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This ferriswheelshipping photo might contain bouquet, corsage, posy, and nosegay.

As I carry Tepig, I see a man in a clown suit saying "Go to fight the beautiful gym leader, Elesa!" Elesa, the gym leader of Nimbasa City, holds the Bolt Badge. My 4th badge to get in the Unova region. Even though I'm from Nuvema Town like Bianca and Cheren, this was a big deal! "Tepig? Pig?" I look at Tepig. "No. toi know how I am with heights." My Tepig is reffering to the Pokeball Ferris Wheel in the distance. I have a DEADLY phobia of heights. If toi tell me: "Would toi rather, die ou ride the Ferris Wheel?" I would obviously pick die. Someboday could DIE just par riding a ferris wheel....
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Here I am. Bianca, Cheren and I are strolling along towards the entrance of the magnificent place they call: "Nimbasa City". I hear it's an awesome place to be! "Whhhhhiiiiiitttteeee!!!" Bianca whines to me. "Can we go to the Musical now????" I know what you're all thinking. Yes. My name is White. Do toi have a problem with that? I certainly don't. "White. Bianca is right. We should get going in order to get to the Musical montrer tonight." says my BGF (Best Guy Friend), Cheren. Cheren is such a serious, boring, and very interesting kind of friend. Unlike Cheren, Bianca is very...outgoing....
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