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 My manchot, pingouin revamp!
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Yes, it does say C.Swag, because that is my legit dA name, but eh... I am back and I guess I will post my OC :3
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Source: me on ms paint :P
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Villian: ... So beware, Lucile.
Lucile looks frightened.
Skipper: Ah, don't worry. These threats are never real.
Lucile: Oh, well, let's just see the handwriting. Maybe we can
figure out who wrote this message.
Kowalski: We can't. It's typed, see.

With Gallis:

Gallis: I'll never give in! The team will find me! We have two intelligent penguins, an unstoppable leader and Lucile will always l’amour me! And I will not miss the birth of my child!
Gallis:Wow, that sounded awkward.
Luca: Shut up, already! You're giving me a headache!
Gallis: Good! Is this loud enough for ya!?
Luca: We'll see who laughs when...
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posted by sowem
Gallis woke up:
Gallis: Hey, where am I?
Villain: On the island where toi first kissed your true love, got that scar, got an egg and nearly died.
Gallis: The dinosaur island! How did I end up back here?
Villain: Kidnapped, teleported and trapped. Same old thing.
Gallis: Who are toi anyway?
Villain: Lets just say I used to rendez-vous amoureux, date Lucy and nearly killed you.
Gallis: Luca! But toi we're eaten!
Luca: Yes, Rico tied the camera to the front. As soon as I landed, I turned around, then messed with the wiring and screamed as if I was gonna die when the camera went black and a meat eater came. I just froze time...
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posted by sowem
Gallis was buying something for Lucile for their one-month anniversary.
Gallis: She'll l’amour this anchovy pizza I bought for her.
The changer's wave then affected his mind.
Gallis: ou I could put on my paralyzing spray on it and have her eat it without her knowing.
He sprayed it on.
Gallis: That should keep her still for 2 minutes.

The changer's wave reached the zoo entrance.
Private: What are toi making for Gallis, Lucile? A fantastic gift, I bet.
Lucile: Yes, he'll l’amour this mixture of his favori sodas.
The changer reached them.
Lucile: With a hint of paralyzing jus, jus de in it! Excuse me!
Private: Whatever....
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Gallis: Hey, everybody! How about going to the big screen and watching all the photos we took?
Skipper: Great idea.
Tom: Awesome! I can't wait to see the picture of Gallis' tail again. The feathers are starting to grow back.
Gallis: Hey, when did toi take that picture?
Tom: When toi weren't looking?
Gallis starts to look angry.
Skipper(seeing Gallis): That's enough!
Emma: Right. I'll put on the big screen and load the pictures.
Gallis: And I'll go get the last big bottle of grain de raisin, raisin jus, jus de suivant to my suitcase.

But as soon as he got to the haut, retour au début bunk of his lit he saw the Archaeopteryx and her eggs.
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Gallis: Uhh. Lucile I'm sorry I got so angry. I let my past get to my future. And I still can't understand why Ithat happened. The truth is I had a girlfriend in high school who nearly killed me.
Lucile: That's okay, sorry that I lied, but I would have told toi the truth eventually, but I forgot that toi would understand.
Gallis: That's true. And sorry I let my feelings get the better of me.
Lucile: Can we just put all this behind us and make-up?
Gallis: Sure.
They give each other a warm hug and a quick kiss.

After everyone's been told:
Everyone is in the same room.
Skipper: So, Kowalski, how will...
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Skipper walked out of the room and saw Gallis sitting quite upset on his bed.
Skipper: What was that, toi totally broke her heart!
Gallis(sad): I'm sorry, okay. It's just ... It reminded me of my ex-girlfriend, she seemed so nice, but she turned out to be insane and nearly killed me. When I found out Lucile had an ex-boyfriend, the memory made me angry. I can't believe I let my feelings get the better of me.
Gallis starts to cry.
Skipper(awkwardly): I'll just go now.

Skipper walks to Kowalski.
Skipper: Kowalski, I suggest toi leave Gallis and Lucile alone for a while. They just broke up.
Emma: Why?...
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Skipper: ... And Lucile? Who was that guy?!
Lucile(nervously): Just an old enemy.
Skipper: Private. Lie detector, please.
Private handed it to Skipper.
Skipper: She's lying!
Lucile: Fine! He's my ex-boyfriend from high-school. But please don't tell Gallis.
Gallis comes out of the plane
Gallis: Tell me what?
Lucile: Tell toi that ... Oh, look! An Archeopteryx!
Gallis: Cool! Gimme the camera! Gimme the camera!
Lucile: Good thing he gets so easily distracted.

Emma: Now let's fix the plane. Well start par fixing up the hole in the fuel tank.
Kowalski: Okay, Lucile and Gallis, go get a big piece of metal from...
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PS: There will be no new dinosaures in this chapter.

In the medical room:
Lucile: How is he?
Kowalski: No sign yet, but he's strong, and is getting better fast.
Lucile: Thank heavens!
Lucile went out of the room.
Kowalski: Couldn't tell her that Emma made him better with her EE negative blood
Emma: Yes, and he is AB negative, which my blood reacts best with.
Kowalski: And that's why he is getting better fast.
A groan came from where Gallis was lying.
He just woke up.
Emma: Let's keep this a secret to surprise Lucile later.

Kowalski: So, how are you?
Gallis: Fine, thanks! Sense par sense came back. First was...
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The group scattered.

Gallis: Hey, a arbre with lots of leaves!
He ran towards the arbre when he saw the three Deinonychus and their bébés coming.
Gallis: Eek!
He got into the arbre without their notice.
Then he saw the Allosaurus coming towards them while the adult Deinonychus protect their babies.
Gallis: Ooh! Good thing I kept the camera. Now, video mode, on!
After the great fight he saw how the Allosaurus walked of bleeding heavily and how the Deinonychus walk off victoriously.

Gallis: What a fight! I can't wait to montrer the others.
Lucile: Me neither.
Gallis: Hah! Oh, it's you.
Lucile: Scared you, didn't...
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It was getting darker so Skipper decided that they would start exploring the suivant day.

The suivant jour came:
They were already walking an heure in the jungle when they came across a nesting site of a long-necked herbivore
Gallis: Ooh! A Saltasaurus nesting site, I'm glad it's not a carnivore's.
Lucile: Let's check it out!
When they came to the middle they saw that one egg was already hatching.
And then came out a cute baby dinosaur and walked his first steps.
It was so cute to see its darling eyes and hear the noise he makes.
Everyone: Awww!
Then Private fainted.
Gallis: Now the mother should be coming...
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Skipper: Now team, first we must find protection, a place where no carnivores can get us. And the best place is cave, so keep your eyes peeled for one. Got that?
Everyone else: Yes sir.
Skipper: Good, now let's finish lunch, I'm starving.

Gallis: I'm a bit hungrier now, so add 3 Tunas to my order.
Rico then chopped everyone’s poisson and they enjoy it nicely.

Skipper: Okay, pack your rugsack with necessary items, because we'll be gone for a while.
They started packing their rugsacks with nourriture and other items.
Gallis: Thanks for building this know the dino machine for me, Kowalski.
Kowalski:Your welcome,...
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Skipper: Well that wasn't so bad.
Private(waking up): What happened?
Kowalski: We were about to crash but Gallis and Lucile managed to land us safely on the plage of this island. But it is easy, since controling a plane is a piece of fish. Right, Gallis?
Gallis(tired out): Speak for yourself! Keeping a plane from crashing isn't as easy as toi think! Right Lucile? Lucile?
He found out thay she was asleep on the ground and then found him falling to the ground and also falling asleep.
Private: Okay, so how about some lunch?
Ashley: Great idea, lad.
They dragged the sleepful pair aboard.
But they didn't...
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2 weeks pass and the plane is almost ready:

Skipper: So how's the plane, Kowalski.
Kowalski: Almost done, we just need to add the bunkbeds, fridge and freezer.
Skipper: Oh, good.

As soon as Skipper went out of the plane Julien appeared, startling him.

Julien: Okay, for the last time, I demand toi take me on your trip!
Skipper: And for the last time, no!
Then Skipper freezes him with a freeze rayon, ray he found nearby.
Right at that moment Mort comes running along to Julien.
Mort: Oh no, the feet are frozen! I'll make it warm for you, King Julien!
King Julien tries and tries, but he can't kick him off.
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Skipper: Okay, team, pack your bags, 'cause… we … are … travelling around the world!
Everyone else: Woohoo!
Private: Skippah, do toi mind if me and Gallis go for a walk around the zoo.
Skipper: Yeah, sure.

Private: I cant wait fo the trip! Where do toi think we'll stop first?
Gallis: I don't know, but I hope Japan. It's long since I've tasted sushi.

Meanwhile, Julien overheard everything they a dit as they walked past his habitat.
Julien: Hello, silly penguins!
Gallis: What do toi want, King pebble-for-a-brain
Julien: It's King Julien and I demand toi take me with toi on your trip.
Gallis and Private:...
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So, toi guys saw the first chapter and LOVED IT! This is chapter 2, so hopefully, you'll be surprised at what toi see next... (btw, this is a pretty long chapter, so be prepared :/)

"CATHERINE!" Lilly shouted, slapping Catherine across the face, "WHY AREN'T toi PANICKING!? Your friend just died!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!" Catherine sighed and walked over to Johnathan.

She stood over him solemnly and looked down at him. She sighed and hung her head. Than Lilly heard her breathing heavily. She was crying? No... she was... LAUGHING?!

"Catherine, what are toi doing?" Lilly shouted. Hannah had just come to....
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