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 Karinabrony's Official Entry 2014
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salut everyone so here is my this an entry..hope toi gonna l’amour it..max
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M/N was lying in Stein's surgery, his stomach open and blood drowning him.
"Professor, can I come in?" Maka asked, Soul silently waiting behind her.
"You can, but M/N's stomach is open and his organs are visible." Stein replied, wiping his hand on a white cloth.
"Oh." Maka sighed. "You go in Soul, I don't think I can."
Soul showed no emotion and walked in slowly. His placed his hands in his pockets and stared at the bloody mess. Her could just see the cœur, coeur beating so slowly. If it went any slower he'd be dead.
"Why'd toi do it?" Soul whimpered quietly, crushed to see his friend like this....
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Sad Beautiful Tragedy

It’s a fan fiction story of Flora and Helia. I don’t know why but whenever I get a romantic one shot, Helia and Flora stuck my head maybe because they got most strong bonding among all the couples. Plus they are my favourite couple from The Winx. And I got inspirations from real incidences

It is a little known l’amour story of a poor village boy and a princess both of whom preferred death over separation. What is even plus haunting is the fact that unlike other plus populaire legendary lovers, Flora and Helia continue to gain attention from all the people.
Legend has it...
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once upon a time in a galaxy far far away. there was a little martian girl named marvin. she was going to see darth vader. when suddenly other cartoon characters burst through the doors.

marvin the martian: "hey! i was walking over here to see darth vader"

other cartoons: "yes toi where sorry about that"

marvin the martian: "sure thing"

pokemon came and helped her up. and they told her to see darthvader at the death star. but her laser beam froze because elsa the snow Queen froze it.

elsa the snow queen: "sorry! for freezing your laser beam little girl"

marvin the martian: that's alright.

as the...
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