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I was watching over Manhattan feeling like no threat can defeat me. I notice the Throbbing Cerebellum behind me.
TC: Beautiful sight, isn't it?
Me: It sure is, brainiac.
TC: And where there's a city like that, there's the antithesis of the visual thesis.
Me: And where there's people like that, there are people like us.
TC: But everything will change when the mask comes off.
Me: What?
TC: Everything will change when it comes to the point where your friends, family, and enemies will find out who toi really are.
Worried, I nearly forget to breathe. Then, as I take a big gasp of air, I wake up, finding myself sitting up in my bed, still listening to "Superman (It's Not Easy)" on my ipod. I thought for weeks about what it would be like if the other three penguins, David, Jessica, and Jiggles found out. I told Kowalski everything at first and Mastique caught me turning into the alter ego that wasn't Angela Bult. Everything will definitely change, I wish I knew if it was good ou bad.
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I haven't written in a while. This is the original story of Lilly. I had first made her as a lioness, but I changed it :P hope ya like it
Years ago, a small cub and a newborn have been taken par poachers from their accueil on an African reserve. The older lion was a male. In his small paws, he held a infant lioness. As he looked into her innocent face, he realized his obligation. He had to protect his little sister no matter what, for he was all she had.

After a few days of being in the crate, Alex and the baby were discovered par a female human, and...
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—But now I´m very sure for one thing. —Skipper a dit suddenly. —You lady are dangerous, toi will doubly guarded until proven not be a threat to anyone.

—Hey, calm there dudes…—Katherine a dit a little nervous. —You don´t need to do that, really, I don´t want to have any problems ou hurt anyone, I just wanted to give toi a lesson guys that was all…—she ended with a little smile.

—A lesson? —asked Private confused.

—Yes, didn’t toi understand? —no one answered. —Oh come on, the only thing I wanted to teach toi to don´t lower price the girls…—she took a deep breath....
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posted by Veki-san
The suivant jour was Sunday; at the Zoo is one of the days where plus people come to visit it and because of that is one of the most active days for the animals; penguins performed their hypocritical and famous routine, look “cute and cuddly “ in the eyes of humans, something that gave them result, it was incredible how humans were easily fooled par these aquatic birds, others animaux made their routines entertainment, while this was happening a truck arrived at the zoo, Alice received it in the back door, to do not disturb visitors, then from the transport came a very young man and neglected...
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Hey it’s Loren and I just wanted toi all to know that I’m gonna supprimer the forum in a few days because I almost have all oc’s for this story the forum is still open for at least 3 ou 4 plus oc’s but not for long so if it’s gone par the time your lire this then I have all the oc’s needed, btw thank toi to all who wanted to be this fanfic. For the ones that are in this fanfic I just wanted toi to know that most of toi don’t come until a few chapters so don’t get worried if toi weren’t in this one because I won’t forget who I chose so don’t worry. Again thank toi to...
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Note: None of the shows characters appear in the first two chapters. They just introduce my O.C.'s. The characters will first appear in chapter 3.
Hoboken, NJ

On an empty rue somewhere in Hoboken a single car drove down the road late at night. A light rain was falling adding to the depressing fell that Hoboken gave. No other cars were around, because even the people of Hoboken knew better than to go out at night. There weren't even any cops around because of how dangerous it was. Because of the lack of other drivers, the driver of this single car didn't even bother stopping at the stop sign...
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