable substance, something like leather. Marshal gently sniffed it. "Dragon's skin." He pulled it from the sheath, revealing a flawless, sharp, silvery-white blade. Marshal tiled the blade at an angle and noticed an inscription. "Never Go Down Without a Fight." He smiled. This was his father's favori saying. The shade from the arbre offered impenetrable protection from the sun. The photo of his father laid suivant to him, weighed down with a small rock. Marshal looked at the sky, watching the white clouds déplacer along with the breeze. He smiled at for the peace of being outside and for the peace in his mind. He leaned his head back, thinking of his favori memories of his father. As the wind swayed his hair, he slowly closed his eyes, and a tear fell.
Fionna squinted her eyes as she stared at ahead of her. She looked at the map Marshal's mother had donné her. "Star Hill" was circled on it. She and Cake passed their arbre house a while ago. Fionna squeezed Cake's fourrure as she rode on her back. Hopefully, they'll be there soon.
"How much longer?" Cake asked as she ran north.
"Don't know. Maybe we'll be there in a couple of minutes." She answered.
"It better be. I'm getting tired." Cake complained.
"Alright. We can walk for a little bit." Fionna slid down Cake's tail as she began shrinking to her normal size. They both continued walking.
"Hey, I have a question." Cake a dit after a few minutes. "Why is Marshal at étoile, star colline anyway?"
"I don't think I can answer that." She answered.
"Why? We never keep secrets from each other." Cake pressed on.
"I know we don't, but it's just that… I don't think it's really my story to tell." Fionna replied.
"What do toi mean?" Cake asked, looking at FIonna with a puzzled look.
"Well, I guess what I mean is that no one else should really get involved with it."
"Wait. If toi think that, then why are toi getting involved?" Cake countered.
Fionna stopped walking. "She's right. I shouldn't be going into Marshal's business, and I know that. But why am I still going to?" she thought.
"Is it because toi care about him?" Cake answered the question Fionna was just thinking about, as if she were able to read her mind.
"I guess that's why."
"is it because toi consider him plus than a friend?"
"What do toi mean? I'm just worried about him. I would do the same for anyone." Fionna responded.
"Ok. I'll take your word for it." a dit Cake, but she didn't look at Fionna when she a dit that.
"That's the seconde time someone thought I like Marshal." Fionna thought. "I don't. I'm just being a good friend, that's all…" Fionna felt her face heating up. She hoped Cake didn't notice. She looked ahead, watching the sun go down. "Marshal should be sûr, sans danger from the sun now." Looking down at the light green grass, she continues consider the things in her mind. "What am I supposed to say to Marshal? Am I supposed to say 'Hey, I know toi used to be a human, so let's talk about it!'? Fat chance. He probably won't even let me help him…" Fionna shook her head. "I have to help him. I'm probably the only one that can. No matter what he throws at me, I'll catch it."
"Fionna, do toi hear that?" Cake suddenly said, snapping Fionna back into reality.
"Huh? What?"
"Listen. toi can barely hear it, but toi know it's there."
Fionna cupped her ear and focused. She heard a faint vibrating kind of sound, and it sounded familiar. "Come on." She a dit as she began to run. "I have a feeling we're close to getting to Marshal."
Marshal was leaning against the arbre trunk, gently playing his axe bass. Sighing, he stroked the strings of the bass. "You were always able to play better than me…" He smiled and began to play again. The sun had set and stars were coming out, one par one. "swish" Marshal's head snapped up. He heard something. He held his breath and waited. "rustle" He knew his good hearing wasn't deceiving him. Turning invisible, he floated soundlessly and looked over the hill. He saw to figures dashing towards the hill. "I should have known a goblin ou something would come. There's no such thing a peaceful day." Marshal said, frowning. The figures were coming fast, so Marshal flew to his axe basse, bass and bag along with the picture of his dad and the dagger. He quickly flew up in the arbre and found a branch to sit on. In his haste, he dropped the dagger. He didn't seem to notice, he was busy waiting to see who ou what the things coming towards him were. "Just a little closer…" Marshal whispered. Then he heard one of them shout something. His eyes widened. That voice was all too familiar.
"Come on Cake! It's right there!" Fionna shouted over her shoulder as she ran.
"Forget running!" Cake shouted back. She stretched into her massive size, grabbed Fionna, and placed her on her back. "THIS will be much quicker and easier!" Cake only had to take about three steps to get to the base of the hill. There was a sign. She shrank as Fionna jumped onto the grass.
Squinting from the limited light, she read aloud "Star Hill." She nodded to Cake. "This is the place." As she and Cake walked up the hill, she began wondering what was lurking at the top. "Only one way to find out." They were at the top, but there was nothing but a tree.
"Where's Marshal?" Cake asked as she looked around.
"I don't know. He should be here…" she replied. She began to walk towards the tree. All she saw was the pile of smooth stones par the base. She was about to turn around when something caught her eye. Bending down she picked it up. "Hey Cake!" she shouted. "I found something!"
"What is it girl?" Cake asked with curiosity.
"It looks like a dagger." Fionna answered. She took it out of the sheath. "Wow." She whispered. The silvery-white blade seemed to glow in the moonlight. "There's something inscribed in it. Never Go Down Without a Fight. I wonder what a quality blade is doing her-"
"PUT THAT DOWN!!" Marshal screeched from his branch. He leaped down onto the ground, inches from Fionna's face. He did not look happy.
"Marshal! toi scared me!" she exclaimed.
"What are toi doing here?!" he demanded.
"I was wondering if toi were ok, and I ended up following toi here. I found this dagger lying here too." Fionna held out the dagger, and Marshal grabbed it and swiftly placed it in its sheath. "Anyway, what are toi doing here, leaving without anything but a note?" Fionna asked. She was determined to get answers.
"That is NONE of your concern." Marshal growled. His eyes were beginning to turn a dark red.
"Hold up!" Cake shouted as she stepped in between them. "Don't toi get upset at Fionna. She's just trying to help you."
"Well I never asked for help!" Marshal countered. "I don't need anyone to babysit me."
"Marshal… please." Fionna a dit gently as she placed her hand on Marshal's arm. "I know toi aren't weak in any way, but I also know toi never let any of your emotions out, toi always keep them in a bottle. Now is the time to empty it out. toi can talk to me about it."
"About what?" Marshal asked. He began to calm down, and his eyes were their usual bright red.
"Your father, Luke, a human…" she looked into his eyes, afraid if he was going to push her away.
His eyes widened and gasped. "Wha-… How did…?" he couldn't finish his question. He was too stunned from what he had just heard.
Fionna replied par reaching into her pack and obtaining the worn scrapbook. "You left this."
Marshal blinked, and slowly reached for the book, and once he had it in his hands, he fell to the ground on his knees. "I…I…" was all he managed to say.
Fionna bend down onto her knees and looked at Marshal. "Your mom told me how… how he left…"
Marshal squeezed his eyes shut, letting the darkness fill his mind. "It was my fault… it was always my fault." He whispered.
"No, it wasn't. I want to help toi ease a burden toi shouldn't have. Please let me." She said.
Marshal was silent, but finally raised his head and murmured, "Alright."