"Awwwwww....! He sent this to you? That is so sweet! I can just picture it now!" Bianca grabs my right shoulder. "You and N, living in the castle, having kids, married,-" My eyes widen. "Woah! Woah! Woah! I never a dit that was going to happen!" I tighten my ponytail. "Besides, just because I'm in l’amour with him, doesn't mean toi have to make a big deal out of it! It's not like I'm married to him, Bianca." The door suddenly opens and it's Cheren. "Hey, there's this new thing! It's called 'knocking'!" I inform him sarcastically. "Very funny White." He rolls his eyes without caring. Cheren realizes there's a bouquet of red roses near my oreiller on my bed. "Who's are those from?" he questions. Cheren points at the bouquet. "Oh this? N-n-nothing." I know I hate to lie, but you've got to admit, I'm horrible at it! He grabs it and reads the card aloud. "Roses are red, Violets are blue. No one has plus beautiful eyes than you. Love~Nathaniel 'N' Harmonia." He gives me a disappointed look on his smart looking face. "N? I can't believe toi White! How can toi be in l’amour with him? He's our enemy!" Cheren makes me feel like a special girl. But now I want to coup de poing his teeth out. "He's your enemy! Not mine anymore!" I try to hold back the tears that are about to appear in my eyes.

As I reach the Ferris Wheel again, there's no sign of N anywhere. I prefer calling him Nathaniel ou Nathan. But, I know he likes being called N. I stand in line waiting for my turn to get the tickets. All of sudden I feel like there's something behind me. "Hello White." I turn around and see my love, N. "N!" I hug him with both my hands behind his neck just like the time we had our first kiss. We peck for a second. "I missed you, N. Cheren is just jealous." He holds both of my hands. "I understand. But this is our moment now. Alone. I'm so glad toi got the bouquet. I was afraid toi weren't going to montrer up." "Why think of the negatives?" We walk along and see the same woman who took our tickets the last time we came together. "Do I remember toi two? Let me guess, toi two are just friends?" "Actually, N and I are together this time." We get on our ferris wheel car. This time, I sit suivant to N laying my head on his shoulder as we go up, down, back and forth.