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posted by CuteCuddly
Rune, Mech-Skipper and Bandit stumbled around in a bushy area, as they tried to find their way back to the group. Then Bandit spotted smok rising above the trees.

"Wuh-oh," she exclaimed. "Looks like some forest fire, ou something. A house, maybe."
"We should check it out," Rune said. "CC told me that buisson, bush fires are dangerous, espescially in summer, which it is. Let's go!"
The three hurried off to find where the smoke was coming from.

When they reached the spot, they found a house that was burnt to nothing plus than one wall, and the roof had collapsed.
"Whoa," Mech-Skipper gasped.
"I sure hope no-one was in there while it on fire," Bandit added. They moved closer, and explored the ashes, looking for any sign that anyone was here.
"What's this?" Rune asked, holding up a half-burnt piece of paper.
"Looks like some sort of map, ou something," Mech-Skipper replied. "Probably nothing importent. This whole place is empty. It must have been for years before now."
"How close are we to the house, THIS it?" Bandit asked.
"No, it's not. This is about, thre kilometres away," Rune replied. "Come on, let's go find it."

As they wandered through the trees and bushes, following Rune, they saw some movement through the bushes.
"Look," Mech-Skipper whispered. "I see something."
"It looks like plus than something. It looks like somthingS," Bandit added.
"IT'S PRIVATE, AND RICO, AND MONIQUE, AND KIVA!" Rune shouted, running towards the road.
"RUNE! STOP!" Monique shouted. "LOOK OUT! RUNE!"
"NO!" Kiva gasped, covering her eyes.

There was a screech of tyres, and Rune's scream filled the air, echoing off the houses around them. Monique and Rico made it to Rune, just as Bandit and Mech-Skipper reached her. Rune lay on the road, her eyes closed, and her arm and head were bleeding. The four of them carefully moved her the the side of the road, as the group surrounded her small, motionless body.
"Is she...?" Private whimpered. "Will she be ok?"
"I don't know," Mech-Skipper replied.

Amber pushed her way through the group, followed closely par Macie. Rico coughed up a medical kit, and Amber set to work. She quickly wrapped thye wounds in bandages, just to keep it covered.
"I can't work in the street," she sighed. "We'll get her to the house, and I can help her better there. Rico, got a stretcher?"
"Nah-ah," Rico shook his head. Then he coughed up something. Kiva picked them up.
"How will two bamboo sticks and a piece of cloth help?" she asked. Amber snacthed them from her.
"Like this," she replied, carefully lying Rune on the cloth, and folding the edges over the bamboo sticks. "Rico, got any glue?"
"Yup," Rico said, and coughed up glue. Amber used it to stick the bamboo to thye cloth, and make a make-shift stretcher. Rico and Bandit picked up the bamboo that stuck out, and Mech-Skipper led the way to the house.

They finally arrived, and Amber had Mech-Skipper help her take Rune into one of the rooms. He came out shortly afterwards.
"She says not to bother her," he explained. "She needs complete consentration to help Rune."
They all sat around the family room, not knowing what to do. Finally, after about an hour, but seemed like ten, Amber came out of the room. Everyone crowded round her, waiting for her to tell them if Rune would be alright.

"Ok, sit down, everyone," she sighed, as she flopped into an armchair. Everyone obeyed and she sighed again.
"Rune is going to be perfectly fine," she said. The room was filled with sighs of relief. "But, no-one can go see her yet, except me. She had woken up while I was bandaging her head, and now she's resting. I'll see how she is tomorrow, before I let anyone see her."
"What is Skipper and the others come back with CC? I'm sure they'll be dying to see each other," Bandit pointed out.
"CC who? Is she her best friend? Alright, with the exception of this CC person, no-one is to go in there besides me."

Everyone nodded, and went to explore the house. It wasn't very big, only one-story. But it was interesting. There was a big kitchen, a library, enough bedrooms, if people slept in pairs, and a bathroom.
"Do toi know how much CC loves books?" Private asked Kiva.
"No, how much?" Kiva asked.
"If she saw this library," Private explained. "She'd scream with delight. She's always reading, ou writing, ou drawing. That's why I got her this...notepad..." his voice trailed off. "That was still in the plane!"
"Oh dear," Kiva sighed. "Your present to her is gone, and I've completly forgtton that was why we came."
"Shame," a dit Amber, coming up behind them and making them jump. "Hope toi don't mind I rejoindre you. I couldn't help but hear, it's CC's birthday?"
"Tomorrow, yes," Private answered. "But we might not be all to gether to celebrate it."
"I'm sure Skipper and Kowalski, and Kyle and Dylan can find her. And, who was the other, Alexis?"
"Lexii, and yes, they will find them," Privte smiled.
"Well, I'd better go check on Rune," Amber sighed. "Poor thing's aching all over, she says."

Rune looked up at Amber as she came into the room.
"Is CC here?" she asked. "I need to know if she's ok."
"I'm sure she's fine," Amber assured her. "Didn't toi tell me earlier that she was a clever penguin?"
"Yes!" Rune exclaimed, sitting up against her pillow. "She's almost as clever as Kw'oski. Which is a lot of clever."
"I'm sure it is," Amber agreed. "How much clever exactly?"
"Um, about this much!" Rune said, holding out her arms. Then she yawned.
"I think you'd better go to sleep now," Amber said. Rune nodded.
"Ok, but if CC gets home, please wake me."
"Ok then," Amber agreed. She left the room, closing the door, and Rune fell asleep.
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My first animation yaaaay!!! plus info on my Youtube :P
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titre of Movie is "Jazzy and the Bouncy Ball". It took me about 2 hours! :D *dies due to hands hurting* X____X
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posted by 1Amberpet
Name: Chad red Whitner

Birthday: 7/7/1997

Species: Artic loutre

Afflations: Mya, Yamcha, Ally, Kiriah, Julie, Brian, Tiggie, Zula, Choatsu, Araisel, Alex, and Princess. (He hasn't met pop corn, maïs soufflé yet)

Favorite Color: A blood red color.

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Home: Antartica

Hobby: Fighting, and hunting

Sisters: Kiriah and Ally

Mom and dad: Julie and Brian/Julie's husband.

Little Biogrophy: Chad grew up in captivity, this time not realy a good surrounding but a surounding thats harsh and cœur, coeur breaking how they treat otters and other animals. His mother (Julie) and his father (Brian) had to abandon...
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posted by AnnieThePenguin
My little cousin, Anita, who was staying in the HQ for a while, ran over and kicked me.

"OW!!" I screamed,holding my stomach. What was that for?

"For fun," Anita replied. "I'm bored!"

Of course, I was in pain, she kicked me really hard. "Well toi didn't have to do that!!" I looked at her, angrily. She stuck her tongue out at me. Sometimes it just makes me want to coup de poing her in the face. And she's only 8 years old! But I can't, I promised myself to never hurt anyone, to be sweet, nice, and kind.

When I try to be nice to my cousin, she would act like a brat! I watched as Anita went to give Private...
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posted by beastialmoon
[b]Let me make this clear, this is a PARODY of all the crazy amounts of OC's on this site. If I missed your OC, sorry. I did the best I could.[b]

Skipper and Marlene were walking in the zoo one day. A brown loutre ran par in the direction of the Lemur's habitat. "Hi, Brandon!" Skipper called him out. Brandon yelled hi, not once looking back. Skipper and Marlene kept on walking. Four little animaux were running in a straight line behind him.

“Eggy, Peanut, Marshal, Buttons…” Marlene counted. Skipper looked over to her.

“I’m going to get some of Private’s l’amour Smoothies out of the HQ.”...
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" Choatsu! " Mya screamed. " Oh my gosh thank toi so much. Choatsu flew down suivant to Mya.

" toi got lucky this time but when andriods 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 come you'll be hopeless. " 18 said. " You'll be in a rut. "

Hannah, Lilly, Skipper, and the penguins came out of their hiding places. Hannah and Lilly ran up and hugged Mya.

" Oh gosh I thought toi were dead!!! " they both screamed.

Choatsu came over and gave Mya a letter. " This is for you, " He a dit while Mya unwrapped the letter. " It's from Tien. "

" TIEN, " Mya was surprised. " I thought Tien was DEAD!!!! But how? "

Hannah looked at Choatsu....
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