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posted by 67Dodge
"Your Identification please, mister Barker," the female on the counter commanded. 

Damion reached into a pocket in his leather veste for a plastic ID card, setting it gently on the desk. 


Damion sighed, getting several rolls of paper. 

The lady at the counter took a look at each and every form set on her desk, scanning the bar codes and typing away at her keyboard with scrutiny. She first looked at the ID card, the black text lire "Todd Barker", and a non-smiling face stared back at her. She looked at the certifications as well. Her plump figure was clad in all black, with only one white patch on her chest lire "Marie". 

"Well, everything here looks correct, you've vouched and own a property, congratulations, you're in business." Marie handed Damion the papers back with a smile. 

"Thank you."

He took each paper, folding them up and picked up his business plaque, shuffling each in his flippers, and made his way out of the building with an awkward hobble. 

Damion opened his boutique as soon as each chair and station was ready to be used. He carefully organized each brush par color, size, and function, meticulously sharpened his ornate razors, mixed the creams and dyes until they were nice and pasty. The floor was tidied up, and register activated. Damion hung up his certificates, and threw on a white chemise and pants, black boots, and a dark blue vest. Now, all he had to do was wait for a customer. 

First they were slow minutes. Damion had all the patience of the world, he was thinking, wondering, picturing with his greatly expansive mind. minutes became hours. As the clock over the register chimed 3 o' clock in the afternoon, Damion yawned with boredom, readjusting his dark brown contacts over his true eyes. It was a few minutes in that a male manchot, pingouin stepped inside. 

"Good afternoon, um... Are you, Todd Barker?"

Damion didn't hesitate. 

"Yes, how may I be of service today, a stylish trimming of the hair? Soothing skin massage?" 

"Actually, none of the above, toi see, I need to get to an interview with a company over par the RoPa district, and I-"

Damion pretended to listen to this man's gush of a story. 

Wow, look at this fool talk, it's as if he's a mouth with feet and flippers, no wonder why no one will hire this clown. The way he swings his flippers when speaking, how he's leaning on the door lazily, yammering, his accent. I'd say he's a dirty Prole from outside getting migrant work and feeding off my taxes. Look at his belly, is he about to lay an egg ou is he stashing red weed in condoms in his gut? Suppose I coup de poing him and he'll get high instantly. Heheh..

"...So I was hoping I could get my chinstrap bleached and a trim to the feathers near my jaw?" 

"But of course."

The manchot, pingouin sat himself in one of the seats, awaiting for a cloak. 

Damion grabbed one of the many creams he had closed up, getting a swab, Q-tips, and a small brush, pulling out one of his razors. He brought each one over to the station par the chair the manchot, pingouin was seated in, then proceeded to grab a cloak, draping it around his guest's neck and covering his body. 

"Sorry, could we start soon? I have an hour.." 

Typical Proletariat scum... They never just sit back and stop worrying about their nonexistent problems. Damion thought as he dipped the brush in the cream. 

With careful strokes, Damion lathered the dye over the chinstrap on his customer, smoothing out the edges where white feathers met black ones. He gazed upon his razor, eyes dilating as he did, slowly picking it up. 

Why don't I just put this filthy animal out of his misery...? After all, he'd want that soooo much...

Damion unlocked the razor, sharpening it on a board. 

He lowered the blade near his customer's jugular vein, his flipper shook slightly. 

Yes. Yes. I want this, it will be perfect... 

He quickly pulled back, instead, angling the blade to shave the offending chinstrap. 

"There toi go sir, would toi like anything else? Haircut perhaps?" 

Damion wiped the remaining creams off with a towel, held up a mirror, revealing a clean, plain white surface over his guest's chin. 

"Nope, that'll do just fine!" 

Damion weakly hobbled over to the register to finalize the transaction. 

"That'll be five Antarctic Marks..." 

His guest got the amount, laid it on his desk, and headed out. 

"Thank you!"

"Don't toi want your change?"

"Keep it." 

The door shut and Damion stood in the boutique in silence. 

I can't do that... I need Hannah.. I need her so much.. She's counting on me to change my ways. I can't let her down~ 

Damion sat in one of his chairs and sighed. 

Why am I tormented to desire such violent fantasies...? Ever since that slut abandoned me for a one night stand I've wanted nothing plus than to purge the world of such RUDE people. Then, Hannah comes in, and she melted my cœur, coeur into her own~ I can't stop thinking about her châtaigne, châtaignier eyes, her beautiful smile, her delicate flippers, her small feet, her short legs.. It's so cute when she has to stand on her toes to Kiss me~ I can never forget her eyes staring tenderly back at me, her flippers caressing mine, her massive, wide rear en-

Damion paused. 

"Hang on!" 

He smiled. 

"The Kid is running around town slashing all the innocents of Antarctica for the sake of some demented fetish for blood. And I can't just make myself a target for the authorities... I WILL get to destroy somebody's life. Yes....! Oh that's brilliant~"

Damion put his razor blade in his pocket after closing it up. 

"Though, he's obviously masochistic, torture will do no good on him... Perhaps if I threatened to dispose of him swiftly and painlessly, I'm certain he'll be deathly afraid of not being able to fulfill his fantasies~" Damion smirked. 

At the strike of five o' clock in the afternoon, Damion shut off his "Open" sign, ready to close for the jour for one lousy customer. 

"Hannah will adore me for absolutely annihilating The Kid~" 

Damion stopped as he heard the door open again. 

"Sorry, we're closed right now, perhaps if toi can arrive tomorrow, I'll be here to assist you."

"Oh but Mister Barker, I'm suffering a terrible case of loneliness~" 

Damion recognized the voice instantly. 

"Hannah!" he ran over to his mate, giving her a soft kiss. 

"Missed me hun?" 

Damion blushed. 

"But of course I did~"

"What were toi just talking about?" Hannah smiled. 

"I was thinking about the properties of the diameter of your rear end~" he chuckled.

"Oh is that so?" Hannah laughed.

"Yeah, it was awfully slow today~"

"Aww... Maybe I should take toi for some souper to cheer toi up~" Hannah hugged Damion. 

"No need to, I'm not that hungry." Damion hugged her back. 

"C'mon darling, let's at least grab some meat pies for a quick bite," Hannah a dit as she kissed his cheek. 

Damion sighed happily. 

"Fine... Only because toi suggested it~" 
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The penguins went on with the everyday activities, but never Lost sight of the foreboding reptile house. Even when they were inside, someone was always on the periscope, checking for any escapees. The jour was pretty ordinary, and it rolled on slowly. For most of the jour Skipper was working on a building a new model boat, Rico and Private were teaching Tom how to play cards, and Emma, Kowalski and Ashley were doing puzzles, and listening to music.

"Do toi think the snakes will get out?" Ashley asked Emma, looking up from his puzzle book in worry.

"Hopefully not Ash." Emma replied, hiding the...
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Tressa returned to her cage at morning.

Smarty: (worried): Are toi OK?
Tressa: (happy) Yeah. Actually I have never been so happy! I found the map!
Smarty: OMG! toi know what it means? We are going to escape! I didn’t want to sound like a little girl but “YAY!” We did it! We really, really did it!
Amy: Am I in?
Tressa: Of course toi are in, Amy! We’ll escape together!
Amy: *realizes Jane* Can Jane rejoindre us?
Smarty: (angry) ENOUGH ALREADY! We are working on escape plans plus than 5 years with Tressa. Suddenly you, Amy came and be part of our plan. Now Jane? It’s getting harder and plus dangerous!...
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Dave sat at the tiki bar at the maki, lémurien habitat habitat while drinking smoothies and telling jokes with Rico, Private, Mort, and Maurice. Julian wasn't around so that meant it was sûr, sans danger for Dave to be there without being constantly annoyed. While in the middle of a conversation with the penguins and Maurice; Skipper, Kowalski, and Marlene entered the habitat. Dave spotted them and waved them over.

"Hey fellas, Marlene over here. How are toi all doing?" Dave asked as he took another drink of smoothie.

Skipper waddled over to Dave and said, "Hello Dave. I have another question for toi if toi don't...
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chapter 2: where the heck are we?

it was about 3:00 in the morning when the girls finally awoke "ah what happened? Rica stated
"apperantly we got shot with tranquilizer darts and the humans found and captured us" kowalska replied answering Rica question. " never asked toi jean" Rica smartly replied back and using the nickname that the female lutenent most hated to boot. "don't call me that toi know i hate that nickname!" kowalska yelled. WELL I'M SORRY BUT THATS YOUR FREACKING NAME ISN'T IT ou HOW ABOUT I CALL toi A MOTHER HEN CAUSE THATS EXCATLY WHAT toi ARE!" Rica screamed. Rica and kowalska...
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It has been a slow week for the zoo. Hannah was in the Lab with Kowalski. When, Suddenly a ruckus come on haut, retour au début of the deck. "Rico, WTF are toi doing?" The fearsome leader said. "Kaboom?" Rico a dit with a sorry look.Just then, I popped out "Aughh I have a major headache a Private's watching the Freaking Lunacorns show," I a dit in disgrace. "Kaitlyn, toi need to watch your language.. Just because I use it doesn't mean toi can say it I'm the commanding officer I can do anything," Skipper warned angrily. I though to myself "Skipper is Hypocritical," so I walked off to see if Hannah and Kowalski...
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God, I am so sorry everyone! I havent wrote this in a month. toi probably Lost interest already XD Previously on PC: The team decides to run away and run into a peculiar penguin. Who could that manchot, pingouin be? Find out next, only on starslight101 productions!
Chapter 4
"What do toi think you're doing?" The brunette asked. She lifted up her sunglasses and stared at Skipper.
"Who are you?" Skipper asked.
"I'm not answering your question until toi answer mine." She a dit defiantly and put her hands on her hips.
"Fine," Skipper replied, "We're going to Antarctica because...
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Hopefully this will make all the Internet hate decrease. Pass this video along! (Warning: To all the younger fans, there is some strong language)
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