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 My manchot, pingouin revamp!
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Yes, it does say C.Swag, because that is my legit dA name, but eh... I am back and I guess I will post my OC :3
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Blackbird and the cerise Tree


„Blowhole!“ Skipper growled.
„Yes, me“ the dauphin responded. „Surprised to meet me here, Skipper?“
„Well, actually not. Since we got this message from toi that you’re hiding around this wasteland and we came here par air at once, I can’t say I’m surprised to see toi here, no.”
“Oh” Blowhole made. There was a moment of silence.
The four penguins stood in the middle of metallic garbage and rusty cars, eye in eye with their nemesis Dr. Blowhole. They had been surrounded par about fifty homard warriors and the evil dauphin had just shown...
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Happy Rico Day! x3
posted by 67Dodge
The trio approached the cell, seeing the prisoner inside sitting down with a smirk on his face, almost as if waiting for them. 

"Hey, James!! We got this group of penguins here who want to ask toi a few questions, don't toi dare try anything stupid ou you'll be going into solitary confinement for the rest of your days, understood?" asked the Deputy, as he unlocked the cell door. 

James nodded, without a word. Hannah, Lilly, and Skipper walked in, the latter placing Lilly's suspect folder on a table. Hannah then began their interrogation. Picking up a copy of the .jpeg file she received earlier...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
That night, at the manchot, pingouin lair, all the penguins were asleep. All was quiet until Skipper woke up. "Boys, get up!" he said. "But Skippah, it's the middle of the night" a dit Private. "I know" Skipper said. "But my guts are telling me that something is not right!" "What do toi mean?" asked Kowalski. "I think that villainous scum Dr Blowhole is onto us!" Skipper said. "I mean he could pop out of no where sometime right now!"

At that moment, I used a laser on my segway to cut open a giant dauphin sized hole through the supply closet door. Then I came in wearing my dragon gear. "Hello worthless...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
Dr Blowhole, Candy, and I went up to the moniters. "Red one" a dit Doc to his lobster. "What has Candy found?" "Let's see" a dit the homard trying to find the footage. "Aha" he a dit "Found it!" He turned on the recording.

"Ok everyone listen up" a dit Candy. "When the penguins say something that they are scared of, start planning" We started watching the penguins. They were in their headquarters having a small conversation about their fears. "Kowalski" a dit Skipper "how about we start off with you" "Oh okay" sighed Kowalski. "I'm scared of paintball!" "What?!" blubbered Rico. "It's true! I was...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
Blowhole & I went to my closet and looked through all of the cool costumes to see if there was any thing scary enough to spook the penguins. We tried everything, but they weren't scary enough. "Oh this is hopeless" sighed Blowhole. "What are we going to do now?" "Wait a minute!" I said. "Remember that totally cool outfit I gave toi about 2 ou 3 months ago?" "Um, no I don't" a dit Dr B. "I'll b right back" I said.

While I was coming out of Blowhole's room with the out fit, I saw Candy and the lobsters spying on the penguins on their moniters. I asked Candy if she'd gotten anything yet. "No...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
I went to go get Candy. First I snuck into the hallway and hid behind a pillar. "Candy!" I called. "Blowhole needs you!" "I'm coming" a dit Candy. I then put on my dragon mask and got into character. I peeked over the side of the pillar and saw Candy coming. Then I jumped out and let out a roar! Candy screamed!

Then she said, "Wow, I never had a dragon in this secret lair!" "Oh, but toi do now!" I a dit in my creepy dragon voice. "What kind of a dragon are you?" a dit Candy. "I am the coolest dragon on earth!" I said. "That's an interesting kind of dragon" a dit Candy "I never heard of such thing"...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
It was another typical jour at the secret lair in Coney Island, accueil of the evil Dr Blowhole. Blowhole was sitting in his big chair écriture about what to do with the penguins next.

"Hey Doc" a dit one of his lobsters. "You've been working too hard, why don't toi take a rest" "No I can't, red one" a dit Blowhole. "I have to write up these plans so I can do my suivant attack on the pain-gyoo-wins. I'm thinking of a suprise attack of some sort"

That's when I came in. I was wearing my dragon gear, crept up behind Blowhole and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his chair around. "What is it..." he started....
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