(White's POV)

N and I enter the big black city of, Castelia City. It feels like there are 10,000 eyes on us. To everyone, they know N. He's like a celebrity. Can't blame him. He is a king. "...is that lord N?" "...Why is he with that girl?" That girl? I have a name toi know! "Why is everyone staring at you?" I ask the moss green haired, N. "I don't think they're staring at me. They're staring at toi because of your beauty." Hearing those words, I can't help but blush. My cheeks glow hot pink. "Ahem. Ummm... Where exactly are we going?" "Shelter as quickly as possible." We enter a building with tons of people dressed "fancy". "What is this place?" I ask, eyeballing everyone in the place. "I remember this building! I used to come here when I was younger! This is a ballroom!" My eyes widen in shock. "Oh no. No,no,no,no,no,no,no! Just like the ferris wheel, I'm not getting involved into this. "Don't worry." N sees a dress on a rack in the corner of the room. "I think toi should put that on." he suggests. I take one look at the dress. "Fine. But, just one dance!"

After ten minutes of changing into a silk, white ballroom gown, I feel exhausted! When I make my way to the ballroom, I see N. Tuxedo, black bow-tie, same hair in a ponytail. I feel like fainting. "N? Is that you?" I get closer to him. He grins at me. "Of course it is me! How could toi not recognize a young man with long green hair?" He brings his hand out. "May toi honor me with a dance?" I blush at his question. Are toi expecting me to say no? Yes, toi are. Well, to tell toi the truth, I though N and I were rivals. I guess we've become close. "But, I don't even know how to dance! I'll make a fool out of myself." I put my head down, making the short-ish ponytail and hair that I didn't put it in droop. The rose bow in my hair gets everyone to notice, especially N. That's what I wanted. He holds my right hand in his left hand. N puts his right hand on my waist. Putting my left hand on his shoulder for support. Closing his eyes, he moves to the rhythm of the slow, piano song that's playing in the background. I follow the rhythm as well. We spin and déplacer back and forth. As the song changes, N lets go of my right hand and puts his left hand on the other side of my waist. I put my right hand off of his shoulder and holding both of my hands behind his neck.