Marshal was alone in the living room at Fionna and Cake's house. It was the middle of the night, and he was wide awake. He had tried playing with Beema, but she was tired too. He just sat on the couch, wondering how much longer it would take for morning to come. He looked at his bandaged arm and smiled to himself. Fionna was careful so she wouldn't hurt him. She let him stay in her house until he got better. She cared about him. He felt guilty for not being with her as she got older. She wasn't that naïve little 13 year-old girl anymore, she was a mature 17 year-old young lady. She was always smiling and caring for others instead of herself. She never feared anything. He touched the bandages and smiled again. He tried to déplacer his arm, and no pain was there this time. He slowly unwrapped it and carefully moved his arm. It had completely healed. He flew over to a shelf and took a pen and paper. He wrote down a note and put it onto the table. He felt sort of guilty about leaving without saying a proper good-bye, but he still didn't want to wake her up. Besides, she a dit to stay until his arm had healed. He flew towards the door and stopped. He felt like he was forgetting something, something he wanted. He looked around and found himself walking farther inside the tree-house. He stopped at a bare, thick arbre branch in the back of a room. He put his ear up to it and knocked gently on it. A hollow sound rang out. His eyes widened. "is it still here…?" he thought in disbelief. He pulled his ear away from it and let out a deep breath. He punched the branch gently enough so no sound would come out, but hard enough for the surface of the branch to balançoire, swing inwards, like a door. He stood there, in front of the gaping door way, motionless for what felt like an eternity. He slowly looked into the compartment and looked down at the bottom. It was completely empty. Marshal removed the fake bottom to reveal an old worn out scrapbook. He opened it, seeing the first picture of a woman with dark blue skin, piercing black eyes, sharp teeth, and hair as dark as the night sky. suivant to her was a man, but his skin was a peachy-white color, pure white teeth, and his eyes looked soft yet intimidating with a light green blue color and he had messy shaggy brown hair. The man and woman were both smiling, and they were both holding a young boy who was about 6 ou 7, who had the man's messy hair, strait teeth, and peachy-white skin, but the woman's dark eyes and hair color. They all looked so happy together. Marshal gently traced his finger over the photo, and felt something wet hit his hand. He looked at his hand and saw that a tear had fallen. "I'm… crying?" he thought to himself. "I shouldn't be crying. Not here." Marshal closed the book and shut the secret compartment. He spun on his heel and walked to the front door. He looked back once to make sure the note was still on the table, and went outside to fly in the night air.
The air was cold enough to see your breath. Marshal blew out his hot air in frustration. He looked down at the aged scrapbook and frowned. "I'm not sure if I'm glad I found this ou not." He mumbled out to himself. He went onto his back as he glided with the cool breeze. Stars were bright against the black sky, but compared to the moon, they were insignificant. "poor stars." Marshal thought. "they try to be bright, but they're always outshined par the moon." He pried his eyes away from the sky as he was getting closer to the water caves. He gently landed onto the rock mass that held his house and went inside the door. It was dark inside the house. With on rapide, swift upward motion of his hand, the lights turned on. He flew up stairs and into his room and sat down onto his bed. He looked at the scrap book and opened it again, this time determined not to turn away from it. He flipped through plus photos of the man and women, sometimes the man with the little boy. As the pictures went on, the boy was getting older, so was the man. But the woman always looked the same. Around the end of the book, the man was in the photos less and less, until he wasn't in any of them. The smiles disappeared as well. The last picture was the woman looking exactly the same, and the boy, who was now a teenager. Their faces showed absolutely no emotion. It was just the two of them, side par side. The man wasn't in the last few pages of the book, the woman always looked the same, and their son was growing up as a teenager. Their son started to look the same way around the same time when the father disappeared. The family had fallen apart. Marshal's face was heating with all sorts of feelings. Sadness, anger, uncertainty, wonder, but most of all, misery. He felt tears begin to well up again, but he didn't care. He turned back to the first picture of the family all together, and the tears began to fall. He traced the picture gently and whispered. "I'm sorry, Dad." And with that, he cried in his room, holding the scrapbook, all alone.
The sun was already above the horizon when Fionna awoke, but Cake was still asleep. She stretched arms and sighed. Marshal must be asleep par now." She thought when she was the bright morning. She kicked off her blankets and headed for the stairs. "Marshal, are toi asleep?" Fionna whispered from the stairs. Hearing nothing, she continued down into the living room. She didn't see him on the couch, only a quiet and empty room. She silently walked to the canapé and sat down. "So… he just left?" she wondered. Fionna noticed a neatly folded piece of paper on the table, tableau and picked it up. She unfolded it and read the note that said:

"Hey Fionna! Thanks for letting me crash here! Especially on such a short notice. Anyway, toi a dit I can leave once my arms healed and wouldn't toi know it, it healed! So I left so I wouldn't be a moocher. Anyway, if toi need me, toi know where to find me. And thanks again. I owe toi one."
Fionna smiled, until she noticed a seconde part under where he signed his name. "Did he forget to add something?" she wondered. The handwriting looked shaky, as if he were nervous. Fionna read on.

"Fionna. I know I just got back and all, but I really need to go again. It won't be for long, I promise. I just need some time to think. I'll probably leave in 1 ou 2 days. I'm sorry."
"What?" Fionna couldn't believe what she had just read. "I'm not letting him leave until he gives me one good reason." She ran upstairs and changed into her blue chemise and skirt, long white socks, and her black shoes. She swung her backpack on and slipped on her hat. She was about to leave when Cake spoke.
"Where do toi think you're going?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.
"Fionna sighed and answered "I need to talk to Marshal. Something's up and I need to know why." Seeing Cake's skeptical face, she added "And this looks like something I need to talk about alone."
Cake stared at her strait into her eyes for a while, and finally let out a breathe. "Alright. But be careful. I'm still a little shaky on trusting him."
"Thank you." Fionna said. She hugged Cake and went out the door. She shielded her eyes from the sun and began to dash to Marshal's caves.
"If toi were never born, this never would have happened Marshal Lee…"
"It's not my fault! If I was able to stop this, I would have!!"
"You never should have existed…"
" It's all because of you…"
"SHUT UP DAMN IT!!" Marshal Lee suddenly woke up from his slumber in a cold sweat. He was breathing heavily, looking around to make sure he was still in reality. He sat up, squeezed his eyes shut, and held his temples with his hand. "I have to leave now." Marshal leaped out of lit and went into his closet. He pulled out an old duffle bag and threw in a couple of shirts and pants.He threw in a bag of apples and strawberries and an old red chemise into the bag. He ran into the living room and up the ladder that led to the attic. He went to the book shelf and pulled out a book with a leather cover. He opened to the page with a bookmark and pulled out a folded map. He shoved the map into his pocket and went out of the attic. He went back into his room to grab his bag. As he left, he snatched up his axe basse, bass and an umbrella. He popped it open and was out the door in such a hurry, he left the scrap book on the foot of his bed.
Fionna had finally managed to get to Marshal's caves, completely breathless. She slowly made her way deeper into the cave and was at the door of his house. "Marshal!!" she yelled as she knocked on the door. When all she heard was silence, she began to beat the door with her fist. "MARSHAL!!! It's me, Fionna! Open the door, I wanna talk!" still no answer. Fionna was tired of waiting. She turned the knob and was the door was unlocked. She let herself in and again called out to him. "Hey, I let myself in. Are toi sleeping?" she cautiously walked up the stairs and down the hall. Seeing a door, she gently knocked on it. "Are toi there?" Slowly opening the door, she peeked inside. She saw it was Marshal's bedroom and suddenly felt embarrassed. Fionna was about to turn and leave when she noticed how messy it looked. She saw clothes pulled out and scattered everywhere, the closet door was wide open, and the bead's covers were a mess. "Did he already leave?" she thought sadly. There was something at the foot of the bed, and Fionna was curious. She slowly walked over to it and discovered it was a scrap book. She picked it up and sat on the end of the bed. "Should I open this? I mean, I'm violating his space… but this might give me an idea of where he went." She battled herself in her mind. She let out a deep breath and opened it. She saw the same picture of the man and woman with their son. "How cute!" she exclaimed. Suddenly, her Glee warped into puzzlement when she looked at the mother of the family plus closely. "Is… Isn't that Marshal's mom?!" she stared at it for a minute, then for five minutes. She looked at the father, and noticed his features were the opposite. "Brown hair, green-blue eyes, un-pointy teeth, and peachy skin? Is he human?" Fionna wondered. She stared at their son, who was a mix of the two. "That must be Marshal, but he has peachy skin too." She squinted her eyes at the picture and looked at his neck. There were no bite marks. "He has his father's normal teeth too!" Fionna thought. She began to flip through the pages, looking at each picture's details. As she reached the end, she noticed the father was starting to go missing in the photos, and Marshal was always a teenager. She went back the first page when the father wasn't in it and looked at their faces. Marshal and his mom were trying to smile, but toi could tell neither of them were truly happy. Fionna's eyes dilated. Marshal's neck had two little bite marks. "What the heck happened?" she whispered. She sat on the bed, sorting the details in her mind. "I always knew about Marshal's mom being the Lord of Evil in the Nightosphere, but I never knew about his father. He's a human, and Marshal got his dad's human blood with his mom's hair and eyes. Something happened to his dad and at the same time, Marshal turned into a vampire. Marshal must have remembered what happened for some reason and left." She stood up and put the scrapbook into her pack. She walked into his cuisine and took a carton of bug lait and grabbed a marker from the table. She went to his canapé and drew a cercle with a smiley face in the middle above the couch. She doused it with the bug jusice and the face bagan to glow. "Fionna took in a breath and chanted in a strong voice, " Maloso Vobiscum et cum Spritum!" the smiley face expanded into an open door and a black fog was in it. The black fog began to spin and slowly, Fionna saw it combine with organs. The mist and body parts were formed together, and there stood Marshal's mother, the Lord of Evil.